10 Electric Double Ovens Available in the UK

We’ve reviewed dozens of Double Electric Ovens and listed our 10 best options

Jen Hammond

Last updated on April 14, 2022

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    It’s really important to thoroughly conduct your research to find the best built in electric double oven for your cooking needs and budget.

    This review compares the top electric double ovens you can buy in the UK to help you to save both money and time and ultimately to guide you to make the right purchasing decision for you.

    Our criteria is to review ovens and assess them against:

    • the many cooking & baking options they offer
    • their features, including oven capacity along with their pros and cons.

    UK Top Ones In 2022



    This is an amazingly priced double oven which offers two cavities, simple dial functionality and a good energy rating on the whole. Available for less than £350, this is a great little unit for those smaller families who find they are having to switch things in and out every five seconds.

    With a fan in the main oven, you receive a lot of assistance in the cooking process, and there’s also convection heating and cooking in the same package, too. Great news for anyone who wants great tasting food, quicker – and who doesn’t? This machine also arrives with catalytic lining, meaning that it’ll always be easy for you to wipe down the inside of this oven without having to really dig into the grease.

    The on-board timer is fully programmable, and you can use slook cooking features, too, if you want to prepare a meal for the end of a long, hard day.

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    • Dimensions: H88.7 x W59.7 x D57.5cm
    • Energy Rating: A / A
    • Main Cavity Capacity: 71 L
    • Warranty/Guarantee : 1 Year’s Labour and 10 Year’s Parts (Manufacturer)

    Reasons to Buy

    • Catalytic liners for ease of cleaning
    • Very well-priced
    • Seven different functions (including defrost and slow cook)
    • Very energy efficient

    Reasons to Avoid

    • Not the best looker of the bunch, but it does the business!

    BOSCH Serie 2 NBS113BR0B

    BOSCH Serie 2 NBS113BR0B

    This nifty electric double oven from Bosch combines a modern look with simple dial functionality making it easy to use, at a price that’s mid-range and an energy efficiency which won’t drive up the power bills. This stainless steel built-under oven is easy to clean and has a clear display and timer, meaning you can switch from function to function and easily keep an eye on your food too.

    The main oven boasts 47 litres capacity, which should be plenty for couples and smaller families, as well as an enamel inner for ease of cleaning and wiping down.

    Bosch also promises an intriguing ‘3D Hot Air’ system, which means that it will cook through any dishes with the even temperature you demand. What’s more, the second oven cavity is sizable and allows you to carefully manage side dishes and extra meals alongside with ease.

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    • Dimensions: H71 x W59.4 x D55cm
    • Energy Rating: A
    • Main oven capacity: 47 L
    • Warranty/Guarantee : 2 Years Included
    • Type: Double Oven
    • Finish: Stainless steel
    • Defrost function: Yes

    Reasons to Buy

    • Even food cooking with 3D Hot Air
    • Nice and simple to control
    • Grease-proof inner
    • Reasonably priced
    • Great for batch baking
    • Variable grill
    • Enamel liners for easy cleaning

    Reasons to Avoid

    • Not the biggest oven cavity for the money

    Zanussi ZOD35802XK Double Oven

    Zanussi ZOD35802XK Double Oven

    This oven is the perfect mid-spot between something which is simple and easy to use, and also has all of the little extras and mod-cons you require to make dinnertime much easier. Zanussi have a great reputation for electric ovens and the ZOD35802XK sits at a good price point.

    There is a main electric fan assisted oven, which is great for circulating hot air and especially if every shelf is taken up with a tray of food as the hot air still circulates evenly. It also has a second fan oven which is perfect if you need a bit more space or want to give something its own chamber so the temperature doesn’t fluctuate when you check on everything else.

    In this second chamber is also an electric grill. The Set&Go timer will help when you have to put dinner on for 6.30pm but have a mountain of washing to do, the dog to walk and the garden to water while it is cooking; just let it tick over, and it will alert you and turn off when done.

    And, if you are like me and loath cleaning the oven, especially after cooking bacon and other fatty foods, then the ZOD35802XK makes easy work with catalytic lining, which burns any fat, grease & spills at 220oC, so you can just wipe away with a damp cloth when the oven is cool enough to do so.

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    • Dimensions: (H)88.8 x (W)59.4 x (D)54.8
    • Energy Rating: A/A
    • Main Cavity Capacity: 68 Litres
    • 1 Year Warranty

    Reasons to Buy

    • Heats up in good time
    • Easy clean - Catalytic lining
    • Dial markers are easy to see
    • Silent Fan

    Reasons to Avoid

    • Shelves are tricky to move in and out
    • The alarm

    Neff U1GCC0AN0B

    Neff U1GCC0AN0B

    This fantastic Neff U1GCC0AN0B double electric oven is smooth to the touch and is super easy to clean down, making it a kitchen marvel both inside and out. Beyond the enamel finish, this cooking master is great at giving you that even cook through two separate cavities. It looks great and it’s marvellously easy to manage.

    Neff’s CircoTherm technology gives three levels of cooking prowess, meaning that you can easily cook up a full meal for the family without fear of scents and flavours wafting and mixing around. It’s amazingly powerful, and if you have the money, a great investment.

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    • Dimensions: 89.1 x 57 x 55cm
    • Warranty: 2 year
    • Energy Rating: A
    • Main Oven Capacity: 71L
    • Second Oven Capacity: 34L
    • Fuel Type: Electric

    Reasons to Buy

    • Great for thorough cooking
    • Lots of space
    • Very safe with child lock
    • Easy to clean

    Reasons to Avoid

    • Alarm isn’t the best
    • May be a bit pricey for some

    Beko BRDF21000X

    Beko BRDF21000X

    This Beko built-in electric double oven would be a great addition to any home which needs a lot of cooking space but doesn’t want to be spending over the odds for the privilege.

    The main fan oven circulated heat evenly, no matter which shelf the food is on, so you can cook pizzas just as well as deep dishes and quiches. The second conventional oven contains a grill too, so bacon and burgers can be made at the same time as oven chips or roasted vegetables.

    Adjustable shelves make light work of changing shelf positions, you can place your food wherever you need it. Both ovens also have a grease-proof enamel coating on the interior chamber, which makes grease simple to wipe away when the oven cools.
    It is designed to fit at eye-level cabinets, so bear in mind before buying.

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    • Dimensions: (H)88.2 x (W)59.7 x (D)57.7cm
    • Energy Rating: A
    • Main Oven Capacity: 69 Litres
    • 2 Year Warranty
    • Type: Double oven
    • Finish: Stainless steel
    • Main oven: Fan assisted
    • Second oven: Convectional oven
    • Fuel: Built in electric

    Reasons to Buy

    • Simple to keep clean
    • Double oven provides a good amount of space
    • Price
    • True fan cooking offering uniform heat throughout the oven
    • Grill Pan/Drip Tray Included
    • Enamel linkers - for easy removal of food residues
    • Variable grill - more cooking options
    • Defrost function
    • 10 cooking options including bread proving, defrost and slow cooker

    Reasons to Avoid

    • No programmable timer

    Logik LBIDOX18

    Logik LBIDOX18

    This is our best double oven choice when it comes to finding an electric double oven for around £250. This silver electric oven is a built-in one that requires professional installation. It has two compartments and is a great addition.

    At this price, it is a great capture. It showcases some fan-favourite features with a formidable oven fan, plenty of space and resilient enamel coating.

    This double oven hasn’t been created for the fanfare, it is a creation that has been created to be an unsung hero. It has modern specifications and does everything well. It has no show-off features and that is why we love this simple to use electric oven.

    It has an A rated energy efficiency, durable coating, and a 69 litres oven capacity and two ovens. It comes with half grill settings, wire shelves and it also boasts a host of oven functions including top and bottom elements, fan heating, fan defrost, full grill cooking and more.

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    • Dimensions: (H) 89 x (W)59 x (D)56cm
    • Energy Rating: A
    • Main Oven Capacity: 69 litres
    • 1 Years Warranty
    • Type: Double oven

    Reasons to Buy

    • It has an enamel coating that adds to its durability and makes it easy to clean
    • A solid and sleek design
    • Powerful fan oven that spreads heat uniformly
    • Removable oven door - glass

    Reasons to Avoid

    • No digital display

    Bosch MHA133BR0B

    Bosch MHA133BR0B

    This Bosch double eletric oven not only looks the part, but it’s also amazingly easy to use, and it boasts more than 100 litres full capacity. Bosch also serves up an electric grill function, as well as its superb 3D HotAir technology, which means your food gets cooked through quicker than ever before.

    Do also check out this oven for its impressive energy rating, and the fact that you’ll be able to time and control everything from a simple panel with no faff. Great for beginner chefs as well as seasoned kitchen pros.

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    • Dimensions: H88.8 x W59.4 x D55cm
    • Warranty: 2 year
    • Energy Rating: A/B
    • Main Cavity Capacity: 71L
    • Second Oven Capacity: 34L
    • Fuel Type: Electric

    Reasons to Buy

    • Reasonably priced
    • Lots of space in both cavities
    • Panel is very easy to use
    • Good energy rating

    Reasons to Avoid

    • Alarm may be a little quiet for some
    • Knobs aren’t the easiest to use

    SMEG Cucina DOSF400S

    SMEG Cucina DOSF400S

    Smeg’s stylish Cucina range brings forth an energy-efficient double oven with stacks of functionality and a simple, appealing dial control interface which will come in handy for those of us who are used to traditional electric cooking! This stunning silver built in electric oven has a combined cavity capacity of 120 litres, making it perfect for big dinners and roasts for all the family.

    The oven itself comes with fan cooking that circulates perfectly, meaning that there should never be anything left undercooked or tasting less than fantastic. The benefit of a built in oven like this, of course, is that you can easily start cooking sizable side dishes alongside the main course.

    All kitchen owners will be happy to hear that the oven’s interior is extremely easy to clean thanks to its superb enamel coating. This means getting the grease off the inside is never going to be a problem. With four functions to choose from and a handful of touch controls that never over complicate matters, you are looking at a stylish products that’s not just a pretty face.

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    • Dimensions: H88.4 x W59.7 x D57cm
    • Energy Rating: A / B
    • Main Cavity Capacity: UNCLEAR (120 L total)
    • Warranty/Guarantee : 2 Year’s Manufacturer
    • Type: Double oven

    Reasons to Buy

    • Multi-function - offers two grills, fan forced oven and eco functionality
    • 120 L capacity in total
    • Easy to wipe down and clean
    • Dual touch and dial functionality

    Reasons to Avoid

    • Some may feel there needs to be more function for the price

    BEKO BXDF21000S

    BEKO BXDF21000S

    One of Beko’s more affordable double oven systems, this unit may be breezy on the price but it still packs a punch. Boasting 69 litres in the main oven cavity, this is an energy efficient cooking machine which offers what Beko refers to as ‘true fan cleaning’.

    You also benefit from the manufacturer’s SimplySteam technology, too, which allows you to easily wipe and clean down your oven with ease after use. All it takes is a bit of water and the oven will steam up.

    This unit also does plenty for the money, with seven distinct functions, allowing you to defrost with the fan as well as to cook on half or full grill as you desire and demand. Add in traditional dials, and you have an oven that’s easy to use and ready to go.

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    • Dimensions: H89 x W59.4 x D56.7cm
    • Energy Rating: A / A
    • Main Cavity Capacity: 69 L
    • Warranty/Guarantee : 2 Years Manufacturer’s Warranty
    • Type: Double oven

    Reasons to Buy

    • One of the best-priced ovens of its kind
    • Lots of features
    • SimplySteam cleaning function makes wiping down easier
    • Lots of space for the price

    Reasons to Avoid

    • Perhaps not the most stylish of builds - a budget choice

    Zanussi ZOF35601XK

    Zanussi ZOF35601XK

    When you’re busy running around after everyone and getting the jobs done, the last thing you want to be doing is juggling all of the dishes for dinner and tomorrows lunch.

    The Zanussi ZOF35601XK built in double oven is an intelligent Multiplus system that allows you to roast the vegetables, bake the chicken and cook the chocolate brownie tray bake all in one chamber, without any risk of transferring flavours or one taking all of the heat.

    The electronic programmable timer is ideal for anyone who doesn’t want to have to keep an eye on the clock or guess when it was put in, as you can just set it and leave it. There is a nice easy instruction manual to follow, and catalytic liners will absorb any dirt and help with cleaning so your oven will always look like its brand new.

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    • Dimensions: (H)71.5 x (W)59.4 x (D)56.8
    • Energy Rating: A/A
    • Main Cavity Capacity: 46 Litres
    • 1 Year Warranty
    • Type: Double oven

    Reasons to Buy

    • Very accurate with cooking times
    • Easy to view cooking through window
    • Dials are nice and easy to read
    • Easy cleaning

    Reasons to Avoid

    • Grill is slow to heat up

    Why Would You Buy a Double Microwave?

    As experts in built in ovens, we pride ourselves on how we analyse and independently score different built in electric double ovens, and yes, we would buy a double oven and in fact, own a twin oven

    We take into account the style and contemporary exterior when we review the best built-in double ovens we also consider numerous factors to handpick the best electric double ovens to make it into Best Built In Double Oven review including:

    Zanussi ZOF35601XK Built Under Double Oven


    Ovens come with many features and the more you pay, the more features you will get, however, will you use all those features?

    Should you really spend more when you won’t be making full use of oven features such as wi-fi or Bluetooth technology to enable you to control your oven from your sofa or your car on the way home from work?

    Firstly, look for double ovens that heat quickly and cook evenly. Digital controls can be more precise than dials, programmable times will allow you to set specific times for auto cooking.

    Design and Style

    Double ovens look very similar with many coming in black and stainless steel. Brands such as Smeg have a reputation for design and style and offer designs from ultra-modern to retro. Take a look at controls, digital controls can be more streamline, some dials can be pushed in and out to give a streamline appearance when not in use.

    Ease of Use

    Ovens need to be easy to use. You may find using your new oven slightly different to your existing oven, ultimately it shouldn’t be a challenge and many double ovens are similar by design and easy to operate.


    There are always some good deals to be had; you can buy basic built-in double ovens from around £150 and a good oven for £500 with an average of around £250-£300.

    Some brands such as Miele, Smeg and AGE have many models within their ranges that reach the upper ends of some budgets.


    Check the reviews, what have customers who have already purchased the model you are interested in said? Definitely look out for comments regarding seals, even cooking circulation and comments regarding good fans.

    Cooked Food Results

    Well, the old saying ‘the proof of the pudding is in the tasting’ is very true here. Ovens serve a purpose: to cook food. Be sure to consider reviews into how well the double electric ovens you shortlist perform.

    Are Twin Units Any Good?

    We think they are, but it really comes down to personal preference and the size of your kitchen.

    As someone who is just tall (I’m almost 6 ft), I love my double oven. I’m more comfortable to take food out of the oven at a higher level than bending down and up with a double range oven.

    Consider space, my kitchen isn’t huge, so when it came to designing my kitchen I decided that I’d rather have more cupboard space.

    The Benefits:

    • Low installation costs
    • Less energy usage
    • Easy to clean (many offer a self cleaning function and or enamel interior)
    • Uniform cooking
    • Possibly the best ovens for saving on kitchen space
    • Designed to fit into kitchen cabinets as either built under or built in at eye level



    What is the Second One Used For?

    It’s possible after reading our reviews on the double ovens, you might be wondering if a standard built-in oven might be for you.

    Here’s a little extra information on electric double ovens to demonstrate the benefits of having a second oven.

    Extra Cooking Capacity

    I find this particularly useful when cooking a Sunday roast dinner and I have my meat and potatoes at the bottom and want to cook cauliflower cheese or Yorkshire puddings.

    Prepare a Meal That Requires Different Temperatures

    Using a Sunday roast as an example. Yorkshire puddings don’t take long to cook and also need to be cooked at a higher temperature than your meat. So you can keep your meat moist and succulent in the bottom oven and cook your Yorkies in the top oven.

    Baking Cakes and Bread in Your Top Section

    Thanks to ‘The Great British Bake Off’, we now all know that part of the process of making bread is to prove it. With a double oven you can heat your bottom oven to the desired temperature for cooking your bread after proving and use the top oven for proving.

    Also, if you like to bake, you may find you lose track of time and before you know it you have a cake in the oven and its time to start cooking dinner. With a standard oven, you are stuck until your cake is ready, but with a double built-in oven, you can continue to cook your main meal.

    A Separate Grill from your Main Cooker

    One thing you can’t do with a standard oven is to use the grill and oven at the same time.

    This may not be a problem, but there are times such as cooking breakfast were you are grilling your bacon and you want to keep your sausages and other items warm, or maybe you just want to cook some toast.

    Another example would be when you have cooked a lasagne or moussaka and just want to finish it off under the grill.

    What is the Most Reliable Cooker Brand?

    When we conducted our research into the best electric double oven we considered many criteria as outlined above. One factor is reliability, and for us to recommend a reliable oven brand we spend many hours researching what consumers who already own these built-in double brands have to say about reliability, i.e. if a brand is prone to faults, it won’t make it to our recommended guide into built-in double ovens.

    The most common complaints that can deem some double electric ovens to be unreliable are broken oven lights, poor door seals and fans that are prone to break. We feel the most reliable oven brands include: Hotpoint, Neff, Zanussi, Hoover, AEG and Bosch.

    Range Cookers Vs Electric Double Cookers

    Both range cookers and electric double oven styles will give you extra cooking capacities, however, ranges are freestanding units designed to fit within cooking cavities which contain many smaller ovens within their unit with the exception of a microwave. They will sit almost anywhere in your kitchen in between cabinets and will have the hob directly on top. You will have a choice of different fuel types for your hob. Both provide additional cooking space, but if you have a smaller kitchen you may find that double electric ovens are a more feasible space-saving option.

    What to Look For When Buying A Twin Microwave

    To make your selection process easier when buying double electric ovens, follow our ultimate oven buying guide with the tips and specifications you should pay attention to:


    Appliance Size & Capacity

    One of the most imperative aspects of an oven to bear in mind is the size. What you require is dependent on the size of your family and how many people you generally cook for.

    If you need an oven for two people then you need no more than the standard width size of 30 inches and 2 cubic feet of space in the oven itself. If you are hosting a meal for four people then you will need approximately 4 cubic feet of space and 40 to 50 inches.

    Power & Output

    You need to ensure quality – mere wattage or power output alone will not be sufficient. That is why it is great to make the most of built in ovens that have a fan oven sure to uniformly cook all food.

    Cooking Modes and Features

    If you are paying good money for your double electric oven then it doesn’t hurt to embrace some of the added extras such as modes and cooking functions. Some of the best ovens have a pizza function, timers, baking pre-programmed functions and are self cleaning.

    Fan or Fan Assisted?

    When researching and buying built in ovens this is one area that frequently confuses people.

    A fan oven / convection oven has one heating element around the element at the back of the appliance to circulate heat, the circulation process ensures that the hot air in the main cavity is evenly circulated whilst you cook.

    This is deemed more efficient because you can cook food at lower temperatures and for shorter times, thus using less energy so its a more efficient way of cooking.

    You can spot a fan assisted oven when you open the oven door and look inside. You can see the additional heating elements at both the top and the bottom of the oven, but no element at the back of the oven.

    Fan assisted ovens types can be either electric or gas ovens and also tend to give you an option to switch them on or off. Lloyd Rittiner has a great short video explaining how and when to use a convection oven.



    Hopefully from reading our electric double oven review guide, you are now confident in making a purchase or have a better idea of the type of functions you need from your built-in oven to make sure that your choice is right for your budget and lifestyle. However, if you need a little more time, but are under pressure because your oven has broken, you may like to consider a temporary fix by purchasing a mini oven.

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