The 5 Best Single Gas Ovens

We Reviewed dozens of Single Gas Ovens and Listed the 5 Best Options

Jen Hammond

Last updated on May 9, 2022

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    Buying a single gas oven for your kitchen is one of the most important purchases of your home. If you’re sick of having to constantly replace or fix you gas oven that isn’t up to the mark, or your current model is a pain to use, then it is time you got help on picking the perfect replacement gas oven for you.

    If you are in the market for a single gas oven then you should take a look at our reviews below. We have made a list of the finest single gas ovens around and provided you with all the information you need before making your choice.

    The Top Ones 2022

    Belling BI602G

    Belling BI602G

    If you are looking for a conventional, fuss-free single oven unit that’s energy-efficient and ready to go with its own grill unit, you can hardly do much better than this brilliant Belling.

    It blends the absolute best of electric and gas together, with digital touch controls and a 48 litre capacity to help take care of medium to large cooking demands as and when they arise. It’s a clean, stainless steel system which is also fairly reasonably priced. A good all-round option.

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    • Dimensions: (H)58.5 x (W)59.5 x (D)55.5m
    • Capacity: 48L
    • Fuel Type: Gas
    • 1 Year Warranty
    • Energy Rating: A

    Reasons to Buy

    • Easy to clean and wipe down
    • Large enough for most families and cooking demands
    • Good price for the capacity and technology on offer
    • Electric grill with gas cooking - the best of both worlds

    Reasons to Avoid

    • Not the flashiest of single ovens on the market

    Smeg Classic SF6341GVX

    The 5 Best Single Gas Ovens 5The 5 Best Single Gas Ovens 6

    Smeg are constantly churning out classic appliances that not only excel in performance but also look the part too. We were thoroughly impressed with the reliable innovation they produced here.

    Much of the brand’s theme is based on decorating your kitchen with a combination of retro and modern designs. They have done that in this ultimate gas single oven.

    It’s part of the built-in range and not only is it nice on the eye, but it will also eliminate any hassle or pain that you are used to experiencing with your kitchen oven. There is 60 litres capacity which is plenty for those everyday events, and a grease-proof enamel coating even makes cleaning up simple.

    This built-in gas oven also has a grill setting which will allow you to quickly rustle up burgers or cheese on toast, and the special fan in the Superior Tangential Cooling System keeps the exterior door cool and safe to touch. Perfect for any small family homes.

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    • Dimensions: (H)59.2 x (W)59.7 x (D)54.8cm
    • Capacity: 60L
    • Weight: 39.4 Kg
    • 2 Year Warranty
    • Energy Rating: A

    Reasons to Buy

    • It is a reliable oven made to last
    • Easy to use
    • Good value for money

    Reasons to Avoid

    • Gas supply can be temperamental

    Stoves ST BI600G

    Stoves ST BI600G

    This is a really nice gas oven to use, with a conventional gas chamber and an electric grill which means it is the best of both worlds.

    As the gas oven reaches different temperatures, hotter at the top and cooler at the bottom, it’ll add a crisp to your potatoes as your chicken roasts gently on the rack below.    The shelves or oven racks are easy to glide in and out, so you can check on food and make adjustments easily. 

    It has all of the necessary safety precautions, from the Flame Failure Safety Device to an LPG compatible fitting if this is better for your kitchen.

    It can fit in either an eye-level space or under the counter, so should be suitable for most homes. As it is both gas and electrical, you will have to have both connections available so it is best if a professional is undertaking the job.

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    • Dimensions: (H)58.5 x (W)59.5 x (D)55.5cm
    • Capacity: 65L
    • 2 Year Warranty
    • Energy Rating: A+

    Reasons to Buy

    • Interior light
    • Enamel coating for easier cleaning
    • Available in black or stainless steel

    Reasons to Avoid

    • Inner door glass can't be removed for cleaning
    • Open door grilling

    Candy OVG505/3X

    The 5 Best Single Gas Ovens 7The 5 Best Single Gas Ovens 8

    You’ll be hard-pressed finding a gas oven of this calibre at the same price. Candy, titans in the budget-but-brilliant world, has gone all out with this ultimate single gas oven.

    It has A-rated energy efficiency, is simple to use and also has two shelves. In addition to the formidable oven power, it also has a grill setting to add that tasty golden finish to your pasta bake.

    There are multiple features which come in handy, including the enamel liners, the minute minder and the 50-litre capacity. You will find this oven easy to clean and equally as simple to cook a delicious main course. It can let you know when your meal is ready with the minute minder feature and also has plenty of oven capacity for a medium-sized home.

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    • Dimensions: (H)58.5 x (W)59.5 x (D)55cm
    • 1 Year Warranty
    • Energy Rating: A
    • Grease-Proof Enamel
    • Capacity: 48 litres

    Reasons to Buy

    • It is a conventional gas oven with a lot of power
    • Greaseproof enamel
    • Good value for money

    Reasons to Avoid

    • Not ideal for a big family

    Kenwood KS101GSS

    Kenwood KS101GSS

    Kenwood offers a wide selection of convection ovens available for all your baking needs, and the convection oven serves up a brilliant energy efficiency rating for more savings, manual knobs with smart timer and settings that you can use to fine-tune a precise cook or bake throughout. What’s even more interesting is that this oven even has an electric grill – you really do get the best of both worlds.

    The flame safety feature on this oven makes it one of the safest in our list, and what’s more, you can even switch it around to run on gas bottles if you prefer. Not all ovens have that flexibility – a great feature!

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    • Dimensions: 59.5 x 59.5 x 56 cm (H x W x D)
    • Warranty: 1 Year
    • Energy Rating: A+
    • Capacity: 68 L
    • Fuel Type: Gas

    Reasons to Buy

    • Runs on mains or bottles
    • Comes with electric grill
    • A+ energy efficiency
    • Very well priced

    Reasons to Avoid

    • Can show marks over time
    • Pilot light can be temperamental over time

    How To Find The Top Microwave?

    Here at Which Cooker, we have a team of dedicated cooking enthusiasts dedicated to the cause of finding the best kitchen appliances for your home. That is why we have covered the best gas ovens available to buy online, and also provided a useful buying guide listing all the features you will require.

    Single gas ovens are built-in, and for those who are happy to work with one chamber at a time. There are models available with a range of capacities, whether you live alone or will be cooking for a family. Need something a bit bigger? We have also reviewed double gas ovens.

    Here are some features you should take into account when purchasing a single gas oven of your choice:

    Double Gas Range vs. Single Gas Microwave

    It’s hard to pick one out or label one better than the other as it is dependent on your household. The double oven has heat distribution that allows you to prepare meals, desserts, snacks and cookies all at once. Whereas the single gas oven range only offers one temperature. If you get a big enough oven  cavity then you can still prepare more than one meal at once but this may be difficult, as it will all be heated at one temperature.

    Which Microwave Brand?

    There are a number of trustworthy oven brands that originate from all over the world. We only pick the brands that are known to be reliable, robust and offer value for money.

    To mention just a few of the fantastic oven brands:

    • Stoves
    • Hoover
    • Hotpoint
    • Beko
    • Smeg
    • Indesit
    • Candy
    • Belling

    Electric or Gas Microwave?

    These are the two main power source options when deciding on a new oven. While electric models are more widely available and often seen as the norm, gas really has its advantages:

    • They heat up instantly – you have to wait a while for electric ovens to be warmed
    • Inexpensive energy – gas is cheaper than electricity to use, so it is cheaper in the long run
    • Clean energy – it is cleaner to burn gas than use electricity, which is good if you are concerned about the planet

    In addition, many wall ovens come with a griddle and baking tray. When preparing food on the grid, place the baking tray on the bottom to prevent food remains from burning.

    You also have to bear in mind that gas can spread unevenly compared to electric heat, and that gas ovens are more expensive to buy and less widely available compared to electric.

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