Best Portable Induction Cooktops

We’ve reviewed dozens of portable induction cooktops and listed our 10 best options

Jen Hammond

Last updated on April 18, 2022

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    Having struggled with extra hob cooking space and discovering portable induction cooker tops, we just had to review the best portable induction cookers tops 2022.

    Portable induction cookers are a top choice for cooks who are struggling with hob space, especially for large gatherings such as family gatherings. They are also handy for those of us who enjoy camping and caravaning (and especially the less hardy types who enjoy the luxury of an electric hook up)!

    Let’s start by taking a look at some of the best portable induction cooktops on the market before answering the following question:

    • What should you be looking for in the best induction cooktops
    • The best brands to look out for
    • Are portable induction hobs easy to use?

    Top Contenders of 2022

    Duxtop Hob

    Best Portable Induction Cooktops 15Best Portable Induction Cooktops 16

    This Duxtop model is a little more expensive, but tends to appeal better to the eye! It’s an induction hob which also benefits from 20 different temperature presets. It’s touch sensitive to touch making it extremely easy to operate.
    The system also benefits from quick heating, and is likely to reach your ideal temperature in a matter of seconds. Temperature level settings range from 50℃ to 240℃ with this system, which is impressively hot for a portable induction model and ideal if you need an extra cooking hob at home or to take away caravaning or camping for the weekend.

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    • Dimensions: 41.3 x 32.4 x 9.7 cm
    • Warranty: 2 year
    • Power: 2100 watt
    • Unit Size: Single
    • Weight: 2.99 kg

    Reasons to Buy

    • Looks great - it's one of the most visually appealing induction cooktop systems from Duxtop
    • Offers 20 different temperature increments, great for different meals and different types of cooking
    • Super light and easy to move around, great for portability
    • 460 F is very hot for a system of this calibre!

    Reasons to Avoid

    • You'll will need magnetic cookware

    Tefal Everyday Hob

    Tefal Everyday Hob

    We love Tefal for their pioneering technology, but just as much for their lack of frills and unnecessary embellishments! This portable induction hob offers simple technology at a surprisingly affordable price, and if you are simply looking for a standard portable hob that won’t take much cleaning down or maintenance over time, this is likely to be a top choice for you in the long run.
    This hob will happily welcome pans of up to 25cm in diameter, and as you can expect from an induction cooktop in general, it’s extremely easy to wipe down and keep clean. Otherwise, what you see really is what you get – a portable hob that warms up and cooks quicker than your average electric model, and which is never likely to break the bank.
    If you’re in the market for an induction hob to take on the go which needs little in the way of attention or fuss in the long run, do make a point of investing £50 in this leading piece of Tefal tech. It’s one of our absolute favourites.

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    • Dimensions: H5.7 x W27.5 x D34.5cm
    • Weight: 2.51 Kg
    • Unit Size: Single
    • Power: 2100 Watt
    • Warranty: 2 Years

    Reasons to Buy

    • Extremely easy to use - what you see is what you get
    • Very quick to heat up and cook with
    • Super-simple to clean and maintain
    • Very reasonable price

    Reasons to Avoid

    • There are more advanced hobs out there - it all depends on buyer preference!

    Aobosi Hob

    Best Portable Induction Cooktops 17Best Portable Induction Cooktops 18

    This double induction hob not only looks the part, it’s absolutely crammed with features and functions which you might not even expect from systems weighing in at double the cost. Therefore, this fantastic portable cooktop solution might just offer you the value you’re looking for right out of the box.
    Boasting a four hour digital clock timer and two separate heating zones, this is likely to be a great option for anyone who may be looking to fry or boil up several dishes at once. In fact, one of the biggest things to appeal to us with this hob is the fact that you can independently control the zones, meaning that you can steam veggies on one side, and boil rice or pasta on the other.
    It’s an all-in-one solution for those kitchen users who are likely to be looking for more than just a single portable hob. Double hobs are becoming more commonplace in this style, but not necessarily at such as fantastic price!

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    • Dimensions: 58 x 35 x 5.5 cm
    • Power: 2800 watt
    • Unit Size: Double
    • Weight: 5.86 kg

    Reasons to Buy

    • Two individual cooking zones - heat them up independently!
    • Lots of detail available through simple LCDs
    • Easy to clean down and maintain, very energy efficient
    • Very well priced for the tech you receive

    Reasons to Avoid

    • None we can really speak of!

    Andrew James Hob

    Best Portable Induction Cooktops 19Best Portable Induction Cooktops 20

    This appealing and easy to maintain portable hob arrives from Andrew James, a solid name in all kinds of kitchen essentials and utensils. This LCD-based hob system not only offers you the best of induction cooking, but also the ability to seize manual control whenever you wish. This means you have greater control over your cooking than ever before – on a portable basis!
    Impressively lightweight, well-priced and offering a range of features, this is a safe, simple unit which boasts more than a simple hob system. It offers smart technology which can detect when you’re using pans and pots, meaning that there is no more excuse for having to hang around waiting for things to heat up.
    This portable induction hob is one of our top picks simply for the no frills approach, and you’ll likely get along famously with this kit if you are new to induction cooking or portable hobs at all. It’s a safe purchase and a great investment.

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    • Dimensions: 29 x 35.5 x 6.5 cm
    • Warranty: 2 year
    • Power: 2000 watt
    • Unit Size: Single
    • Weight: 3.15 kg

    Reasons to Buy

    • Simple controls - great for beginners
    • Very reputable brand, with a great price tag
    • Manual override available
    • One of the safest hobs available

    Reasons to Avoid

    • Might not be the sleekest looking hob on the block

    Quest 35840 Hob

    Best Portable Induction Cooktops 21Best Portable Induction Cooktops 22

    This double version of the popular Quest standard is likely to be one of the most appealing systems of its kind online. Boasting a simple LED function to give you insight into what’s cooking, you’ll also benefit from a split heating system, meaning that you can always cook up double the dishes in one go if you really want to.
    Touch controls and decent sensitivity mean that this is an induction hob system likely to be easier to control than most. You’ll also benefit from ten different cooking and temperature settings, too, meaning that there’s no more fumbling around trying to get something as simple as eggs or rice up to the best temp!
    This rapid heat system is also built to fit into the tightest of spaces, meaning that it’s likely to appeal to anyone who only wants to cook a couple of pans at once. Why splash out on a full cooking unit when this will suffice if you just want to boil up occasionally?

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    • Dimensions: 11.99 x 46 x 67.49 cm
    • Power: 2800 watt
    • Unit Size: double
    • Weight: 5 kg

    Reasons to Buy

    • Very easy to use, clear LCD
    • Double the cooking space means more flexibility for you
    • Lightweight and easy to slide into any kitchen unit
    • Very reasonably priced for the tech on offer

    Reasons to Avoid

    • Looks a bit ‘retro’ - your tastes may vary regarding the look

    Severin DK 1031 Hob

    Best Portable Induction Cooktops 23Best Portable Induction Cooktops 24

    This is one of the best-looking induction hobs of its kind as well as in its line of technology – with plenty of power across two separate cooking zones, and stacks of space and area available for larger pans should you need it. This is also a system that’s really easy to use, with a clear display unit and touch controls built-in as standard, meaning it only takes a tap or two for you to really get going.
    Boasting safety features such as a safety switch-off option which kicks in on your behalf, as well as a 180-minute timer set up to help you cook up a storm with larger of more complex dishes. This is a double hob built to help you manage boiling, frying and broiling without the need for a complex cooktop. Reviews for this model are generally excellent, too.
    Even from look alone, you can tell that this is a durable and hard-wearing hob, worth the price tag though likely to offer the same level of convenience and technology as you’d expect from other hobs and units on the line.

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    • Dimensions: 59 x 35.51 x 4.8 cm
    • Power: 3400 watt
    • Unit Size: Double
    • Weight: 4.47 kg

    Reasons to Buy

    • Great-looking double hob
    • Plenty of power across two separate cooking zones
    • Simple LCD for easy cooking management
    • Very easy to manage - both in terms of automated cooking as well as wipedown

    Reasons to Avoid

    • One of the most expensive double portables available

    Andrew James Double Hob

    Best Portable Induction Cooktops 25Best Portable Induction Cooktops 26

    Andrew James’ leading double induction hob aims to make quick hob heating even easier on a portable basis. One of the best-priced and best-looking double induction hobs on the market, this system also boasts an impressive 2800W of power, meaning you shouldn’t ever let appearances deceive you.
    This is a great little system which also boasts built-in safety technology, and which will let you take full manual control as and when you need to. It’s great to be able to switch in and out when you want to take back the reins. Precision is the name of the game, of course! You certainly get that from a rapid-heating double induction hob system.
    This unit is also built in super-sleek black crystal, which not only makes it look fantastic, but which also makes it extremely easy to wipe down as and when you need to. It really does tick all the right boxes.

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    • Dimensions: 60.4 x 36.5 x 7 cm
    • Warranty: 2 year
    • Power: 2800 watt
    • Unit Size: Double

    Reasons to Buy

    • Black glass manufacture makes for great aesthetics and durability
    • Very quick to heat up and get cooking
    • Super-powerful, perhaps more so than most portable dual hobs
    • One of the best-priced hobs on the market right now

    Reasons to Avoid

    • None to really speak of

    SUNAVO Hob

    Best Portable Induction Cooktops 27Best Portable Induction Cooktops 28

    This impressive single cooking zone portable induction hob offers a little more than the one-pot service it seems to promise. For a start, it offers up to 2000W in power and 15 different cooking modes and settings, meaning that there’s likely to be more packed into this little gizmo than you might expect from some of the more expensive units out there. Trust us on this one!
    If the fantastic price tag doesn’t appeal to you here, the precise touch control and programming functionalities will. This means that instead of having to fiddle and fumble around with confusing manual knobs and dials, all you have to do is gently tap a few times on the control panel to take advantage of precision cooking.
    This is a portable induction hob which is also built to work with magnetic cookware. This means that, providing you use the best pots and pans around, you can start boiling quicker than you might ever have imagined. Make sure to take advantage of the brilliant automated pan detection, too – there’s been no better time to invest in induction cooking, and we think this makes for a great introduction.

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    • Dimensions: 40.49 x 30.99 x 8.48 cm
    • Weight: 2.36 Kg
    • Power: 2000 watt
    • Unit Size: Single

    Reasons to Buy

    • Lots of different cooking modes available
    • Very precise and easy to use
    • More powerful than it looks
    • Brilliant price

    Reasons to Avoid

    • There are more advanced units out there

    What Is It?

    Induction cooking is an electrical cooking standard which, instead of using heating elements, uses magnets! This means that when you switch your hob or cooktop on, you simply need to connect an applicable pot or pan to the surface for it to start conducting heat. For many people, this is a speedy and painless way to start getting food up to the best temperature.

    In fact, most portable induction cookers will have temperature settings and smart temperature control built-in. Whether 1800 watts or less powerful, you can be sure that a portable hob or cooktop element that’s induction-based is always going to be easy to get used to.

    Can I Use All Pots and Pans on It?

    This is one of the few drawbacks of induction cooking. It’s probable, depending on the age of your pots and pans, that you’re going to need to buy compatible cookware! That, for many people, could be too much of an expense. But, many induction cooktop users start by buying induction hob diffusers.

    An induction hob diffuser, also known as converters, adaptors or interfaces are relatively cheap to buy and will tide you over until you are in a position to replace all your cookware. They are flat round sheets of metal with a handle that you place over the cooking zone of an induction hob, they work by transferring to pans that don’t have enough magnetic in them to work alone.

    However, if you’ve recently invested in modern cookware, you may well find that it is already compatible with an induction burner or induction cooktops. That’s because magnetic cooking is becoming more and more commonplace! If your pots and pans are magnetic, then you are automatically going to be fine getting started. The best cooktop systems are likely to be forgiving in this regard.

    What’s The Difference Between a Portable Induction Cooktop and a Traditional Hot Plate?

    It’s a good question, and one worth asking. Traditional hot plates, of course, come in all shapes, sizes, styles and types. You can still buy gas or electric hot plates easily enough, but for many people, they are massively energy-inefficient.

    A portable induction burner has no element, and therefore no need for external fuel. With a hot plate, it also takes time to cool down – with an induction cooktop, portable or otherwise, the surface is immediately cool once you remove a pot or pan. That’s because you’ve broken the magnetic link. It’s simple science!

    Therefore, many people will tell you that portable induction cooktop technology is likely to be much safer than traditional hot plates. What’s more, reviews will generally tell you that an induction cooktop is easy to clean – though this may vary from model to model.

    Which Brand is Best?

    That’s a question we don’t think is too easy to answer. The fact is, there are several big brands offering induction cooktops right now. Some, even bigger names, offer a few less impressive products than others. Therefore, instead of blindly leading with brand appeal, you should look closely at what verified buyers have to say. A great burner is one that has top ratings and is recommended by experts and kitchen owners alike.

    That being said, if a brand is familiar to you, it is likely to give you more confidence than most. Who are we to judge? However, do make sure you read through our full buying guide and check out some of the top products from brands on the market right now.

    Are these Energy-Efficient?

    Yes! On the whole, they are extremely energy-friendly. This means you are likely to save energy in comparison with traditional cooktops. That, as established, is because of the magnetic link! The heat powers up as soon as you place a pot or pan on an induction burner. Then, it will cool down within seconds of you taking it off. Think of induction burning much like underfloor heating. It reacts when you need it to, and provides heat when there is a demand.

    This way, you are not constantly running gas or electric just to get a cooktop up to speed. It means, too, that your work surface is safe to touch as soon as you’re done cooking. An energy efficient induction cooktop is going to use less power and less drama when it comes to heating up and cooking up the simplest of foods. It’s a no-nonsense machine!

    What is the Best One?

    That’s a question that will come down to each individual. The best portable induction cooktop for you might not always be the best portable induction cooktop for the next person. There are plenty of variables! That’s why, once we’ve taken a look at nine of the best induction cooktop systems on the market, and have taken you through everything you need to look for.

    The best portable induction system for you is likely to be one which makes your life easier. Consider which elements and factors of induction cooktops could help to reduce your kitchen stress, and compare and contrast from there.

    How Much is an Induction Burner?

    Again, great question. The fact is, there are tons of variations in the induction cooktops available on the market right now. This, of course, means that prices vary, too. In our list and during our search, we found that you can expect to pay anywhere between $40 and $500 for a good portable induction burner. The fact is, we think portable burners are worth any cost they demand – they are incredible, efficient pieces of technology!

    However, there are always going to be a few options which might stretch out of your price range. Don’t worry, as there’s nothing to say you can’t find a good bargain or two along the way.

    What Should You Look For in It?

    To wrap things up, let’s take a quick look at everything you should be looking for in the best induction systems on a portable basis. If you’ve taken a look through our list, you will likely already know the basics. But here’s a refresher!

    Number of Cooking Zones

    As you can see, you can generally buy portable induction systems in single or double units. A double, of course, is likely to weigh more, but you can cook more dishes at the same time. Is this functionality you’ll need? It could increase the price.

    Temperature Potential

    There are some systems which let you reach a heat of over 500 F. Is this important to you? Alternatively, you may prefer to simply be able to manage your temperature in increments. Most induction cooking systems will let you do this, but how many presets do you need? More doesn’t always equal better, but it does mean you’ll have more flexibility.

    Cookware Adaptability

    As well as all the heat and temperature concerns, you need to think about what you can actually use with your cooktop. You’ll generally need to use steel or magnetic cookware. This might not be a problem, but what if you have older pots and pans?

    Speed of Heating and Cooling

    By their very nature, all induction cookers should heat up and cool down very quickly. But how quickly will you need yours to react? Once again, this is something you are going to need to compare. Temperature speed will make all the difference in terms of safety and in terms of efficiency.

    Features and Functionality

    As you can see, there are also plenty of features that come built into these systems. How long a timer system do you need? Will you need a simple, one-touch control panel and digital timer? What about child locks and other safety functions? The more functions an induction cooker has, the more money it is likely to demand. However, this isn’t always the case. In our collective opinion, you should be looking for a system which is powerful and safe, and adaptable to however you intend to use it.


    Are you keen to turn the heat up on the go? We can’t blame you! Induction cooking technology is amazing once you get the hang of it. However, do be prepared to invest in new pots, pans, and look for a system that’s reasonably priced. For something as potentially hazardous as a cooktop or hob, you shouldn’t always sway to the cheaper options! Why not use our guide and picks above as a great launching pad?

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