What Are Induction Cookers?


August 16, 2021

Last updated on November 30, 2021


Induction cookers are types of cookers that use electromagnetism in order to create heat. They have induction cooktop technology to help make direct heating of pots and pans easier.

As the years have gone by, we are hearing more and more about induction cookers. As the ‘new kid on the block’, they have managed to make quite the name for themselves, and there is a very good reason why.

Induction cooking is a prime example in how technology has advanced in the cooking world! Thanks to electromagnetism, you can now heat your pans and pots in a quick and efficient way. That is to say, as opposed to other types of cookers that use basic gas or basic electricity, induction cookers waste very little energy in heating up and cooling down.

What’s more, they are famously easy to clean. But how do they work, and are induction ranges the best picks for your kitchen?

How Do Induction Cookers Work?

Induction cookers work thanks to the electromagnetic field created between the coil beneath the surface of the cooker and the pot or pan itself on top.

In short, a copper wire which is placed under the surface of each ring transmits an electrical current through to the pan on top.

The bases of these pots and pans must either be made of stainless steel or cast iron, as it absolutely needs to be magnetic in order to work correctly.

A good way to test whether or not your pan can be used on an induction hob, is to test the base of it with a fridge magnet. Should the magnet stick to the base of the pan, then it will work on an induction cooker or induction cooktop.

Once the pan touches the glass surface of the induction cooker, an electromagnetic field is created, which becomes the source of the heat.

However, should the pan not be properly placed on the glass surface or non-induction, then the magnetic field will not complete, and therefore the ring of the cooker shall not heat up.


What Are the Advantages of Using an Induction Cooker?

There are many advantages to using an induction cooker!

Induction Cooking is Very Energy Efficient

Unlike using a convection cooker or a gas cooker, an induction cooker will only work once the pot is on top of the ring. The heat is only transmitted through the pot and there is, therefore, no heat loss surrounding it, such as with convection and gas cooking.

Induction Cooking is Very Time Efficient

Due to the fact that the heat is transmitted directly through the pot and not the surrounding area at all, an induction pan will get hot very quickly! Unlike standard gas or electric, induction ranges also cool down very quickly, too. Once a pot has left the ring, should you have left the stove off or not, it will cease to heat up as the magnetic field has been broken.

Since the field cannot be completed, it simply stops. You may notice your hob control panel flashing for a few short minutes, warning you that the ring could still be hot, but quickly enough it shall finish and your hob will be cool to the touch!

Induction Cooking is Very Safe

The quick cooldown function is a massive blessing if you have children. Even standard electric cooktops can be safety nightmares! Therefore, one of the main things you absolutely need to know about induction cooktops is that they are much faster at making things safe.

Induction Cookers are Very Easy to Maintain!

Unlike a gas cooker, where the cleaning process can be long and difficult, the cooking surface on induction cookers is simply a glass, flat surface, making them very easy to clean. One quick swipe with a damp rag and you’re done! No more worrying about the leftover food and grease that has overflowed from the pans, with an induction cooker, the clean up is quicker than anything!

What are the Disadvantages of Induction Cooking?

Just as with all cooking systems, induction cooking does have a few disadvantages.

The  Hidden Costs of Induction Cookers

If you are planning on buying an induction cooker, you need to know that you will have to take into consideration not only the price of the cooker itself but also the price of the new pots and pans you may need.

Should the pots and pans you have at home not be made of either cast iron or stainless steel, then they will be useless on your new induction cooker. If you are unsure, try the fridge magnet test listed above – it’s a great way to see if the metal in your pan is right for the cooktop.

Glass Induction Cooking Hob Surfaces

As easy as they are to clean, it can be difficult to maintain the glass surface of induction hobs. Sometimes, when we are in a rush or simply frustrated by time, we tend to not be too delicate with our appliances, and that includes our cookers.

Should a small piece of leftover food, a grain of salt, anything, be left on the stove before you start cooking, it can be very easy to scratch the surface. Being just glass, induction cookers are prone to getting relatively easily damaged on the surface, leaving scratch marks that would be challenging to get out.

It is important to clean your hob, if possible, after every use and to do so delicately, in order to avoid any damage to the surface! In order to protect your induction cooker top further, you can purchase induction hob protectors online from Amazon.


Is Induction cooking safe?

Yes, induction cooking is very safe – trust us!
In many ways, induction cooking is quite possibly the safest way to cook out there! Thanks to the fantastic heating system, your pot will be the only thing that heats up, as opposed to the surrounding parts of the hob that would be receiving heat from a gas or convection cooker.
Take a close look at induction cooktops – it could make mealtimes swifter, safer, and cleanup that bit less aggravating.


Induction cookers are fast becoming a popular choice and it is easy to see why even with their disadvantages.

As an owner of an induction hob myself, I have been nothing but delighted with its looks and induction performance. New pans don’t need to set you back too much and the induction hob protectors are a cost-effective way to protect your new purchase.

If you are thinking that an induction cooker might be a good choice for you then how about starting your research with our The Best Induction Cooker Tops  review.

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