Electric Cookers: Induction vs Ceramic Cooker Tops

Jen Hammond

July 8, 2021

Last updated on September 18, 2021


In this article we are looking at the differences between two of the most popular choices for electric cookers: induction vs ceramic cooker tops. Have you ever considered an induction hob before? What about ceramic hobs?

Electric cookers are freestanding all-in-one units, when you buy a cooker you will have a choice of cooktop:

  • Solid plate
  • Ceramic
  • Induction
  • Gas (if you choose a dual fuel cooker).

It might be easy to think that all electric cooker tops and hobs do the same thing, and that they are all built for the same purpose. However, as stated above, there are actually a few different types and styles of cooktops.

As you will find out when you research electric cookers: induction vs ceramic cooker tops both hobs have their pros and cons, including set ups, so its worth finding out which might work best for you and your budget.

What Are Induction Cooker Tops?

An induction cooker top or induction hob is a ‘smart’ cooking zone, offering amazing efficiency for frying, boiling and more.

Induction cooktop systems are very popular because they only ever heat up the cooking zone you are working on. Therefore, the pots and pans you use get hot, but the cooking surface won’t!

An induction hob heats the pan that’s placed down on its surface, allowing you to safely use the remaining cooktop without the threat of getting burned or scalded all the same. Here is a great video explaining how an induction cooktop works.


Induction cooktops have lots of safety features. They tend to be energy efficient as you’re not wasting any heat, and they can be very easy to clean, too.

Pots and pans you use on an induction hob are magnetic, meaning they connect directly to the cooking zone.

However, the main difference between induction and ceramic is that they can be quite expensive. What’s more, on the whole, you need special pans to be able to work with these heating elements, however, it is possible in some cases to use induction converter plates.

What is a Ceramic Cooker Top?

A ceramic cooker top is a hob that’s made of ceramic glass, and offer simple, effective heating for your pans.

Ceramic hob tops and cooker tops tend to be very popular as they are:

  • Reasonably priced
  • Easy to clean
  • Reasonably energy efficient.

Like induction hob systems, ceramic hobs have cooking zones which heat up beneath the glass, though you won’t get that magnetic, pan-connection service.

We think ceramic hobs, personally, give you a great cooking experience if you want a simple, quick way to cook your food on the top and to clean down afterwards. Who doesn’t?


What are the Main Differences Between Electric Cooker Tops?

The main difference between electric cookers: induction vs ceramic cooker tops is the fact that induction hobs have magnetic fields and offer direct heating control.

Ceramic cooker tops don’t have this added functionality. However, as an induction hob is technically a type of ceramic electric hob, both hob types benefit from being really easy to clean, and great to look at.

Induction hobs tend to be much more energy efficient regardless of the size or type of pan or pot you’re using. Therefore, if your current cooktop isn’t keeping you safe, or if it’s taking you a long time to boil those eggs, now is the time to consider induction cooking.

Ceramic cooktops are still very easy to use, and while they don’t give you so much control over the residual heat, they still perform brilliantly. You’ll need to get those pans off the hob ring or two occasionally, but if you are already used to traditional cooktop preparation, this won’t be a hassle.

AEG CIS6700ACM 60cm Electric Cooker with Induction Hob

Are Induction Cooker Tops Better Than a Ceramic Cooker Tops?

Arguably, induction hobs provide more safety and cooking facilities than a ceramic system. However, that’s not to say they are ‘better’!

Induction hobs may have smart elements and fancy things such as cooking zones that only ever heat up your pans, but you’ll need specific cast iron pans to make them work, and what’s more, induction cooking is a pricey endeavour.

For more details, definitely take a look at our individual electric cooker reviews. We’ve reviewed all kinds of cookers and hobs As always, Which Kitchen Appliance is here at your side to help out!

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