Best Coffee Grinder for Home Use Review 2021

We’ve reviewed dozens of coffee grinders for home use and listed the best options

Jen Hammond

Last updated on May 17, 2022

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    Are You Looking for Top Ones 2022?

    There are plenty of fancy electric and automated coffee grinders to choose from, however, some of the most affordable and hardest-wearing tech can be found in manual coffee grinders.

    If you prefer to grind your beans by hand and to get the most out of the flavour in every cup, then hand coffee grinder systems might be just the ticket for what you’re looking for. However, electric coffee grinders and all the different variations in between will offer you plenty of accessibility and ease of use.

    For example, you can buy burr grinders, blade grinder models and more besides. If you’re new to buying coffee grinders at all, then you may well be wondering what the fuss regarding a burr grinder is really about! Don’t worry, as in this guide, we’ll take a look at everything you need to know about coffee grinder systems for home use, whether manual, electric, burr or otherwise. You might even find yourself a smart grinder or two that take your fancy.

    You can buy coffee beans in batches as well as in green varieties, which you’ll need to roast. In any case, one of the main reasons why people grind beans at all at home is the fact that they can take advantage of authentic coffee straight from the source. Some coffee drinkers don’t get on too well with pods and powder, which means they will often turn to coffee grinders to make the most of their brews.

    If you really care deeply about your coffee and want to sample the taste of a great bean as closely as possible, it’s time to ditch the pods and the packets and to get right into some authentic brews. And why not, indeed! Both electric and manual coffee grinding have never been more popular, and thankfully, there are stacks of options out there likely to appeal to all wannabe baristas. In fact, we’ll be looking into plenty of them right here, right now.

    Are These Worth It?

    You’d probably need to ask a real coffee grinder pro to get a good answer! However, it does revolve around how much you really value your coffee. If you want to make coffee at home from fresh and roasted beans, and want to ensure you get a good grind size for your effort, it makes sense to shop around for the best solutions. Whether you invest in a burr coffee grinder or a system which automates the whole process for you, many will say that freshly ground coffee often tastes the best. We happen to agree in many ways!

    Coffee lovers have different ways of making the most of their beans and blends. A great cup of coffee, plenty will argue, is one which you have made yourself from bean-grinding and blending. To get a consistent grind, you might have to invest in the best coffee grinders on the market right now. Don’t worry, however, as we’re here to break down nine of the best picks for you.

    Why Buy a Manual?

    There are plenty of great reasons to invest in a manual grinder. Many people might think that electric or automated grinders make things easier and faster, and therefore are immediately the better choice. However, there is something special about grinding your own coffee. Bean brew aficionados may well tell you that physically grinding the beans just adds to the experience. What’s more, there are plenty of great-looking manual grind options out there. The best-looking systems will add to the aesthetic of your kitchen, whether they are built in stainless steel, wood or otherwise.

    Ultimately, if you care about your coffee, it may be worth exploring grinders that you operate by hand. Take a look through our choices and see what you think!

    Is Manual Worth the Money?

    On the whole, it depends on how often you are going to use them. If you brew beans regularly, and hate the idea of powder coffee, it could be one of the best purchases you make for your kitchen. If not, then it might not be worth the price of admission. That said, even stainless steel coffee grinders tend to be very affordable, meaning that if price is an issue, it’s likely going to be worth looking into manual functionality first.

    What’s more, if it’s your first time grinding beans at all, it’s likely worth grinding them down on a manual basis just to see if you benefit from it. There’s little point investing in electric coffee grinders if you’re not sure whether you actually want or need them!

    Is Electric Better Value for Money?

    Again, that depends. If you know that you are going to be getting plenty out of manual grinders, then it’s not necessarily worth investing in electric models unless they really appeal to you. Electric grinders tend to be great options for people who know they prefer bean to cup rather than filters or powders.

    A hand grinder might seem like a bit of a step backwards for some people, but again, it all depends on what you’re into and what you really want to do with your coffee. Electric coffee systems are fantastic value if you are going to use them everyday, and if you know that you have stacks of beans to get through. Otherwise, it might just be worth saving a bit of cash and opting for a hand crank instead. They are just as easy to use as electric models, on the whole, though again, your sense of aesthetics and ease of use may vary.

    Are Burr Grinders Really Better?

    If you pay attention to what coffee lovers and aficionados have to say, they will likely tell you that leading burr coffee grinder systems will give you the best cups money can buy. That’s because the grains you get from these grinders tend to be finer, and there is less chance of you having to deal with clumps of powder or ground bean. Therefore, for the most uniform and symmetrical coffee at home, you’re probably going to want to look at burr coffee as a priority.

    Of course, that’s not to say manual grinders aren’t worth their weight in coffee beans. All in all, whether you use hand grinders or steel conical systems, you’re always likely to get a better cup of joe than you might from filter coffee systems.

    What Are the Best Coffee Grinders Available Right Now?
    That’s partly what we’re here to decide. We’ve gone to the effort of finding some of the best grinder options for coffee beans that we know people buy in droves and rely on from day to day. We’ve taken into account ease of use, look and finish, grinder functionality and more. There is no one grinder in our list that we think to be the best – which is why we’ve given each one of our listings a specific category to help you make up your mind. Simple!

    Whether you’re looking for a stainless steel option or a simple manual grinder to get the best out of a bag of exotic beans, we’re confident the best pick for everyone is easy to spot in the below list of grinders. Sick of using a French press all the time? Take a look at a few alternative ways to brew up.

    Top Ones To Use in 2022

    Sage The Smart Pro

    Best Coffee Grinder for Home Use Review 2021 15Best Coffee Grinder for Home Use Review 2021 16

    Ok – so let’s start with something a little bit special. The Sage Smart Grinder Pro might raise a few eyebrows in terms of pricing, but there is certainly a reason why it demands near on £200.

    This stainless steel home coffee grinder doesn’t just grind with the help of a clear LCD and a variety of helpful functions. It actually works out how much coffee it will need to grind from your beans for each cup.

    Not only that, but you can easily program it to make coffee for various means, such as for filter and for French press. It’s extremely versatile, and looks great.

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    • Dimensions: 36 x 22 x 15cm
    • Weight: (NO DATA)

    Reasons to Buy

    • Smart coffee grinding at its best
    • Looks great - very stylish and sleek
    • Easy to use and program
    • Great for various types of coffee

    Reasons to Avoid

    • Definitely one of the more expensive coffee grinder units around

    Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme Grind Automatic Burr

    Best Coffee Grinder for Home Use Review 2021 17Best Coffee Grinder for Home Use Review 2021 18

    Sticking with the premium angle, the Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill is a fantastic, autonomous system which will help to make your daily grind that little bit easier. This heavy-duty system is easy to use and maintain, is available for a reasonable price, and offers you a staggering 18 different grind size options.

    It’s safe to say that you’re getting plenty of flexibility for your money here! What’s more, Cuisinart is a great brand to get behind, and it’s very easy to clean and keep looking great thanks to its stainless steel build.

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    • Dimensions: 27 x 18 x 15cm
    • Weight: 2.04kg

    Reasons to Buy

    • Automatic grinding at its best
    • Fantastic grind options for ease of choice and use
    • Very easy to clean
    • Solid brand support, very robust in design

    Reasons to Avoid

    • The design might not be sleek enough for a lot of people

    De’Longhi Blade KG49

    Best Coffee Grinder for Home Use Review 2021 19Best Coffee Grinder for Home Use Review 2021 20

    De’Longhi is another great brand offering brilliant kitchen essentials. The KG49 is among the best in blade grinders around, with a compact design and affordable price tag.

    Offering up to 12 cups of coffee in its surprising capacity, this system is likely to look the part in most kitchens.

    Like other blade grinders, or those with conical burr designs, the KG49 offers simple one or two-touch control and grinding, meaning that it’s never going to be a hassle for you to get beans grinding the way you want them to.

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    • Dimensions: 36 x 22 x 15cm
    • Weight: 1.13Kg

    Reasons to Buy

    • Very easy to operate - one or two touches is all it takes!
    • Holds an impressive amount of coffee
    • Very affordable given the blade technology
    • Perfect for a home where everyone drinks coffee at once!

    Reasons to Avoid

    • The look might not be for everyone!

    Kitchen Craft L’Express

    Kitchen Craft L’Express

    Kitchen Craft’s L’Express is a neat, stylish coffee grinder is lovely to look at, with a traditional grind crank and shaft for you to easily twist and grind through beans without too much strain or repetition.

    There are also several grind settings you can use, which means that if you prefer your beans to grind coarsely or into a fine powder, this hand grinder will really help you mix things up as you wish – literally.

    It’s generally easy to clean and is well-made, from a brand which seems to produce good results on the whole. Plus, it really won’t take up much room on your countertop.

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    • Dimensions: 19 x 10 x 10cm
    • Weight: (NO DATA)

    Reasons to Buy

    • Great aesthetics - will look superb in any kitchen
    • Very affordable
    • Offers several grinder settings
    • Both glass and base are dishwasher safe
    • Perfect for coarse, medium or fine granules

    Reasons to Avoid

    • May not be the aesthetic that everyone looks for
    • Not the most advanced grinder available

    Bosch MKM6003

    Best Coffee Grinder for Home Use Review 2021 21Best Coffee Grinder for Home Use Review 2021 22

    BOSCH will be a familiar brand to you, but not necessarily for coffee. Therefore, it’s great to see that they are really getting into the ground coffee game! The MKM6003 coffee grinder is affordable, zero-frills grinder is ideal, for high precision and fine grinding.

    We think that this is one of the few grinders on our list which combines fantastic, speedy coffee grinding along with a simple, unassuming look.

    It’s compact and contemporary, and best of all, it’s one of the best coffee grinders for price alone, and you can also use it for grinding spices.

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    • Dimensions: 9 x 9 x 17cm
    • Capacity: 75g
    • Weight: 621g

    Reasons to Buy

    • A sleek and simple looking, an ideal fit for most households
    • Very good quality for the price
    • Very easy to use and get used to
    • Can be used to grind spices

    Reasons to Avoid

    • Doesn't have a removable power cord
    • The look won't appeal to everyone

    KRUPS Expert Burr

    Best Coffee Grinder for Home Use Review 2021 23Best Coffee Grinder for Home Use Review 2021 24

    Many people love burr coffee grinder options for the uniform refinement of beans. If you’re looking for a cheap burr option to start you off, KRUPS’ Expert Burr Grinder energy-efficient model is extremely affordable.

    It’s extremely easy to set and define how many cups of coffee you actually want to make at a time, and as with most burr systems, you’ll get a fantastic, refined grain result. If grind size matters to you, this simple grinding system is likely to tick plenty of boxes.

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    • Dimensions: 21 x 17 x 30cm
    • Weight: 1.76kg
    • Capacity: 225g

    Reasons to Buy

    • Very easy to set up and use
    • Get the best of burr coffee without having to pay over the odds
    • Excellent grind settings for smooth results
    • Grind coffee in varying amounts as you wish

    Reasons to Avoid

    • Some may look for systems which let them grind more coffee or to refine the process
    • Perhaps not the most advanced unit on the market

    John Lewis & Partners

    John Lewis & Partners

    This exclusive John Lewis stainless steel coffee grinder really looks the part, but of course, looks aren’t everything. If you really want to grind coffee beans to a delicious and uniform standard, it’s highly likely that this unit will give you everything you are looking for and more besides.

    It’s reasonably priced, and it’s very easy to set up and use. While some people may prefer an advanced blade grinder or conical burr grinder for their coffee, if you are new to grinding, this system is a good all-around purchase to get.

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    • Dimensions: 21 x 12.3 x 11.9cm
    • Capacity: 60g

    Reasons to Buy

    • Looks great - grind away with a stylish machine built to fit any kitchen
    • Very easy to get grinding with, shouldn't be too hard to set up
    • Stainless steel grinding for ease of cleaning and maintenance
    • Get up to 60g of coffee grind in one go

    Reasons to Avoid

    • Perhaps not as efficient or as feature-rich as some modern conical burr grinder options
    • Some may choose a burr grinder for finer results

    Maison & White Manual Coffee Bean

    Best Coffee Grinder for Home Use Review 2021 25Best Coffee Grinder for Home Use Review 2021 26

    The Maison & White manual coffee been grinder is compact and likely to be a great choice for anyone who doesn’t want to take up much room on the worktops. It’s a manual grinder and coffee mill which lets you easily adjust grinding coarseness, and which is easy to dismantle to clean whenever you need to.

    It has a simple look and feel, too, which will likely appeal to anyone not too worried about whether their mills arrive in stainless steel or not! It’s a ceramic system which seems to have a fair amount of capacity to it, too. If you care about how you grind your coffee bean, this system might just be the ticket.

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    • Dimensions: 19.5 x 19.5 x 10cm
    • Weight: 880g

    Reasons to Buy

    • Very affordable for the level of grinding you receive
    • Nice amount of volume included
    • One of the easiest products to clean on the whole

    Reasons to Avoid

    • Perhaps not the aesthetic everyone will be looking for

    Rummershof Hand

    Best Coffee Grinder for Home Use Review 2021 27Best Coffee Grinder for Home Use Review 2021 28

    The Rummershof hand coffee grinder is a spectacular-looking hand grinder that will really look the part in any kitchen, and it’s well worth paying a little more than you normally might for the premium finish.

    More than just a simple coffee mill, this manual system is easy to clean with its own brush and bag, and allows for quiet grinding. In that sense, it’s likely to be preferable to an electric mill or grinder.

    What’s more, this grinding system will accept a variety of different beans and coffee types. You can fill up enough coffee for two people, on the whole, and it’s always really easy to turn and manage.

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    • Dimensions: 22.8 x 6.4 x 5.8 cm
    • Weight: 322g

    Reasons to Buy

    • Looks great - very sleek and modern in design
    • Very easy to clean and maintain with a brush supplied
    • Very quiet and smooth to use

    Reasons to Avoid

    • Perhaps a little more money than people may wish to invest
    • There are grinders which can generate more coffee!

    How Do I Choose a Top One?

    So – what else should you be looking for in the best home coffee grinders around? Here are a five points to consider.

    1. Look and Feel

    Look means a lot if you have a themed or stylised kitchen. Many people choose stainless steel coffee grinders for the classy, luxury look. Others prefer a more rustic style, on the whole, Whichever option you choose, make sure it fits your kitchen and your personality. Electric blade grinder systems and the best burr grind products tend to look the fanciest, however, there are manual systems which look the part, too.

    2. Grind Settings and Options

    There are many manual grinders out there which have different grind settings for how you grind down your beans. Prefer it coarse or fine? You be the judge. Some systems – the cheapest – will likely offer you a simple one-style grinder and that will be the end of it! It’s no bad thing, just consider what you’re likely to want and need.

    Of course, electric grinders and electric burr systems will give you a stack of different programming features and options. There are plenty to get into, which allow you to create great French press coffee, espressos and more. More features doesn’t always mean you get the best results, but for many people, multi-function grinding can be a definite bonus.

    3. Ease of Use and Cleaning

    A good manual coffee grinder should be smooth to crank and really easy to clean. Manual coffee systems are likely to be preferable to a lot of people because they are so easy to manage. Why invest in a grinder that’s going to be a pain to clean and maintain?

    Electric grinders can be a little more complex to clean sometimes, but again, this can vary. Check what other buyers have to say before you grind and grind your way into a sticky mess that’s a pain to clear up.

    4. Capacity

    Of course, you should look at how much coffee your grinders can actually produce. Otherwise, you’re likely to just end up with a system that squashes out a cup’s worth every time. This might be ok if you live alone, but even so, it’s worth looking into a bigger system just so you can fill up pods, for example.

    5. Noise

    Noise is a big factor. If you buy a hand crank that’s super-noisy, it’s probably not worth the money! Many people buy these systems because they are quieter compared to electric models. Don’t grind for the sake of it – find something that’s easy on the ears, on the whole. However, even electric burr systems are getting quieter for home grind purposes, meaning that if you want to benefit from the odd electric grind, there’s not much you need to worry about in terms of noise levels. Again, read up on what people have to say before you buy.

    How To Clean

    This is always likely to vary from grinder to grinder. Therefore, make sure to read the full maintenance instructions you’ll receive with any grinders you buy. This way, you can be sure to tool up and scrub down as much or as little as you need.

    The best thing to do with any kind of manual system is to carefully disassemble it. This way, you can make sure to carefully wipe those ceramic burrs with a little bit of soap and warm water, carefully dry off, and put back together. It’s likely not a good idea to put any of your grinder into the dishwasher unless you absolutely can – according to the instruction manual.

    Otherwise, some systems will come with brushes to help you get the most stubborn powders off. Therefore, do make sure, again, to read up on everything your hand grinder manual has to tell you. Don’t just go scrubbing wildly without reading up first!


    The type of coffee grinder you choose, well, depends on what you want to grind. You might not even see the fuss of getting into the grind at all! However, plenty of people rely on conical burr systems and grind settings at home to get a fine espresso or two. Good coffee will, of course, vary from person to person. Therefore, if you are new to the grinding game – take a look at what’s available and read up on what others have to say. Who knows – you could be grinding coffee at home before you head to your daily grind – and just be thankful we haven’t crammed this home buying guide with puns until now!

    We have written a couple of guides that you may find useful, How to Grind Green Coffee Beans at Home and How to Roast Coffee Beans at Home.

    If you are looking for a new coffee machine to use your fresh ground coffee beans you can read Best Coffee Machines review.

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