Who Are Which Kitchen Appliance? and What Do We Do?

Which Kitchen Appliance? aims to save you time and money when you are looking for a new oven, cooker, hob or small kitchen appliance.

Browse our expert reviews from the most popular brands and best retailers and save yourself hours of time and effort when researching your next kitchen appliance.

Which Kitchen Appliance? started its humble beginnings at the breakfast bar in my kitchen.

The idea of starting Which Kitchen Appliance? came in 2016 when a friend was planning a new kitchen. She knew I had trained as a chef, had an interest in interior design and a passion for cooking. We sat over coffee discussing the merits of how working kitchens should be laid out and then started hunting for new kitchen appliances.

Wow! What a minefield that was. It took several weeks to analyse and review various ovens and hobs and finally come up with a short list. It was, quite frankly, slow and boring and took much of the excitement out of buying a new kitchen.

At this point in my life and my career two things occurred to me: I was bored in my job and my son was getting older and not needing so much of my time as he was becoming more independent. These two realisations led me to thinking about a new project from which the idea of Which Kitchen Appliance? was born.

My reasons for starting Which Kitchen Appliance? was to provide a service for homeowners looking for new kitchen equipment and appliances that was unbiased, helpful and would make the whole process or researching kitchen equipment and appliances interesting, enjoyable and relatively painless.

Using my experience in helping my friend I decided I wanted to help people to:

  • Save hours in research (we all lead busy lives)
  • Make informed decisions based on their needs and budgets


Jen Hammond working at the breakfast bar


Jen working on the Which Kitchen Appliance? site

I now work with a friend to produce the content on Which Kitchen Appliance? We are a self-funded and independent operation and as such we do not have the budget to purchase every oven, cooker, kettle, hob, extractor fan etc. that we review.

So, the next best thing is for us to do our own independent research into each product we review. We take the pain and you get the gain!

No stone is left unturned so to speak and it takes a huge amount of time as we read every review we can to gather as much information and insightful knowledge about each product whilst making notes on comments by real buyers. We then write a brief description on each product to enable you to quickly and efficiently work out if this product might be good for you in terms of needs and budgets. We clearly state the good things and maybe not so good things about each product and give you the sizes and weights (technical aspects) all in one place.

If we have personally brought or used a product we will of course give our personal opinion too.

Our Mission

To provide homeowners with all levels of cooking abilities to source sound, unbiased reviews and guides to research and make the right decisions when buying kitchen equipment and appliances to suit their lifestyle needs and budgets.

How Often Do We Update Our Content?

Regularly, it is incredibly frustrating clicking on a link and being taken to another page to buy the item only to find it out of stock! This happens to be a huge bugbear for us at Which Kitchen Appliance? although every now and then you may find an item or two out of stock due to logistical challenges at retail for a multitude of reasons – Covid being the most recent challenge for retail and manufacturers alike.

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Which Kitchen Appliance? Started its humble beginnings at the breakfast bar in Jen’s kitchen. Today, we consist of a team of enthusiastic and knowledgeable writers and reviews with a growing base of new and returning customers.

Do Manufacturers Pay Us to Review Their Products?

No, we are independent. We will look at trends in the area of cookers, ovens, hobs, microwaves etc. We will listen to comments on our social media channels and we choose what products we feel are a good fit for our visitors and of course Which Kitchen Appliance?

Which Kitchen Appliance? is regularly updated to bring you the best products with an aim to:
  • Save you hours in research
  • Provide you with top cooking tips and handy guides
  • Help you to make informed decisions based on your needs and budgets

How to use Which Kitchen Appliance?

We have tried to make our site as easy as possible for you to navigate and find what you are looking for. We have two easy ways to find what you are looking for:

  • Type the name of the product you are looking for in our search box and hit the compare button.
  • Scroll down to our Top Picks in All Categories on our home page to zoom in on the appliance you are looking for.

If you find yourself lost at any point, just hit our logo on the top left of every page and you will be taken straight back to our home page.

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Getting to Know Us!

Jen lives in the UK with her husband, son and Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla

Favourite Chef: James Martin

Hobbies: Cooking, Swimming, Walking, Going to the Beach

Favourite Restaurant: The Gunton Arms, Gunthorpe

Favourite Meal: Crab Linguine