The 5 Best Double Gas Ovens

We've reviewed dozens of double gas ovens and listed the 5 best options

Jen Hammond

Last updated on April 18, 2022

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    Tired of looking for the perfect built-under gas oven for your home? Then you are in the right place if you want to ensure that you pick a reliable, stylish and capable appliance that’s within your budget for your kitchen before committing.

    We know that gas built under gas ovens are few and far between as electric ovens are more popular, so within our review of the top 5 double gas ovens, we have found the best matches for you below.

    Gas double ovens are more technically proficient now than they have ever been. That means you can find some models with fancy features such as self cleaning and anti grease sticking measures. On the whole, the fancier tech is saved for electric ovens and systems, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find a gas oven with a pizza function or a programmable timer. Looking for a storage drawer? Just use your imagination and take a look at what’s out there.

    In this review, we list our top 5 double chamber gas ovens. Which is likely to work best for you? Let’s break our top double oven picks down in finer detail.

    Before that, however – let’s consider why you might want to buy a double capacity oven in the first place, and what makes the systems we’ve chosen to be the absolute best. Is it worth making the leap from electric to gas? There’s only one way to find out – stick with us.

    What Is It?

    That’s what we’re here to find out. Ultimately, when you start researching your new built in double gas oven you will soon find that modern double gas ovens come with an array of cooking options, which means you might need to do a little bit of homework and whittling down to find the right fit for your needs.

    Is your double oven likely to need catalytic liners? What about a cooker that’s easy to clean and maintain? Of course, you should also be thinking carefully about price, energy efficiency, and whether or not a double oven at all is likely to be the best option for you. Do you only really need one main oven? What is it that makes a gas oven cavity so much more appealing than a fan oven system or electric grill?

    As seasoned oven and cooker owners ourselves, we know that everyone’s cooker needs are going to be slightly different. After all, you might be thinking about gas hobs first, and a double oven cavity second. Generally, the type of food you cook, and the amount you are likely to prepare, will likely dictate to you which way to sway.

    Double ovens are great if you want to cook a family meal or two for a big occasion. The fact is, double capacity space is going to allow you to do more. There’s only so much you can really balance with a single oven, and for that reason, we wouldn’t blame you for looking at double oven spaces by default.

    Why Should I Buy It? What’s Wrong With an Electric Microwave?

    Ok – a couple of big questions here, but that’s what we’re here for – to answer them as best we can! The main appeal of a double oven cavity, of course, lies in the fact that you get more space for your money. If you’re cooking multiple meals in a cooker or limited oven space, you’re only going to have so much room to work with. The best gas ovens, of course, are likely to be very easy to clean and to manage. Not only that, but two ovens are surprisingly easy to cater to, on the whole. You’ll likely wonder what you ever did without two ovens in the place of one.

    Cooking functions in gas, many people argue, are likely to be more precise than you might get with an electric oven. There’s not much difference in price from fuel type to fuel type. Some people prefer an electric oven for even cooking, however, there is nothing to say that you can’t get these results from the best gas oven on the market. In fact, gas cookers with double ovens are getting more and more technically proficient, meaning there’s plenty of reasons to look for gas over electric than just the cooking space in a double oven.

    Precise cooking is really important if you’re sick of undercooking or overcooking food in fan ovens. While a gas hob or double oven might not look as pretty as some of the bigger and better electric models out there, there’s nothing to say that a gas cooker system won’t produce lesser results. In fact, plenty of us on the Which Kitchen Appliance team have relied on gas oven systems for years.

    The Top Contenders of 2022

    Stoves SGB700PS

    Stoves SGB700PS

    What makes this gas oven sightly different from other built under gas ovens is its size. Frankly there are very few double ovens on the market that will fit under a kitchen counter.

    Its award-winning hot air system heats up your food quickly and efficiently. It has two compartments allowing you to utilise two temperatures. What this means is that you can cook more than one meal at a time or even enjoy baking your dessert whilst the main meal marinates the flavour.

    It has a 43-litre capacity as the main oven and 29-litres as the second oven. What separates this trusty oven from the pack is that it has greaseproof enamel which keeps it clean, and has adjustable shelves that can be resized and to allow you to turn over your food with ease. Despite this being on the smaller size of gas built under ovens reviewed you will be able to cook a turkey and potatoes for Thanksgiving or Christmas – but will need to utilise the top oven for accompanying dishes.

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    • Dimensions: (H)70.3 x (W)59.5x (D)55cm
    • Energy Rating: A
    • Main Cavity: 43 Litres
    • 2 Year Guarantee

    Reasons to Buy

    • Double oven with reasonable space
    • Halogen lights for optimum illumination
    • Double glazed doors to give you increased energy efficiency

    Reasons to Avoid

    • Not the most spacious, isn’t suitable for big households

    Stoves STBI900G

    Stoves STBI900G

    Are you fed up of searching for the ideal oven? Fear no more, we have you covered. Our team of experts have done all of the research, trials and boring bits of finding the best gas oven. The Stoves STBI900G is a pretty good place to start, on the whole – so, how does it impact on the cooking experience and cooking process?

    If you want to immerse a double oven into the décor of your kitchen space then you will want to get your hands on a built-in gas oven. We have found the perfect Stoves gas oven that is not only full of great specifications but can also be easily installed.

    The STB1900G heats quickly, within five minutes you will be ready to look at temperatures of up to 180C. If you are new to gas oven cooking you will need to consider how they cook; the top shelf will be hotter than the bottom, so you will need to consider what you are cooking on each shelf.

    The main oven boasts 69 litres capacity whilst the smaller oven cavity brandishes 39 litres. That’s some seriously impressive space considering the price of this double gas oven and the fact it is built-in.

    Something that we loved about this product is the safety feature that cuts out the gas when there is no flame detected.

    This has everything you need with two spacious cavities, telescopic shelves and a grill setting. It is also nice on the eye and easily adapts to any home theme. This is the perfect family home addition with its easy use, it is both simple to clean and easy to use the cooking functions.

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    • Dimensions: (H)88 x (W)56x (D)55cm
    • Energy Rating: A
    • Main Cavity: 69L
    • 2 Year Guarantee

    Reasons to Buy

    • Two easy to use rotary dials
    • Multiple safety devices
    • Sleek exterior design

    Reasons to Avoid

    • No CoolTouch Technology to keep the outside of the oven cool

    Belling BI902G

    Belling BI902G

    This dual capacity oven is fully black with silver accents which give it a modern twist, intuitive and easy to use controls. This oven is perfect for traditional cooking and grilling, especially if you like to do a lot at once.

    The main chamber is the primary oven, with a medium size of 51 litres. Then, if you need to grill the burger buns or crisp up the top of the cottage pie while everything else finishes off, the second chamber contains a dedicated electric grill. As it is electric, it is a lot more reliable and quicker than the gas equivalents.

    A minute timer can alert you when the dinner is cooked, so you don’t have to keep an eye on the clock. The double glazed window is perfect for keeping heat in yet the exterior cool, which is important if you are concerned about safety.

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    • Dimensions: (H)88 x (W)56 x (D)55cm
    • Energy Rating: A
    • Main Cavity: 51L
    • 1 Year Guarantee

    Reasons to Buy

    • Fast and reliable grill
    • Available in black or silver
    • Well priced

    Reasons to Avoid

    • Can be tricky getting the power levels exact until you're used to it
    • Comes with a grill pan, however, a handle is not included

    Indesit IDU6340WH

    Indesit IDU6340WH

    If you are struggling to find a classic double oven that does everything to a reasonable turn, then look no further. This Indesit product made our list due to the low price and the old school style and it’s great for family cooking.

    This looks like a throwback to the old “white goods” that we are used to – however, this white double oven can be easily fitted into your kitchen and what is great is that you won’t need to worry about paying over the odds.

    The Indesit IDU6340WH built-under double oven sits in a reasonable price range. It has just three rotary dials making it simple to use and also boasts two ovens. You can use two different temperatures and the second oven also doubles up as a grill. Fan assistance helps to maintain an even temperature to reduce cold spots and heat pockets.

    The main cavity equates to 59-litres of capacity whilst the second fan oven features 37-litres. It has B-rated energy efficiency and also has an integrated grill making it ideal for warming plates, or finishing off a cauliflower cheese for Sunday lunch. Cleaning is made easy with the Indesit Aria makes due to its enamel liners; mini food explosions and spits from fat can easily be wiped down during clean up. An enamel interior is always something to keep your eye out for!

    As well as celebrating the power of this desirable oven, you should also be applauding its design, value for money and double-glazed window that keeps the heat inside and ultimately saves you more money!

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    • Dimensions: (H)87 x (W)60x (D)58cm
    • Built-In
    • Fuel Type: Gas Double Oven
    • Main Cavity: 59L
    • Energy Rating: B
    • 2 Year Warranty

    Reasons to Buy

    • It has been created by trusty and reliable brand
    • Comes at an amazing price
    • Easy to use dials
    • LCD Display
    • Greaseproof Enamel Grill

    Reasons to Avoid

    • Isn’t the biggest oven around if you need to cook for a party

    Belling BI702G

    Belling BI702G

    A nice double oven with an overall capacity of over 70L, its generous size makes it a great choice for larger families and it is the perfect choice if you want a gas, under counter oven that is spacious and simple to use. The oven is quick to heat up (you will be ready to cook within in around seen minutes at 180C (gas mark 4). There isn’t a fan, so as for other gas ovens the upper part will be slightly warmer than the lower, but overall the Belling 170G is good a maintaining its set temperature.

    The top oven contains three-wire shelves, one of which has a protective shield to reduce spoils made during cooking which is helpful in protecting the base of the oven.

    There are no complicated settings or menus, with a dial for both the top and bottom oven. A timer will turn the chamber off when done, so you won’t suffer from burnt dinners or smoky kitchens any longer. If something were to spill over, the easy-clean enamel ensures it can just wipe away when cooled. Additionally, if you are one for cooking long and slow, the oven also has a slow-cook function.

    It lacks a few of the settings you may commonly see elsewhere, such as defrost or the ability to use just half of the grill at once. But there’s settings to make up for it, such as the slow cooking function in the main oven or top/bottom heat settings.

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    • Dimensions: (H)70.3 x (W)59.5 x (D)55.6cm
    • Energy Rating: A/B
    • Main Cavity: 44L
    • 1 Year Guarantee

    Reasons to Buy

    • Simple control
    • Looks modern and subtle
    • Economical to run
    • Good heat distribution

    Reasons to Avoid

    • Not LPG suitable
    • Not for the keen baker

    Which Brand is the Best?

    This is one of the most frequently asked questions and for good reason too. Although we take into account the brand of the cookers or ovens that we review, we also analyse each appliance in its own right – not every brand gets it right every time.

    Brands that provide excellent electric ovens don’t always provide the best gas ovens and that is why we have listed a list specific to double gas ovens. We have compiled a list of the best oven brands below, they are the best based on reviews, reliability, quality and experience.

    New World
    Hot Point

    Do also make sure to look out for the best deals on price, too. Unfortunately, just because a big oven cavity is cheap, doesn’t necessarily mean you are getting great value. Aim for a model which has excellent reviews – you should be careful to read up on what seasoned oven users have to say. It’s hard to measure a brand’s performance in terms of energy efficiency, for example, on price or marketing alone.

    Therefore, while it’s healthy to sway towards brands you know, do consider the different factors of the best gas oven choices out there. Whether a big name brand offers a fancy grill or a low price on gas cookers with a shiny finish, be willing to dig deeper into the important facts and features. Trust us on this.

    Which One is the Best?

    Our team of experts have tirelessly searched and analysed the best double gas ovens on this page. What is best for one may not be the best choice for somebody else. That is why you should be looking at the features and reviews that we offer, you will then be able to work out what specifications are required for your household.

    In general, double gas ovens have lots of benefits for big households. Find the one that most suits you with conventional ovens, built-in gas ovens, freestanding and even built-under. We take a look over each category and have provided you with a list of the top 5 gas ovens.

    What is the Range?

    A double gas oven provides two oven cavities and is fuelled by gas. There are benefits to possessing a gas oven or gas cooker and we’ve listed some of them below.

    Instant Heat

    Gas produces instant heat as you ignite the oven and quickly heat up the cavity. It heats a lot quicker than the electric range.

    Temperature Adjustment

    The same way it is capable of producing instant heat, you can also turn the heat down if you feel that you are overcooking food. You may simply want to slow down the process; this can be done with gas ovens.

    Energy Efficient

    Gas provides clean and natural fuel that is energy efficient, even more so when you find one that is A-rated. What this means, is that you can enjoy saving money on energy.


    This is down to preference; some people prefer the uniform cooking of electric whilst others like the conventional gas ovens for baking and cooking.

    Of course, the best gas hobs or gas burners, as well as the best gas oven cavity in general, might vary from person to person, and from user to user. You might be more concerned about ease of cleaning than energy efficiency of your oven tech, for example. Some buyers might even feel that the look of their cooker, main oven or grill is more important than, say, the cost of their unit for years to come.

    That’s why we’ve taken a keen look at balancing out our oven buying guide. We know that everyone will be looking for a double oven or main oven that cooks food quickly. That’s a given across all oven buying. However, your budget and regular cooker needs are likely to dictate heavily as to which purchase is right for you. How many people do you need to use your cooker, grill or double oven for? Is it worth holding out for that double oven cavity or fancy catalytic liners?


    Overall, there is plenty of worth in looking for a double oven or cooker. However, the right cooker or oven for you should be more than just capacity or catalytic liners. You’ll need a cooker or oven that can weather the years to come. You’ll need energy efficiency, ease of use, fantastic build quality – and more besides.

    The cooking results you get from your current cooker might not be up to scratch anymore – which means it’s high time to start looking around for modern appliances that offer gas cooking at peak energy efficiency. Do take a look through our oven reviews above, and, as always, make sure you trust verified buyer opinions on any fuel cooker or oven capacity – don’t just take the brand of range cooker or marketing’s word for it.

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