Cookers are one of the biggest investments you will make for your kitchen so it is important to do your research, read cooker reviews and have all the facts in front of you before making your cooker decision and purchase.

You will need to weigh up the pros and cons of each cooker you review, consider how you will use your cooker and of course the budget you have to spend on your new cooker.

We have reviewed the 4 main types of freestanding cookers

Electric Cookers

Honest & reliable best electric cooker reviews

Gas Cookers

Best Gas cooker reviews. For informed decisions

Dual Fuel Cookers

The best dual fuel cooker reviews - for great decisions

Induction Top Cookers

Best induction top cookers with reviews

Energy Saving Cookers

Best energy saving cookers with reviews

Key Points to Look to Consider When Buying a New Cooker?

If you are looking to replace an existing cooker do you currently have a gas or electric cooker?

If you are looking to swop fuels or even considering a dual fuel cooker you will need to check with an engineer. It may be possible if you don’t have gas to have gas installed, but this will come at an additional cost – find out first before you buy. We have written an article ‘Does An Electrician Need to Install An Electric Cooker?‘ to explain the reasoning and importance as to why.

Cooking timings: Are you a cook in a hurry?

If you are, you may like to look at gas or induction cooktops as these are quicker to use, however, they are at the top regarding price ranges.

Cooking capacity: How big is your family?

Free standing cookers are 90cm high with a 60cm depth and between 50 and 60cm wide.

When you are looking for a new cooker you will notice that you can choose between single and double. Double might be best for you if you have lots of people to cook for and of course if you would like to use the grill whilst baking or indeed you want to use both ovens at the same time, such as a roast dinner and potatoes at the bottom oven and cauliflower cheese in the top oven.

Eye Level Cooker Grills

Freestanding cookers can come with eye-level grills. These are super handy if you are tall and easier than bending down to peer into what you are grilling.

Do you know the difference between a cooker and an oven?

We’ve done the research to help you choose the best cooker for you.