All You Need to Know Before Changing From a Gas to an Electric Cooker?


August 3, 2021

Last updated on September 18, 2021


It’s entirely possible to change your gas cooker over to an electric model if you like!

However, there are naturally going to be a few points you need to keep in mind when it comes to moving over from one type of cooker fuel to the other.
Never try and shift from gas to electric cooking without the assistance of a gas registered engineer or someone who can help to disconnect you at short notice!


Is It Possible to Change from a Gas Cooker to an Electric Cooker?

Yes – however, it is not as simple as just unplugging one oven and then hooking up another in its place.

Believe it or not, a gas oven or gas stove still needs some form of electrical current. That’s because there needs to be something to ignite the gas to actually start the flames!

Therefore, the key thing to remember before you even choose an electric oven is that you must look closely at your existing circuit boards. This isn’t always easy to do, even if you know your way around an oven, so it’s always a good idea to speak to an expert.

Consider getting an electrician to take a close look at your circuit and fuse boards to see whether or not your choice of electric oven is likely to be compatible with the way things are currently set up and in play.

Otherwise, you might want to check if your given retailer offers a full installation service. Electric oven suppliers such as AO and Currys will generally have an installation service available as an add-on or included in the price.

As you’re both dealing with a sensitive gas line as well as slightly confusing electrical boards and pieces, it really is a good idea to pay more for the privilege. Otherwise, you may do yourself some harm, or you might end up with a very expensive oven you can’t do much with. It pays to be careful!


How Can I Change My Gas Cooker to Electric?

Simply ask for help from a gas supply and/or electrical engineer. They will take a look at your fuse boards and circuit breaker setups.
It’s important to check if your home is ready for an electric oven, especially if you have only ever had a gas one in place for as long as you’ve known. A gas safe engineer can help to uninstall your gas cooker, and an engineer who’s well versed in electrical systems will be able to check if you need to upgrade your fuse boards.

In most cases, UK homes have 32A circuits, or even 30A circuits, which are more than capable of welcoming a standard electric cooker where a gas oven once stood. However, in some cases, you may find that fancier or more advanced cookers demand more electricity or a more capable circuit.

Induction hob tops, for example, will often need a more powerful circuit than the average. Imagine how much electricity gas cookers use in comparison to, say, induction hobs. There’s a massive gulf of difference.

In some cases, you may need a circuit board that’s as powerful as 50A to accommodate an electric hob and cooker system that’s ‘high-end. Therefore, make a point of asking your electrical engineer or cooker installer a few questions before you put your money right behind one or two models.

Why Should I Change to an Electric Cooker?

Gas cookers are great, but some people prefer electric cooker units as they are safer and are easier to clean.

This isn’t always the case, as there are plenty of modern gas cooker systems out there which are really energy-efficient, safe to install, and clean up very easily.

That said, there is still something appealing about an induction hob and an electric cooker system. It’s all to do with your own tastes, of course, as well as how often you are actually likely to use your cooker.

We think gas oven and gas hob systems still offer a lot of precision and power. In fact, if you’re really unsure whether or not an electric cooker is right for you, you can go right down the middle and choose a dual fuel system, which uses both gas and electricity. Great to know!

Don’t get befuddled by the electric cooker circuit breaker business. These are bits and pieces that an engineer or electrician will always be happy to help with – and once again, never go fiddling with a gas stove or any pipes – as well as electrical cables and circuits – as it’s only ever safe for a gas safe engineer and/or a registered electrician to help out.

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