Should I Buy A Range Cooker?


August 3, 2021

Last updated on November 30, 2021


Should I buy, or a dual fuel range? Whether electric and dual-fuel, gas or otherwise, there’s an awful lot to choose from.

First of all, what is a range cooker? It’s a freestanding appliance that is much larger than a regular cooker and has multiple features, such as multiple ovens, sometimes a heating drawer, a grill, extra hobs – the works!

Modern range cookers also come with intriguing options such as pizza or cookie settings. Due to their bigger size and range of possibilities, range cookers appeal to larger families and/or experienced cooks.

Range cookers have indeed greatly evolved over the years. Let’s take a look at why you might want to buy a gas range cooker, or an electric and dual fuel option.


What are the Benefits of Buying a Range Cooker?

There are multiple differences between a range cooker and a standard gas or electric cooker.

The main difference is, of course, the size. A standard cooker will take up far less room in a kitchen than a range cooker.

Many people in fact choose to opt for a range cooker as they are such a piece to behold in one’s kitchen. Range cookers typically are far more attractive to bigger families and passionate cooks in fact due to their larger size!

With their size comes the capacity for more food to be cooking at once and in different ways, different temperatures, etc. However, the size of a standard cooker comes with its benefits too, the main one being that it can fit into almost any kitchen.

It being smaller also means that it will take far less time to clean. Range cookers aren’t necessarily easy to clean, depending on how many different compartments are available to you. The more features there are, the more time you will have to spend cleaning your oven.

When deciding upon whether you would a range cooker or a standard cooker for your household, the main thing to take into consideration is indeed the size and how the size affects different areas.


Why Might a Modern Range Cooker be Right for Me?

A range cooker can be the right cooker for anyone!

Range cookers come with a quality that is also their greatest downfall. The size of the appliance comes with the understanding that your kitchen is capable of housing it, and that you will also be willing to clean it all! Should both of those things be the case, then why not consider a range cooker?

They are also incredibly pleasing to look at! Should you buy the right one, it will last you for a very long time. Having a cooker that stands out by looking as good as certain range cookers do, in the colour that you want, really is a selling point. Whether that’s bright red or olive green is, of course, entirely your choice!

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