The 10 Best Electric Steamers

We Reviewed dozens of electric steamers and Listed our 10 Best Options

Jen Hammond

Last updated on October 28, 2022

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    The best electric steamers allow you to cook meats, seafood, rice, vegetables and other foods in a healthy way, locking in all of the nutrients and flavours to give tasty results. Most best food steamers are great at space-saving too, either stacking or sitting side by side in your countertop.

    Take a look at the best electric steamers of 2022 as we handpick the top 10 for the year and review each steamer individually providing you with the pro’s and cons that each electric steamer has to offer.

    The Top Ones 2022

    Magimix 11581

    The 10 Best Electric Steamers 15The 10 Best Electric Steamers 16

    You can always count on Magimix and their innovative small appliances perfect for newlywed couples starting living in their own home. The Magimix 11581 is one of those reliable appliances that come with modern technology.

    It is stylish and looks like a cool addition to your kitchen but it also comes packed with generous features that are needed when steaming flavoursome foods.

    The sleek electric steamer has two compartments. The top has a removable base if you want to double the volume in single steam. The bottom has 6 divots to steam eggs. It also has an easy-to-use dial, a cool to touch handle and 2-litres of capacity.

    It is powerful and reaches temperatures of 100 Degrees Celsius for your meat and vegetables.

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    • Dimensions: 29.5 x 39 x 26.1cm
    • Capacity: 2 Litres
    • Weight: 4.2 Kg
    • Power: 1900 Watt

    Reasons to Buy

    • Plenty of room for all your ingredients, boasting 2-litres of capacity
    • Rapid heating and lots of power
    • Easy to use Dial and display that are user-friendly

    Reasons to Avoid

    • Not cheap

    Vonshef Electric Food Steamer

    The 10 Best Electric Steamers 17The 10 Best Electric Steamers 18

    Vonshef is a great brand, and they’ve entered into the three-tier steamer game in style, serving up a fantastic 800W system that’s amazingly affordable. Cook and steam three different dishes or parts to the same meal in a levelled system, meaning that there’s no more mess or muddlement along the way.

    You’ll benefit from a 60-minute timer, meaning that you can take complete control of your cooking with as much or as little assistance as you demand. It’s worth noting that you’ll also be able to wash the separate pieces and levels from this steamer in the dishwasher, offering you one less thing to worry about.

    Even better is the fact that this system will even switch off when it runs out of water, meaning you won’t have to worry about keeping a constant eye on the H2O level as you go along. That really isn’t bad for an RRP of £30 or less, meaning we dare say it’s one of the best picks for those just getting into steaming.

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    • Dimensions: 32 x 32 x 32 cm
    • Capacity: 11.5 litres and 1 litre water capacity
    • Weight: 3.34 kg
    • Power: 800 watts

    Reasons to Buy

    • Easy to clean and maintain
    • Lightweight and simple to assemble and disassemble
    • Nice timer system to help with ease of use
    • Really affordable

    Reasons to Avoid

    • Perhaps one of the more basic systems out there

    Russell Hobbs 21140

    Russell Hobbs 21140

    We love Russell Hobbs steamers because they are reliable and great value. It comes with everything you need at such a low price and that’s why it has made it onto our top 10.

    It displays three compartments, an easy-to-use dial and also creates steam heat within 40-seconds.

    It also has lots of capacity with 9-litres for food and has three-tiers that enable you to prepare multiple ingredients  at the same time. It has 800-watts power and although it isn’t the most powerful- it is still more than adequate for steaming your favourite foods in no-time.

    It comes with an external water-fill, turbo steam ring that steams within 40 seconds and also has a handy timer helping you steam any meals such as dumplings, vegetables like broccoli and green beans, fish fillets and other chinese foods to perfection.

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    • Dimensions: 31.5 x 23.2 x 41cm
    • Capacity: 9 Litres
    • Power: 800W

    Reasons to Buy

    • Has a generous food capacity of 9 litres
    • Turbo steam ring produces instant heat
    • It is affordable

    Reasons to Avoid

    • Lacks power of the top-of-the-range steamers

    Morphy Richards Compact Intellisteam Electrical

    The 10 Best Electric Steamers 19The 10 Best Electric Steamers 20

    This Morphy Richards food steamer is super-stylish and easily fits onto your kitchen worktop. It stands out with an LCD display and buttons to alter the settings.

    Again, this food steamer provides more space than you could imagine. It boasts 6-litres of capacity for all your favourite veggies and has two separate compartments.

    Despite it being compact and a perfect fit for any kitchen it comes with lots of room, separate compartments and a number of settings. Your settings can be stored and remembered as a preset, speeding up the whole process for next time.

    Perfect a meal once and then continuously steam up the vegetables for your roast dinner every week.

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    • Dimensions: 29.5 x 36 x 24.5cm
    • Capacity: 6 Litres
    • Weight: 2.64 Kg
    • Power: 2200W

    Reasons to Buy

    • It is lightweight and compact making it easy to fit into your kitchen
    • Has a rapid heat setting that takes just 30 seconds
    • Generous space with 6-litres of capacity
    • Great value

    Reasons to Avoid

    • Unit is quite large so storage may be an issue

    Cuisinart STM1000U

    The 10 Best Electric Steamers 21The 10 Best Electric Steamers 22

    Cusinart are a little less known than the other brands on the list but the STM1000U is one of the best steamers available. No more plastic, thanks to the glass steamer container.

    It is simple to use, has a noticeable display and also comes with an easy to use dial. The unique design catches the eye but its method of steaming is what stands out, it can steam your food quick and easy, it also locks nutrients, vitamins and lots of flavors.

    It has an ultra-fast heat-up system, a 1-litre water reservoir and timers. The best thing about this particular steamer is that it has a generous 5-litre capacity.

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    • Dimensions: 24 x 33 x 33.2cm
    • Capacity: 5 Litres
    • Weight: 6 Kg
    • Power: 1800W

    Reasons to Buy

    • Has a huge compartment of 5-litres
    • Heats up within 30-seconds
    • Locks flavor and nutrients

    Reasons to Avoid

    • Expensive

    Russell Hobbs 14453

    The 10 Best Electric Steamers 23The 10 Best Electric Steamers 24

    Say hello to another inclusion of a Russell Hobbs steamer. This one is in our mind the most stylish of the lot. It is great value for money and is perfect to have the use of this solid steamer that can be packed away in your cupboard.

    It has 7-litres of food capacity and also has 3-litres of water storage. This 3-tier steamer has a compact design, easy store and BPA free steamer baskets.

    This is a simple steamer to use and is affordable. The temperature can be adjusted from the dial.

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    • Dimensions: 37.8 x 19.2 x 24cm
    • Capacity: 7 Litres
    • Power: 400W

    Reasons to Buy

    • Has plenty of space with 7-litres capacity
    • Easy to store
    • It is affordable

    Reasons to Avoid

    • Hasn’t got much power

    Salter EK2726

    The 10 Best Electric Steamers 25The 10 Best Electric Steamers 26

    This is the one of the best value steamers on the market and can be bought for just over £20. This Salter steamer is one of the most reliable around and although it displays a basic design but it is very simple to function.

    With a rotary dial it comes with a timer and automatically shuts off. The versatile steamer is easy to cleanup and can be used with ease.

    This steamer is perfect to nurture all the essential minerals and you will no longer need the use of oil. It has plenty of space and has food capacity of 7.5 litres and has 800-watts power. There are also 9L and 7L models available, so you have a bit of flexibility depending on your needs.

    Available in both stainless steel and plastic.

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    • Dimensions: 24 x 19.2 x 27.2cm
    • Capacity: 9 Litres
    • Power: 800W

    Reasons to Buy

    • Food capacity of 9 litres
    • Easy to use dial
    • Easy to pack away into a cupboard

    Reasons to Avoid

    • Hasn’t got much power with just 800 watts

    LOGIK L90SSS17 Electric Food Steamer

    LOGIK L90SSS17 Electric Food Steamer

    Logik are big names when it comes to affordable yet reliable small kitchen appliances, and if you are looking for a dedicated three tier steamer which is under £30 then the L90SSS17 is a good pick.

    It can hold nine litres of food over its three tiers, which is plenty for the vegetables, rice, and mains. The water chamber is 1.4 litres, which gives a good amount of cooking time before you have to refill. As the refill chamber is easy to top up externally, you don’t have to pause the cooking.

    All of the pots are dishwasher safe so once the Sunday roast is over, you don’t have to slave away cleaning up too. The timer is 60 minutes, and it will beep and automatically turn off once done so you won’t get overly-done food.

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    • Dimensions: 31.5 x 31.3 x 27.3cm
    • Capacity: 9 Litres
    • Weight: 2.7 Kg
    • Power: 1000W

    Reasons to Buy

    • Price
    • Simple dial timer operation

    Reasons to Avoid

    • Refill tray is situated at rear of unit so could be hard to access depending on positioning

    Tefal VC145140

    Tefal VC145140

    Don’t like the idea of cooking in plastic? The two stainless steel bowls of this Tefal steamer will likely appeal, as will the transparent glass lid and visible water tank capacity. This is a product for those who want their purchases to last.

    We like the compact storage idea, which means the bowls all collapse and stack within each other for a shorter result. It comes with additional accessories such as a bowl which is good for steaming rice and pulses in, and again fits nicely in the top compartment when storing.

    Just set the timer to get going, and the cooking will stop when the timer runs out. It will hold six litres of food at any one time, which is plenty for side dishes, potatoes or puddings.

    The downside of the bowls being metal is that they get very hot during use, but thankfully the handles don’t retain heat. On a positive note, they’re easy to clean and won’t stain like plastic would so will look like new for longer.

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    • Dimensions: 30 x 29.6 x 26 cm
    • Capacity: 6 Litres
    • Weight: 3.12 Kg
    • Power: 900W

    Reasons to Buy

    • Good to store
    • Non-plastic

    Reasons to Avoid

    • Mechanical timer needs to be wound fully forward then back - bear in mind

    Elgento E21002

    The 10 Best Electric Steamers 27The 10 Best Electric Steamers 28

    Two 4.8 litre containers make this a good steamer for anyone who cooks larger batches and would rather their food wasn’t spread over two different containers, compared to the usual 3 litre sizes.

    It is the most lightweight of those on our list, which is great if you’ll be storing it away in between uses but often struggle with bringing things out of the cupboard and lifting them. There are also rubber non-slip feet on the base, which will keep it steady when you’re refilling water or checking on ingredients.

    The 60 minute timer gives you plenty of scope to get any food cooked, and it will automatically switch off once the timer runs out so you don’t have to rush to prevent oversteamed food. It is a really good price if you want something basic and convenient, and while it takes longer than the others to heat up and start steaming, it gives good results once it gets going.

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    • Dimensions: 20.6 x 25 x 28.8 cm
    • Capacity: 9.6 Litres
    • Weight: 0.9 Kg
    • Power: 400W

    Reasons to Buy

    • Lightweight
    • Nice large capacity tubs

    Reasons to Avoid

    • Timer is very difficult to get precise

    Which One Should I Buy?

    Steaming is a healthy cooking method because it removes the need for cooking oil or fat to cook meat and vegetables. Steamers are easy to purchase and by reading the reviews above you will get a good idea of their versatility and which one you want for your kitchen.

    Prices range from £19.99 up to £200, depending on what you need and how much of a fixture you want the steamer to be in your kitchen. There are pack-away appliances that can be put away after use and there are fixtures that can be based on your worktop.

    Our top steamers of the year all have an stunning and bespoke design that not only fit into your kitchen but add style too. When buying a steamer you should take your budget into consideration and the portion size that you will need.

    A 5 – 7 litre food capacity will cater for two people, and rapid-heating technology means you don’t have to wait for it all to heat up, and you can use it more than once to prepare everything you need for your meal.

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