The Best Air Venting Hobs

We’ve reviewed dozens of air venting hobs to share the best options with you

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Last updated on October 29, 2022

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    Chances are if you have reached this page you are researching the best air venting hobs available now for your new kitchen.

    As for all our reviews we have compiled this review to save you time and effort in finding the best venting hob for your new kitchen.

    Depending on how far you are into your research you may or may not have yet discovered that air venting hobs can be found on ceramic, gas and induction hobs.

    Venting hobs contain an integrated built-in downdraft extractor fan in the middle of the hob, which, if you are incorporating an island in your new kitchen or if you have a small kitchen and require maximum storage from cupboards.

    For island design kitchens they are definitely worth considering as they don’t spoil the line of your kitchen design which can often happen with an island hob extractor.

    We’d say that they are a relatively new kitchen appliance on the market, but luckily they’re taking off in a big way so there is a competitive choice. Here is our pick of the best air venting hobs for 2022.

    The Top Ones For 2022

    Siemens iQ500 ED711FQ15E

    Siemens iQ500 ED711FQ15E

    Siemens is definitely a name you’re going to want to get behind for all kinds of technology, including in the kitchen. This venting hob offers four zones that support induction cooking tech, and offers instant heating to provide quick cooks time and time again.
    Amazingly precise, this is also a great-looking hob that should slide in well into any kitchen space. We especially like the fact that the controls are super easy to use, too.

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    • Dimensions: 52.2 x 71 x 22.3cm
    • Energy Rating: Not Clear
    • Main Cavity Capacity: N/A
    • Warranty/Guarantee : 2 Year Manufacturer

    Reasons to Buy

    • Reputable brand and manufacturer
    • Four super-quick burners
    • Great for precision cooking
    • Powerful extractor vent

    Reasons to Avoid

    • Can be quite pricey

    Cookology Hob with Downdraft Extractor

    The Best Air Venting Hobs 3The Best Air Venting Hobs 4

    If you’re looking for an affordable induction hob that comes with an extractor fan built in, you will likely do far worse than opt for this fantastic Cookology system. Half the price of others on the market, this stainless steel four burner model really looks the part, and with two inlet grills and touch controls, it’s easily one of the simplest units of its kind to get used to.

    This model is also exceptionally safe to use, ideal for young families thanks to the childproof features installed as standard.

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    • Dimensions: 70 x 51 x 6.5cm
    • Extraction rate of 504m³/hour
    • Voltage/frequency AC220-240V/50Hz
    • Noise ≤69db

    Reasons to Buy

    • Very affordable
    • Super safe
    • Built in timer
    • Touch controls

    Reasons to Avoid

    • Other venting hobs may be better made

    AEG IDE84243IB

    AEG IDE84243IB

    This superb integrated cooking solution not only boasts four hard-working burners to give you stacks of room to cook up a storm,you also have access to Hob2Hood, which means that you will be able to control your hob from the hood itself – a real feat of engineering from AEG. You will also benefit from a superb zone bridging solution, which allows you to merge cooking panels together to create bigger spaces.
    The biggest selling point of this hob for us is, of course, the fantastic venting solution, which allows you to keep all that nasty grease off your cooktop. This will, of course, mean that it’s really easy to clean down when it comes to getting out the cloth later on! There’s a stack of filters inside the unit, meaning that you can always be sure that it is working hard to get greasiness out of your kitchen without any kind of fuss or hassle.
    It’s a touch control system, and you will also benefit from a residual heat indicator to let you know when the burners are safe to touch or use afresh. This is a premium hob built with Italian engineering – it’s amongst the best.

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    • Dimensions: H21 x W80.5 x D49cm
    • Noise Level: Min 46 Max 76 dB
    • Touch Control
    • Energy Class: A
    • Type: Electric
    • Warranty: 2 year

    Reasons to Buy

    • Residual heat indicator for extra safety
    • Extendable hobs through the bridge - four cooking zones
    • Premium build, exceptional quality
    • Built to fight back against grease

    Reasons to Avoid

    • Very much a premium price for a premium model

    NEFF N70 T47TD7BN2

    NEFF N70 T47TD7BN2

    This striking-looking vented induction hob is another modern cooktop that focuses on minimal appeal. It also offers up four induction zones on a traditional ceramic top, along with steam detection technology. This means that you’re likely cooking with some of the smartest hobs on the market right now.
    This premium vented hob solution is likely to appeal to anyone looking for the height in instant cooking technology, particularly as the ventilation here will start kicking into gear automatically. That means less faffing about for you on the whole, and it also means that it more than starts paying for itself!
    This touch control model also offers a zone merging system, meaning that – like its Smeg counterpart in this list – you won’t have to shy away from using larger pans unless you really want to. There’s a lot to take in here, even though the look is extremely minimal – which explains its popularity.

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    • Dimensions: H22.3 x W70.8 x D54.6
    • Noise Level: 69 dB
    • Features: Control Panel lock, auto safety shut off
    • Fan Efficiency Class: A
    • Type: Electric
    • Warranty: 2 year

    Reasons to Buy

    • Truly stunning modern look - stands apart from the pack
    • Very easy to use with touch controls
    • Automated ventilation and heating system
    • Flexible to create larger cooking zones if need be

    Reasons to Avoid

    • Not the most energy efficient of hobs

    How Do D0 Venting Hobs Work?

    Air venting hobs utilize a downdraft extractor located in the centre of the hob (alternative extractors are more commonly located above the hob unit or behind).

    Hobs with built-in extractors draw cooking steam & grease down through the ventilation system. Grease filters (and predominantly carbon filters) catch the grease and condensation in a collection unit underneath the hob unit.

    If your extraction is recirculated the filtered air is recirculated back into your kitchen or if vented air is extracted through ductwork underneath your floor and outside your kitchen.

    Steve Root from Roots Kitchens Bathrooms and bedrooms has a nice video demonstrating and explaining downdraft extraction:


    What Happens if a Pan Boils Over?

    Oh, this frequently happens to me, especially with pasta! I don’t have an air venting induction hob (unfortunately), but am well adverse to this hiccup! A quick wipe down and I’m back in the game.

    However, if you’re wondering what happens to spills with an air venting induction hob then rest assured the venting technology has taken care of this with built-in “reservoirs” to catch spills and debris. The motor won’t stop and reservoirs are easy to access and clean either by hand or in your dishwasher.

    What Should You Consider When Buying One?

    You will need to allow for losing some space under the hob this is to house the MOTOR, its commonplace for this to be a ‘sink draw’


    Air Flow

    This is how powerful the fan is at removing the bad particles from the air. As the vent is right next to the hob it will have an easier job, but you still want something which can work in your room in case there is also smoke from an oven or other cooking device.
    Use the basic “kitchen height x kitchen length x kitchen width x 10” sum to work out the best rate for your kitchen. If you find the ventilation may struggle, it could be worth getting a standalone cooker hood.

    Noise Level

    All of the levels we have stated are when the hood is being used on its standard setting. When on boost mode or lower, the noise will fluctuate.

    In general, they are about as loud as an average conversation at under 70dB which is rated A, but there are a few models which excel at being quieter if you regularly entertain or are bothered by noise.

    Venting Type

    The majority of air venting hobs can either externally extract the air or recirculate it, depending on the positioning of the hob. For example, the former will mean a pipe needs to be linked to the outside of the house.

    Talk to your chosen electrician for some advice before you buy as some homes could be more restricted than others. Also bear in mind that the equipment for both venting types is usually not included so this will be an extra cost.


    Pros and Cons


    Kitchen Design – Modern kitchen designs are all about open planning. Venting hobs are a great solution to overhead extractors that can block your vision and spoil the design of your kitchen.

    Cleaning – Is made much easier as you won’t need to reach up high to access filters for cleaning.


    Space – Although you may find you can have an additional cupboard space where a wall mounted extraction may sit, if you are incorporating an air venting hob in a kitchen island you will need to consider space below the hob for the extraction unit to sit.

    Additional Features & Functions to Consider When Comparing Air Venting Hobs

    • Timers – the majority of the hobs above feature a timer, which means perfectly cooked food and less stress from your end
    • Control Lock – This prevents the settings being changed when the hob is in use, which is good for any homes with inquisitive children or simply if you’re a bit clumsy
    • Auto Shut Off – Once the pans are removed, it will turn off automatically. Most induction hobs are like this, but it is still worth ensuring that the venting system will do the same once the smoke has all gone

    If you would like to know more about air venting hobs we have writing an article to help: What Is A Venting Hob?

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