10 Best Electric Cookers For Your Kitchen

We’ve reviewed dozens of freestanding electric cookers - Here's our 10 best cookers

Jen Hammond

Last updated on October 28, 2022

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    When it comes to researching new electric cookers there are several factors to consider. Once you have purchased your new cooker you will have it for years to come, so it is important that you have all the details you need.

    In this review, we have researched and compiled a comprehensive and concise list of what we feel are the best electric cookers available for you to compare and buy today, including a list of what we think are the seven most important things you should consider when researching and choosing your electric cooker.

    As for all our reviews, our goal when compiling this electric cooker review is to ensure that you have all the information you need to make informed buying decisions based on your needs and budget whilst saving you hours of time in research.

    Top Free Standing Contenders to Buy in 2022

    AEG CCB6761ACM 60 cm

    AEG CCB6761ACM 60 cm

    AEG make some of the best 60 cm electric cookers and the CCB6760ACM 600 mm electric cooker with four zone ceramic hob is no exception.  It’s ideal for families, with the main oven capacity holding 73 litres and the top oven capacity 39 litres – ideal if you want to cook more than one dish at a time.

    This stainless steel cooker comes with multiple functions, meaning that it’s always nice and easy to bake, cook, grill and more. It’s rated as one of the most energy-efficient ovens of its kind on the market right now, too, meaning you will have a lot of savings because it’s never likely to run up hefty bills.

    This electric cooker with ceramic hob even boasts catalytic liners, which means if you have ever struggled with getting nasty bits of ground-on food up and moving from the inside of your oven cavities before, this unit will do more than plenty to take care of things for you. It’s just a case of taking a simple wipe down once you’re done with cooking for the day.

    What’s perhaps most interesting about this unit is the fact that it offers a fairly unique SteamBake option. As you might imagine, this option lets you harness the power of steam in-cavity, meaning that you can steam and cook through for crispy, delicious bakes. It’s likely to be a great asset for budding bakers as well as pros.

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    • Dimensions: H91.2 x W60 x D60.9
    • Capacity: 70 litres
    • Energy Rating: A/A
    • Warranty: 5 yrs

    Reasons to Buy

    • Very easy to clean both in and out
    • Interesting SteamBake technology perfect for baking
    • Up to 73 litres of volume - plenty of space for family dinners
    • Very reasonably priced for the size and technology
    • Electric cooker with ceramic hob

    Reasons to Avoid

    • Has a slight retro look - maybe not to everyone’s tastes



    Kenwood’s ceramic electric cooker is an absolute classic, both in terms of functionality and in terms of style. This affordable, reliable dual unit system is likely to look the part in most kitchens, and also arrives with four stoves on the cooktop to help make your meal prep that little bit more versatile.

    This cooker boasts catalytic lining, which means it’s going to be easier to clean than most. What’s more, the internal capacity is pretty impressive – with a grill in place, too, in case you want to cook a variety of different things.

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    • Dimensions: 90 x 60 x 60 cm
    • Warranty: 1 Year
    • Energy Rating: A
    • Main Oven Capacity: 67 L
    • Fuel Type: Electric

    Reasons to Buy

    • Very reasonably priced
    • Won’t take long to get used to
    • Extremely simple to clean
    • Looks the part

    Reasons to Avoid

    • Some feel the build quality isn’t the best

    FLAVEL Milano ML61CDS

    FLAVEL Milano ML61CDS

    This classic electric cooker might be just what you’re looking for if you want to keep things simple! Well priced with a simple dial control system, as well as flat top burners to help you boil and fry up a storm, this cooker offers an enamel coating which is really easy to clean. It’s available in silver or white, too, meaning you can pick which look you feel goes best in your space.

    This cooker offers a large enough cavity interior for most family meals, though it is largely built to offer multi-cooking with ease. It’s really easy to grill up while cooking in the main oven, and it’s likely to be a great fit if you’re sick of having to balance different bits of the same meal!

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    • Dimensions: H90 x W60 x D60cm
    • Energy Rating: A
    • Main Cavity Capacity: 65L
    • Weight: 575.5kg (PLEASE CHECK)
    • Warranty/Guarantee : Extended warranty available
    • Hob: Electric ceramic
    • Oven Type: Electric oven

    Reasons to Buy

    • Nice and simple
    • Classic dial controls
    • Enamel coating for ease of cleaning
    • 65 litres of cooking space
    • Separate grill
    • Fan assisted

    Reasons to Avoid

    • Perhaps a little on the basic side



    Hotpoint is a name we’ve come to trust over the years, and we are certainly not alone in this.

    This classic electric cooker with ceramic hob offers four burners as standard, along with a grill and sizable oven cavity to help you balance those meals that split into parts! A freestanding double oven with glass window doors that let you easily and safely check your cooking progress. There’s a nifty timer and clock on the front, too, which you won’t always get with classic electrics.

    It’s impressively energy efficient, and is one of the easiest to clean in its line thanks to its fantastic catalytic liners. You get two ovens for the price of one, and what’s more, Hotpoint serves this cooker up as the ‘greener’ choice – as there’s less need to wipe down with chemicals. More than a few reasons to pay less than £400 for this great electric oven.

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    • Dimensions: H90 x W60 x D60cm
    • Energy Rating: A
    • Main Oven Capacity: 71L
    • Weight: 58.2kg
    • Warranty/Guarantee : 1 Year’s Labour, 10 Years’ Parts (Manufacturer)
    • Type: Electric Cooker with Ceramic Hob

    Reasons to Buy

    • Easy cleaning - catalytic lyners
    • Four burner zones as standard
    • Lots of space in two ovens
    • Nice and simple to operate

    Reasons to Avoid

    • May be cheaper options in this line available

    Zanussi ZCV66250

    Zanussi ZCV66250

    Zanussi is a solid brand that offers reliability, style and function. This was another our favourite freestanding electric cookers as it is a resilient design sure to last. The oven is a stylish one that anyone would be proud to add to their kitchen collection.

    But as always, we judge our picks on more than the appearance. This double cooker has a number of functions that extend further than the standard cooking option. For example, with a catalytic liner in the chambers, you aren’t going to have to deal with dirt and grime for hours on end as it will pretty much dissolve it on contact.

    It comes with A-rated energy efficiency, a four-burner hob, a fan oven that spreads the heat for perfect, quick and even cooking results when grilling and cooking meals. And a minute minder that will alert you when your masterpiece reaches completion.

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    • Dimensions: H91.2 x W60 x D60.9cm
    • Main Cavity Capacity: 77 Litres
    • Energy Rating: A

    Reasons to Buy

    • A robust design
    • Stylish exterior
    • A fan that spreads heat

    Reasons to Avoid

    • Grill is a little time consuming

    Indesit ID60C2

    10 Best Electric Cookers For Your Kitchen 310 Best Electric Cookers For Your Kitchen 4

    Indesit brand, ceramic plate hob and a double oven compartment is a recipe for success. You can now cook up a storm in your home with this practical electric oven.

    It comes in black with a smooth finish and as well as boasting two ovens it also comes with a useful hob zone at the top. The gem has everything you’d expect and more.

    Indesit is known for producing industrial-level ovens that fit into people’s homes and this is a great example of that. It has 1200 wattage of power, is pretty lightweight for its size, has a double oven, and three shelves to cater for your tasty starters and big main meal at the same time.

    It has everything you need with power, a digital clock and grill settings. Despite doing your due diligence prior to selecting the best electric oven it is also important to scout out a warranty. We’d advise you to miss out any ovens that don’t provide this- fortunately this Indesit appliance provides a decade of free parts as part of the warranty and includes a one-year labour warranty.

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    • Dimensions: 60 x 60 x 90 cm
    • Main Cavity Capacity: 74 Litres
    • Energy Rating: A

    Reasons to Buy

    • A spacious main compartment and also includes a secondary oven
    • Full grill kit is included

    Reasons to Avoid

    • Residual heat indicator is on front of cooker, not on hob - can be hard to see

    Zanussi ZCV69350BA

    Zanussi ZCV69350BA

    Zanussi often showcase a large capacity for all your cooking needs and this electric cooker is the same. You can easily fit in everything that you need. It comes equipped with a second cavity with a grill setting.

    With an accumulated capacity of 112-litres, food will be cooked evenly on every shelf thanks to the number of high-powered fans assisting for evenly heat distribution. It comes with a two-year guarantee and has been made to last with maintenance liners that have catalytic technology and keep the cavity free of grease.

    It also comes packed with a timer function that automatically lets you know when your food is cooked to perfection. You will have the option of a number of cooking options with fast defrosting, a grill and conventional heating.
    It also has four hob zones and they all come with multiple safety features.

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    • Dimensions: 89.4 x 60 x 60.9cm
    • Main Cavity Capacity: 73 Litres
    • Energy Rating: A
    • 2 Year Guarantee

    Reasons to Buy

    • Easy to use dial settings
    • A sleek design
    • Catalytic liners
    • Good price

    Reasons to Avoid

    • Digital screen can be hard to see in certain lights

    Hotpoint HUE61

    Hotpoint HUE61

    Hotpoint are known for offering reliable yet quality cookers that can easily fit into your stylish kitchen. The HUE61 matches that description perfectly with its robust design and multiple functions.

    This white cooker has a double oven and ceramic hob that are all easy to use. The 60cm electric cooker is easy to install.

    It is an all-round player that has a main fan assisted oven offering an incredible 65 litres of capacity a top oven providing 35 litres.

    The top oven incorporates a grill setting. Rated A for energy efficiency, it is the perfect addition for a family home with simple use dials, a number of heat settings to achieve correct temperatures and two ovens. The ovens have everything you need and you will also be able to enjoy the four zone ceramic hob that are easy to wipe clean.

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    • Dimensions: 90 x 60 x 60cm
    • Main Cavity Capacity: 71 Litres
    • Rating: A
    • 2 Year Guarantee

    Reasons to Buy

    • A unique grey design cooker
    • Easy to use dials
    • Easy to clean thanks to the catalytic liners
    • Ceramic hob
    • Fan assisted main oven

    Reasons to Avoid

    • Hob takes a while to heat

    BEKO Pro XDC663SM

    BEKO Pro XDC663SM

    BEKO’s stylish electric cooker offering here provides you with stacks of double cavity space, along with four hob zones and – yes – catalytic lining. That’s a magic phrase for those kitchen owners sick of having to exert themselves too much on a wipe down!

    This great looking electric cooker standard pretty much ticks all of the right boxes. It’s superb for family dinners and really won’t take long for you to get looking sparkling again. You can even use the brilliant SteamShine function to help you out. Big and impressive, this is a great all-arounder.

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    • Dimensions: 900 x 600 x 600 mm (H x W x D)
    • Warranty: 1 year
    • Energy Rating: A/A
    • Main Oven Capacity: 69 Litres
    • Fuel Type: Electric

    Reasons to Buy

    • Lots of oven space
    • Good price on the whole
    • Extremely easy to clean down
    • Quick to warm up

    Reasons to Avoid

    • The bottom cavity may be a little low for some users

    Beko ADC5422AW 50 cm

    Beko ADC5422AW 50 cm

    The most important thing for any cooker we consider buying, is that it meets all of the basic features that are required.
    What do we believe the main features to be? We think that every electric cooker needs sufficient space for our meals, easy to clean and simple to use, and of course if you are replacing an electric cooker it must fit into the existing space available.

    This Beko electric cooker ticks all of those boxes and more. It has A-rated energy efficiency, rapid-heating zones, a ceramic hob and an enamel interior. Plus, it is one of the view and possibly the best 50 cm electric cookers you can buy for the value it provides.
    It may seem basic by look, but the reason we love this cooker is due to how well it performs it’s easy to use features.

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    • Dimensions: 90 x 50 x 60cm
    • Main Cavity Capacity: 60 Litres
    • Energy Rating: A
    • 1 Year Guarantee

    Reasons to Buy

    • RapidLite Hobs that heat up quickly
    • Liners that make it easy to clean
    • Save money in the long-run with A-rated energy efficiency

    Reasons to Avoid

    • It isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing

    What Are The Different Freestanding Types?

    All electric cookers are freestanding all-in-one, stand-alone cooking appliances made to ease our daily life in the kitchen. They stand on the floor and in most cases are 60cm wide, provide four cooking zones, an electric grill and slot between your kitchen units.

    The Freestanding electric cooker will have either a fan-assisted or conventional oven and a hob. Hobs tend to be electric hobs, induction or electric ceramic.

    Many models have double ovens for extra cooking space. The main oven tends to be used for most of the cooking and the top oven for many is predominantly used as a grill.


    7 Things to Consider When Researching & Choosing One

    Should You Buy a Double or Single Oven Freestanding Cooker

    Something often asked is whether you should buy a single or double oven freestanding cooker. This depends on your needs, if you’d like to use an electric grill and oven at the same time then you will need a double oven that allows you to cook sides, main dishes and more, all at once. If not then you can purchase a single electric cooker. There are single models that provide huge capacity.

    Energy Efficiency

    In this day and age, there is no reason to venture into C-rated energy efficiency electric cookers. There are plenty of A and B rated energy cookers. Not only is that better for our environment but it will also save you significant money on your electricity bill.


    Take a look at added extras such as Bluetooth compatibility, slow cooker features and keep warm functions. They are great additions and worth spending a little extra on but generally, all you need is different power settings, a grill and a fan that spreads heat evenly.

    Self Clean

    Eliminate the dreaded chore of cleaning out your oven with the self-cleaning functions. You can find cookers with enamel and special liners that absorb grease.


    Before committing to a particular cooker choice you will need to make sure that you check the dimensions of the cooker and space where it will stand in your kitchen. Freestanding electric cookers come in three standard widths – 50cm (500mm), 44cm (550mm) and 60cm (600mm).

    Oven Capacity

    For those preparing meals for an entire family, you will need to take a close look at the oven capacity. There are some huge cavities of 70-litres plus.


    The main purpose of an electric cooker is to cook your food, however, this is a large kitchen appliance that you will have for years to come. When choosing your cooker look for cookers with pleasing exteriors that will suit your kitchen theme.


    What Different Hob Types Are Available?

    Electric cookers come with a wide choice of hobs.  This will most probably be one of your main decisions when buying a freestanding electric cooker:

    Sealed Plate Hobs

    Sealed plate hobs sit slightly higher than the hob surfaces and are traditionally synonymous with electric cookers. If budget is a key element in your buying decision you will find electric cookers with sealed plate hobs will be on the lower end of the price spectrum. They will work with any pot or pan, so you won’t need to worry about splashing out on new saucepans.

    Ceramic Hobs

    These days you will find that most electric cookers are fitted with an electric ceramic hob. These cookers tend to sit in the mid-range price bracket. Ceramic hobs are totally flat. They are slightly quicker to heat up than sealed plate hobs. You can use most pans, however, caution is needed with less expensive enamel-coated steel or iron saucepans as these may scratch the hob surface.

    Zanussi ZCV66050XA-electric-cooker-ceramic-hob

    Induction Hobs

    We are seeing more electric cookers with induction hobs. As for ceramic hobs, these are entirely flat. They are at the top end of the price range and are super quick to heat up (a pan of water will boil in little over 10 minutes). With induction hobs, you will have greater temperature control (on par with gas hobs) and they are more energy-efficient than sealed or ceramic hobs. One possible drawback is that you will need to purchase new pans compatible with your induction hob.

    Our advice when choosing the best freestanding cooker for you is to consider. The size of your family (this will help determine which size of oven capacity is most suitable) and your budget (this will help narrow down your review choice on which hob type).

    If I Buy a 60cm Electric Cooker Will It Slot In My Existing Gap?

    Yes, if you buy a 60cm electric cooker it will slot into the existing gap where your previous 60cm wide cooker was located. However, we do recommend that you do measure the gap and don’t assume the size, just in case the old electric cooker was in fact a slimline version.

    As mentioned above, most electric cookers are 60cm wide, however, it is possible to get some that are 50cm and even 55cm, but these tend to be few and far between with 60 cm electric cookers dominating the market.

    Should I Buy An Electric Cooker With A Fan Oven?

    Electric cookers with a fan will be listed as ‘fan assisted’ and ‘fan ovens’ You will also see an electric cooker with a fan oven referred to as a ‘convection oven’.

    As to whether you should buy an electric cooker with a fan is really up to you, however, most freestanding cookers have fans fitted standard these days. The fan aids the cooking process by transferring/ circulating heat around the oven and providing consistency.

    There are pros and cons to fan-assisted ovens and you may wish to read our article on what is a convection oven: when and how to use

    What Does Conventional Oven Mean?

    A conventional oven doesn’t have a fan. It will have two heating elements, one at the bottom and one at the top. Some people prefer conventional cooking with a belief they can follow a recipe without the need to adjust to accommodate the hot air circulation which occurs with a convection/ electric oven.

    Key Take-Aways

    We appreciate that there is so much to consider when it comes to researching the best freestanding electric cookers. Our top tips to keep in mind are:

    • Carefully measure the space where your want your oven to fit. This will tend to be either 60 cm. Though you may find you have a narrower gap of 55 or 50 cm
    • Main oven capacity, keep in mind your household occupancy along with how frequently you anticipate entertaining friends & family. For those who frequently entertain, you will want to ensure that the main oven capacity is large enough to meet all your needs.
    • Do you need an electric grill, and if yes, will you need to use this independently from the oven?
    • Which hob type will be best for you, induction hobs Vs ceramic cooker tops and not forgetting solid plate hobs!
    • When it comes to narrowing your choice between say, one or two freestanding electric cookers, be sure to check if the cooker includes a fan oven or if it is a conventional oven
    • And finally…how easy is it going to be for you to clean?

    If you are in any doubt and would like to read a little more we have written several guides to help you further including our Cooker Guide, Electric cookers: Induction Vs Ceramic Cooker Tops, Do Electric Cookers Come with Plugs and, to help you and if you live in a property with a gas supply you may like to read our gas cooker review or dual fuel cooker review.

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