What is a Range Cooker?


July 30, 2021

Last updated on September 18, 2021


A frequently asked question is what is a range cooker? In simple terms, it is a freestanding appliance that is equipped with more features than a standard cooker. They are usually quite a bit larger than a standard cooker, and will normally arrive with advanced heat supplies and storage functions. There are also many different types to choose from!

You could set up a dual fuel range cooker, which can give you the best of electric and gas cooking, a range cooker with an induction hob as well as gas burners, a separate grill and/or two ovens that can cook at different temperatures, etc.

The possibilities really do seem endless and you can choose the different features that you need. Range cookers are increasingly popular due to their inimitable style and usefulness! Could a range cooker be the right appliance for your kitchen? Let’s find out.

What Does ‘Range Cooker’ Mean?

A range cooker – by definition – is an appliance that has multiple ovens and multiple burners.

The definition of a gas range, for example, has changed somewhat over the years. Range cookers have always been freestanding appliances that have more than one oven and usually about five burners on the cooktop.

As technology has evolved, range cookers came to mean an array of different things. Although, yes, today you can still get a range cooker that has just two ovens and five burners, people tend to not stop there anymore!

Thanks to all of the different cooking options being more widely available and different cuisines being more popular on a global scale, range cookers can have nearly anything that you can imagine for cooking! For fans of wok cooking, certain range cookers come with the perfect burner for the round shaped pan that has now become an almost essential tool in many homes!

Should you want a fan oven and/or gas ovens, too, you’re free to take your pick. Different models, such as dual fuel range cookers, are great examples of what the advancement in technology has meant for the cooking world. Newer models are more energy-efficient, and offer a wide range of choices.

Who knows – a range cooker might just be all you need to cook up a storm for years to come.


What is the Difference Between a Range and a Cooker?

The most notable difference between a range and a cooker is the size, as well as the functionalities.

In this sense, the size means everything! Due to their larger size, range cookers offer many possibilities when it comes to cooking different dishes. Different fuel sources, different compartments for different needs and a stylish piece of equipments that comes in all kinds of colours are just some of the features linked to range cookers – though different types and models will vary.

Traditional cookers do have their qualities and benefits, and offer the basic equipment that everyone needs to start cooking. A big quality linked to traditional cookers is also their size! They take up a relatively small space (at least compared to a range cooker) and can fit into nearly any kitchen.

Should you not be that passionate about cooking or only need, for example, a simple gas hob and a single oven, then a traditional cooker would be the perfect option for you.

Perfect in their simplicity, cookers have also changed massively over the years to become more energy-efficient and easier to maintain, however, their core qualities remain the same.

What are the Benefits of a Range Cooker?

There are many benefits to owning a range cooker, with multiple cooking options and styles being freely available being a big plus!

Many find that owning a range means having to own fewer appliances in their kitchen. In that way, they can save space and money. You can have a built in grill, pizza oven, warming drawer, and all the regular features such as five or more hobs and multiple ovens!

They’re easy on the eye, too. You might find that your new appliance is a statement piece in your kitchen and it will be the first thing that anyone notices upon entry! They come in all different kinds of colours and styles. Why not splash some personality on your kitchen suite?


What are the Drawbacks of Range Cooking?

There are of course a few drawbacks to range cooking, such as sizing and energy usage.

Range cookers do take up a fair amount of space and you do need to make sure that the space that you have will be big enough! Different models do vary in size, but, naturally, the more features you want, the bigger the appliance will be.

Of course, the bigger the appliance, the more expensive it will be too. Range cookers are often pricier than standard ovens and cookers, and you will need to set aside a significant budget if you are planning on buying one.

Due to the fact that you can be potentially saving money on having to buy different appliances, however, there is the argument that you could save a lot of money in the long run. However, that does not change the fact that you will be spending a large sum of money on the range cooker itself and on the installation.

Is a Range Cooker Worth It?

Depending on what you need, a range cooker can definitely be worth it – what are you looking for from the perfect electric range or gas range?

If you are passionate about cooking all kinds of food then you likely won’t do better than a range cooker. Maybe you aren’t even that fond of cooking but find yourself preparing meals for many mouths regularly -in which case, range cookers are also definitely worth it!

Owning a range cooker means having access to many different instruments all at once. Even if you do not need them all at one time, you know that they are all available!

Range cookers now come in so many different colours and with so many different features, everyone can find the right range cooker for them and their kitchen, without a doubt. Why not take a look at some of our guides?

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