The 10 Best Mini Ovens

We’ve reviewed dozens of mini ovens and listed the 10 best options
By Jen Hammond
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    What are the Best Mini Ovens?

    If you are reading this page, I’d say the fundamental question you are asking yourself is what are the best mini ovens to buy?

    Well, that’s exactly the question I was asking myself when my sister called in a panic to tell me that there had been a delay in her new kitchen renovation and that she was going to be without her convectional oven for about a month. Despite having a slow cooker and a microwave, this situation was far from ideal, especially, with my nephew who, at the time was 3 years old.

    My challenge was to find a mini oven that:

    • Was in my budget – I didn’t want to spend a fortune
    • Included hobs – my nephew’s favourite meal is spaghetti bolognese.
    • You could bake a cake in – my sister enjoys baking!

    But, my criteria for finding the best mini ovens will probably be different from yours. For me, I was looking for a temporary fix, to find a means to an end, and to find a mini oven with hob. But there are many reasons why people buy mini ovens, and not to act as ‘plasters/band-aids’

    We have whittled down and reviewed dozens of top rated models and featured their cooking functions and accessories such as is they have a non stick baking tray, crumb tray or grill rack to help you find your best mini ovens to suit your cooking needs, space or capacity.

    Read on to see our list of top rated mini ovens that we feel are most deserving of the top spots and at the end of our review section we have included a handy mini oven buying guide.

    The Best Mini Ovens 2021

    Tower T14012 Mini Oven

    The 10 Best Mini Ovens 1The 10 Best Mini Ovens 2

    Take your pick of the various mini ovens brought to you from Tower. This mini oven and grill is available with 23, 28 or 42 litres capacity, making it both one of the best small capacity and the largest capacity mini ovens around.

    Its compact design makes it easy to transport and with a great range of cooking functions including roast, grill, toast and bake.

    The Tower mini oven range offers precision cooking and as we mentioned comes with the best choice when it comes to capacity. The top-of-the-range version has 42L of space for your favourite meals.

    This is almost unheard of in the mini oven range, so ideal if you want the convenience of a smaller oven but need as much space as some full-sized built-in models can provide.

    Opt for the larger models, and enjoy the option of two hobs at the top too – great if you were looking at getting a separate mini hob too.

    Enjoy the stylish design, the simple use dials and the window that makes monitoring your meal easy. Despite it being a less familiar brand you will get peace of mind through the offering of a three-year warranty – having said that, Tower are however really creeping up to be market leaders.

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    • Dimensions: (H)34.5 x (W)47.5 x (D)30 cm
    • Capacity: 23L to 42L
    • Timer: 60 Minutes
    • Power: 1500W

    Reasons to Buy

    • Option of 23, 28 and 42L capacity
    • Cooking functions: bake, roast, toast and grill
    • Available at great value - the price ranges from ~£60 to under £100 depending on what size you opt for
    • Includes baking tray, wire rack and tray handle
    • 3 x heating elements, one on the top and two at the bottom.
    • Light to lift and easy to clean

    Reasons to Avoid

    • Isn’t too quick with the initial warm up

    Beko MSH28B Mini Oven

    Beko MSH28B Mini Oven

    Mini ovens with hobs and a separate grill can be hard to come by, but this Beko performs very well with all tasks.

    It holds 28 litres at once, and there is a timer to keep you on track as well as a host of specific settings such as a bottom-only option for crisping up pizzas or breads.

    This compact and practical mini oven won’t disappoint you, it’s able to reach a temperature between 90 and 230°C, it can also cook just what you would in an ordinary oven. The interior light means you can keep an eye, and just as with a full model, the inner glass door can be removed to make it easy to clean.

    We think it is a great price for what you get, and most importantly the oven and hob can be used simultaneously. It takes a bit longer to cook food than some other mini ovens, but we think having additional hobs and a grill makes this mini oven a great addition to your home.

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    • Dimensions: (H)39.6 x (W)41.6 x (D)56.0
    • Capacity: 28L
    • Timer: 120 Minutes
    • Power: 1100W

    Reasons to Buy

    • 2-in-1 - great for small spaces
    • Easy to keep clean

    Reasons to Avoid

    • Is a little slow

    Quest 35409 Mini Oven

    Quest 35409 Mini Oven

    This is an absolute bargain of a mini oven. Admittedly, the price is probably because of the smaller capacity and general basic levels, but it could make a great addition as a spare cooker or in a caravan/boat.

    There is a 60 minute timer and temperature choice of 100°-230°C. It comes with a baking tray, chrome wire rack and handle that can be used for either tray or rack, which already makes it great value for money. There are two shelving heights to choose from, and a cool touch handle means the door can be opened safely.

    The downsides are that there is only 9 litres of space, making this mini oven unsuitable for larger meals, and the grill doesn’t get very hot so everything needs longer than you’d normally cook it for. But it could be best for cooking for one person, or as a bit of spare space to cook the chips while the main oven is packed with everything else.

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    • Dimensions: 26 x 36 x 22 cm
    • Capacity: 9L
    • Timer: 60 Minutes
    • Power: 650W

    Reasons to Buy

    • Price
    • Comes with everything included to get you started
    • Double layered heat resistant tempered glass doors
    • 2 x Quartz heating elements
    • Easy to clean, light to move around and fits neatly in a corner of a worktop
    • Cool-touch handles

    Reasons to Avoid

    • General lack of power and space
    • Exterior gets warm

    NETTA Electric Mini Oven

    The 10 Best Mini Ovens 3The 10 Best Mini Ovens 4

    This Netta oven is a little on the larger size but is just as affordable, and is a great go-to choice for any couples looking to save a bit of space. Generally available for less than £120, this mini oven comes with dual hotplates as well as grill functionality, and at 45L, should give you more than enough space to cook even sizeable dishes with minimal room.
    This well-rated convection oven has a two hour timer, as well as variable power settings between 600W and 800W, meaning you can switch up how you want to cook your dishes. This is an amazingly energy efficient kitchen staple, and the best part is that it barely takes up space. Great for students and for anyone living in limited space.

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    • Dimensions: H55.5 x W40 x D38cm
    • Capacity: 45L
    • Timer: 120 mins
    • Power: 600W to 800W
    • Warranty/Guarantee : One Year (Manufacturer)

    Reasons to Buy

    • Double hot plate
    • Very easy to use with precise functions
    • Takes up barely any space
    • Cooks meals up to 230 degrees C

    Reasons to Avoid

    • Not the most powerful for the price

    De’Longhi EO12012 Mini Oven

    The 10 Best Mini Ovens 5The 10 Best Mini Ovens 6

    Vary your cooking skills with this easy to use this mini oven, created by De’Longhi who are synonymous with great design and practical attributes.

    The versatile mini oven has the option to adjust the temperature from as little as 60°C all the way up to 220°C. It heats up fairly quick too, with its 1400 watt power.

    The lightweight oven is perfect for your kitchen counter but with it being lightweight and easy to transport, you can also take it with you. If you have a caravan or holiday letting, why not pack it up and save money by not eating out? It can act as an oven for big meals or you can simply use it to re-heat, grill or toast.

    It isn’t the biggest as it only has 12 litres of space, but it provides complete quality and durability. You will also be glad to learn that it has a slow cook feature and a safe double glass door.

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    • Dimensions: (H)29.2 x (W)49.7 x (D)37.6cm
    • Capacity: 12L
    • Timer
    • Power: 1400W

    Reasons to Buy

    • It is a powerful machine that can easily sit on your worktop
    • It has a conventional grill setting
    • Three year replacement warranty
    • It is lightweight and portable

    Reasons to Avoid

    • It has only small capacity
    • Costs over £80 for little space or features

    Tefal OF445840 Optimo Mini Oven

    The 10 Best Mini Ovens 7The 10 Best Mini Ovens 8

    Tefal don’t do things by halves unless it comes to the price of course. You can pick this bespoke mini oven and grill up for a budget cost, yet still gives a high-quality performance.

    It boasts functions including defrost, grill and bake. It even showcases a special rotisserie to roast your chicken, which gives large cavity performance on a smaller scale.

    The overall weight is low, which makes it nice and easy to carry from one bench to another or take in a caravan. You could even keep this mini oven for those overflow occasions such as the Sunday dinner or Christmas and just bring it out when required. It can heat up to 240°C, so is ideal for everyday cooking too.

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    • Dimensions: (H)46.2 x (W)31.8 x (D)22.8 cm
    • Capacity: 19L
    • Timer
    • Power: 1380W

    Reasons to Buy

    • It can heat up your food quickly and efficiently with power level
    • Comes with a grill and a number of other cooking modes
    • It is lightweight and easy to place on your kitchen counter or store away
    • Roasting spit included

    Reasons to Avoid

    • It hasn’t got a huge amount of space
    • The trays aren’t easy to slide out

    Severin 2058 Toast Oven Mini Oven

    The 10 Best Mini Ovens 9The 10 Best Mini Ovens 10

    This super-size oven is fantastic for anyone who wants flexible access to a cavity that they can just power up and on to cook all kinds of everyday meals. With a stack of cooking power at 1800W and an acoustic timer that you’ll be able to use for meals cooking for up to two hours, you can also benefit from seriously hot meals at up to 230 C.
    What’s more, there’s an amazing amount of capacity here at 42L, as well as plenty of versatility in the different functions and features available. Use this toast oven to bake, cook, prepare poultry, pizza and more. It also warms up really quickly, too – making it absolutely worth every penny you pay (which is less than you might expect, too).

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    • Dimensions: H42 x W51.5 x D36.5cm
    • Capacity: 42L
    • Timer: 120 mins
    • Power: 1800W
    • Warranty/Guarantee : 2 Years (Manufacturer)

    Reasons to Buy

    • Really affordable
    • Tons of space in one cavity
    • Very versatile - great for most main meals
    • Warms up quicker than most

    Reasons to Avoid

    • Not much to say against it!

    Geepas Mini Oven

    The 10 Best Mini Ovens 11The 10 Best Mini Ovens 12

    This great mini oven is the perfect choice if you’re looking for something to fit a tighter budget, though that really doesn’t mean you are ever missing out on some of the best features mini ovens have to offer. This system doesn’t just toast or cook, as it has up to six different preset features, as well as air circulation, a 60 minutes timer, and a brilliant rotisserie functionality.
    Take up to 30L of space for a slender price tag and you’ll be able to cook up most main meals in this wonderful booster to any modern kitchen space. You’ll also get a clear window on how things are cooking, and with a two year warranty supported as standard by the manufacturer, you can be sure that you’re protected for plenty of time to come.

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    • Dimensions: H50.5 x W36.3 x D31.3cm
    • Capacity: 30L
    • Timer: 60
    • Power: 1600W
    • Warranty/Guarantee : 2 Years (Manufacturer)

    Reasons to Buy

    • Very affordable
    • 30L capacity
    • Six different cooking features and functions
    • Six different cooking features and functions

    Reasons to Avoid

    • Not the most modern-looking oven!

    Sage The Smart Oven Pro Mini Oven

    Sage The Smart Oven Pro Mini Oven

    Sage are renowned for providing the best bespoke items and this Smart Oven Pro mini oven is no different. From the moment you take one look at its sleek and elegant design you know that this mini oven is the real-deal.

    The reason we didn’t rate this as best mini oven was purely because of its price tag. With that said, we feel this the Smart Oven Pro is an investment and one sure to last, so if you can afford it, you won’t regret it.

    In addition to its beautiful exterior, it also comes packed with innovative technology including convection features that evenly heat up the whole meal. There is a handy reheat function which will prepare leftovers, and a handy pizza setting and slow cook feature which are sure to both come in handy for several mealtimes.

    In total, there are ten pre-set programmes to take the guesswork out of meal prep. It also benefits from unique Element IQ technology.

    What is Element IQ technology?

    Well, basically it refers to heat transfer. The Smart Oven Pro transfers heat via 5 independent quartz heating elements. The element iQ technology automatically adjusts the way it heats food, depending on what you’re cooking. Lasagne’s will be crisp on top, and meat joints will be succulent throughout.

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    • Dimensions: (H)28 x (W)47 x (D)32cm
    • Capacity: 21L
    • Timer
    • Power: 2400W

    Reasons to Buy

    • Sufficient space with 21L capacity
    • Lots of technology including a clever heating design
    • Incredible level of power that heats your meal quickly and efficiently
    • It has functions 10 preset functions, toast, crumpet, bake, grill, pizza, cookies, reheat and also slow cook
    • Convection fan for fast and even cooking

    Reasons to Avoid

    • It is one of the more expensive mini ovens (but worth it)
    • Only one shelf

    Russell Hobbs 22780 Mini Oven

    Russell Hobbs 22780 Mini Oven

    This super-sleek mini oven is the perfect all in one with a large cavity and built-in hot plates. One of the best all-rounder cooking pieces on our list.

    The Russell Hobbs 22780 mini oven and grill comes in black with an astonishing 30 litre capacity and two hot plates built into the top, which makes it perfect if you don’t have space for a hob either, or if you want something for a caravan or if you are living in shared accommodation.

    The hob power levels are 1 x 1000 Watts and 1 x 750 Watts, so it can boil and fry as well as simmer or reheat sauces. In the oven, there is also a defrost function which can come into play for those last-minute dinner ideas.

    This oven comes with a two-year guarantee, 120-minute timer and thermostatic control.

    Check here


    • Dimensions: (H)39 x (W)46 x (D)36.5cm
    • Capacity: 30L
    • Timer: 120 Minute
    • Power: 1600W

    Reasons to Buy

    • Large cavity of 30L capacity
    • Equipped with two hotplates at the top
    • Thermostat control enables you to change temperature from 60 to 230 degree Celsius
    • Very versatile: you can boil, grill, bake, fry and roast
    • Comes with an additional baking tray and grill rack with handle

    Reasons to Avoid

    • Be aware that you can not use the hotplate and oven at the same time


    The simple answer is yes, mini ovens use less energy, therefore, making them more energy-efficient than your main oven. The reason for this is the time they take to reach your desired cooking temperature. The Dualit 89200 mini oven (reviewed above) reaches a temperature of 180°C in three minutes and 230°C in less than five minutes!

    Convection mini ovens circulate the air around the food, aiding even and speedy cooking with many mini ovens running as low as 800 watts, for example, the Quest 35409 is 650W.

    If you would like to work out how kilowatt-hours (kWh) used you can use this calculation:

    Watts x hours = total watt-hours / 1,000

    e.g. 1,300 watts x 0.2 hours = 260 / 1,000 =2.6 kWh

    Next you need to multiply that by the price you pay for your electricity to find out the cost for running your oven.

    There are multiple benefits to owning a mini oven. Some households leave it on the kitchen counter as an extra cooking appliance for when they’re hosting a dinner party and there is lots of food on the go. Others have it as their main oven, either because they don’t have space for a full-sized model or because they don’t need the capacity. If you only cook for yourself or as a couple, then a mini oven will work perfectly, especially the ones that come complete with hotplates and hobs.

    If you can bake it in a main oven, you can bake it in a mini oven! So, cakes, bread, cookies and puddings. However, there are a few points you need to consider when cooking in your mini oven:

    Can Your Mini Oven Hold Your Oven Tins?

    You will need to consider this before you start baking in your mini oven.

    Cake tins vary in sizes and it is possible for some cakes to switch between loaf tins and round tins or even consider making mini cupcakes! Plus for say a victoria sponge you can buy different sized tins, so where an 8″ tin maybe to big depending on your compact oven a 6″ may fit well.

    Before You Start Half Your Ingredients

    You may find that you need to cook a smaller cake. So rather than waste your ingredients you can half the mixture you will make, alternatively, you can cook two cakes using all the ingredients.

    Pre-Heat Your Mini Oven Before You Start Weighing Your Ingredients

    As for main ovens its really important to make sure that your oven is at the required temperature before you start cooking. You don’t want to be left with a sunken or undercooked centre.

    For Cookies Use a Silicone Baking Mat

    You can, also, use baking parchment, however, if you are using your wire rack to cook on rather than your baking tray it’s much easier to whip out your cooked cookies using a silicone baking mat, then when you then add your next batch of cookies into your mini oven you can just add the next batch.

    If You Are Making Bread Use Your Mini Oven as a Prover

    This is great if you are short of space. Turn your oven on and heat to 90 c. Turn the oven off and pop your bread in to prove…you will be the envy of the campsite!

    Don’t Open the Oven Door of Your Mini Oven During Baking!

    As for baking in your main oven, you shouldn’t open the door when cooking. Doing so will result in temperature fluctuations and a high possibility of your cake collapsing. The beauty of a mini oven is that because they are positioned on counters, they tend to be at eye-level and you can view your food cooking without opening the door of your mini oven!

    Should I Buy a Mini Oven?

    Mini ovens are a popular choice for boaters and camping/caravaners due to their compact design, and also because they are efficient and easy to move and store.

    Mini ovens are also great for people who live on their own and for students in shared accommodation and of course for people like my sister who find themselves in a temporary situation with unforeseen problems with kitchen installations and of course if your oven breaks and you have a delay in replacing your main oven and would like to take your time in researching your new oven replacement.

    Your starting point, when beginning your quest in finding the best mini ovens is to figure out exactly what your cooking needs are, (might you need a mini oven with a hob (like I did) or how about a separate/portable induction hob)? where do you think you might position your mini oven within your kitchen or if in a shared property, your room and what functions and features you will need along with your budget:

    How Much Should You Expect To Pay For a Good Mini Oven?

    It’s amazing that there are so many mini ovens on the market that offer great value and you can now pick up a new mini oven for around £50-£100.


    Are Mini Ovens Quick to Heat Up?

    Something that bugs many owners of mini ovens is the slow start-up speed to reach your ideal cooking temperature range. Look for mini ovens that provide a high power level, which should enable you to reach your desired temperature range and cooking much quicker.

    What’s the Cooking Capacity of a Mini Oven?

    Even though you aren’t looking for a huge oven, you need to ensure that the mini oven you choose still provides sufficient capacity. In regards to mini ovens, anything over 20 litres is pretty impressive and we even list some that exceed 30 litres. Think about whether you intend to use your mini oven as your primary source of cooking or just to help you out for special occasions.


    What Cooking Functions Can You Expect From Your Mini Oven?

    You will want to look for mini ovens that offer as many cooking functions as possible and that heats up quickly. There are mini ovens that grill, bake, roast and even toast your food. If you often have chicken, it may even be worth looking at mini ovens which have a rotisserie function or spit roast cooking function.


    What Power Output Can You Expect From Mini Ovens?

    When you are researching mini ovens lookout for the watts measurement. As mentioned above, it helps to preheat the unit quicker but also improves your cooking experience.
    Our best mini ovens buying guide will help you understand what to look out for when assessing, comparing and reviewing electric mini ovens, we also share some of the top features of the mini ovens that we have picked out.


    We hope you have found this elecetric mini oven review helpful and that it gives you confidence in making the right decision when looking for the mini ovens that will suit your needs.

    We really believe that mini ovens with grills and mini oven with hob are great solutions to getting you out of sticky situations such as when your main oven breaks down and you are waiting for it to be repaired or while you research new ovens.

    But also, if you own a boat, caravan or love to camp and would like to self cater with your own cooking when away from home you will be delighted with your electric mini oven purchase, and finally, a compact oven is fantastic for those who’s cooking needs are for one or two people, or who live in shared accommodation such as students.

    Due to the size of compact mini ovens, they are easy to store and also come as a handy back up when you are cooking for large numbers such as at Christmas.

    If you would like further help with understanding a little more if a mini oven is right for you or the person you are buying for you can read our article What are Mini Ovens Used For? for further information.

    Happy Cooking!

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