What Are The Different Range Cooker Sizes?


July 29, 2021

Last updated on September 18, 2021


Range cooker systems are free standing appliances and, similar to standard cookers, they are usually the same height and depth. That is to say, the different range cooker sizes tend to be 90 cm in height and 60 cm in depth.

The width, however, changes depending on the appliance. As range cookers come with all different kinds of features, depending on your personal choices, the widths of the different range cookers vary. Generally speaking, range cookers come in sizes from 60cm to 110cm.

The 60cm sized range cooker is considered to be more of a mini range, as they are basically the same size as regular cookers, just with more features.

There are other sizes between those two and should you buy a range cooker, do make sure you are looking for the right size to fit your space, not just the size that suits you!

Are All Ranges Cookers the Same Size?

No, all range cookers are not the same size. From dual fuel to gas and electric, you’ll find that range cookers are flexible around your needs.

Although range cookers are generally 90cm in height and 60cm in depth, the width of them depends on the specific design. Finding the right range cooker for you depends first and foremost on the space that you have available in your kitchen.

Range cookers come in sizes from 90cm to 110cm. Should you absolutely want a range cooker, but do not have the space for one, then some companies do manufacture models that are 60 cm, also known as mini ranges, that are the same size as standard cookers.

As they are of the same size as standard cookers, it would be wise to weigh the pros and cons of both, as while having a range cooker mat give you a few more tools to work with, it could be at the cost of sacrificing oven space.

Why not take a look at our range cooker guide to learn more about what’s out there?


What Are The Different Range Cooker Sizes?

The different range cooker sizes are 60cm, 90cm, 100cm and 110cm, in width. Height and depth remain the same.

Obviously, the bigger the size, the more gadgets your range will have! Bigger range cookers usually have more than just four burner rings on top and come with various compartments specifically made to complete certain tasks, such as a warming drawer, a pizza oven, a bread oven, a double oven, a grill, fan assisted cooking, and more.

It will come as no surprise that the smaller range cookers do have fewer features than their big brothers, but do still have more features than a standard cooker. Mini range cookers can have, for example, two ovens, a single oven and a separate grill, an oven and a warming drawer, two gas ovens or a standard oven and fan oven, and so forth.

Depending on the range cooker, you can also get cookers with different heat sources, such as a dual fuel range cooker units, or a regular gas range cooker. Hobs vary, too – from gas hobs, electric hobs, induction hobs to everything in between.

Why Do Range Cooker Sizes Matter?

The size of your gas range cooker matters a great deal. This is mainly because a range cooker is going to take up a lot of space!

What’s more, investing a lot of money in your cooker is a good idea as long as you do need all of the features that you will be paying for! Paying a lot of money for something that you will rarely or never use is pointless. The bigger the range, the more features it will have.

Some of us do not have the space in our kitchens for a larger range cooker ( around 110 cm ), and when deciding upon the features that you would like on your range cooker, do make sure that it will be able to fit into your space! Sometimes, that does mean having to sacrifice gadgets. Sorry!


How to Measure Your Range Cooker

Finding the right cooker size means measuring the space in your kitchen first.

Unlike buying standard cookers in various sizes, range cookers do vary quite a bit in width. That, as you can imagine, will have a big impact on your kitchen manoeuvrability.

A good rule of thumb is to leave at least a few centimetres spare, just in case, the cooker that you choose is a little too much of a tight fit! Those extra few centimetres can always be filled in if you want, but are there to accommodate your appliance with no difficulty!

Measuring for the right range cooker sizes means being careful about the things that you will want in the bottom section as well as on top! Large range cookers can be great if you are looking to start cooking different kinds of food, or if you have lots of mouths to feed.

So – it really is all about balancing features with functionality:

  • Do you really need a fan assisted range cooker with the fanciest electric hobs?
  • What about dual fuel or fan assisted ovens?
  • Maybe you just want a basic gas hob and a separate grill.

In any case, keep your space in sight as much as your gadgets.


In conclusion, range cooker sizes do vary.

Finding the right size range cooker for you is important and you must pay attention to the spaces available in your home. Unlike a microwave that you could just clear a space anywhere for, a range cooker will need its own properly chosen space and they do not fit ‘just anywhere’.

Some kitchens just do not have the capacity to take bigger range cookers, and although you may have the need and the budget for a bigger one, do make sure of the size beforehand!

If you’re really not sure about what to look for in range cookers, electric ovens or otherwise – take a look at our further guides and this helpful video from Rangemaster which has some handy information on Range Cooker Installation.

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