Are Gas Hobs a Standard Size?


July 29, 2021

Last updated on September 18, 2021


A question that has come up in recent times in the Which Kitchen Appliance office is ‘Are Gas Hobs a Standard Size? So, in this article we delve into gas hob sizes. The good news is, manufacturers, give us a good choice of sizes when it comes to choosing hobs to suit our cooking needs and kitchen.


Most hobs measure around 50 cm in-depth, and are available between 60 cm and 90 cm in width and around 5 cm in height. Of course, the sizes vary from hob to hob, especially depending on whether or not you are opting for a 4 burner or even a 5 or 6 burner hob. Do bear this in mind when you are shopping for your new hob!

Having an expert come and see the layout of your kitchen and the hob itself may be a wise move, especially if you are planning on buying a bigger one, in order to make sure that the current layout of your kitchen (size of the countertop, the surrounding elements, etc) is acceptable for your new appliance.

Are Gas Hobs A Standard Size?

Gas hobs generally measure around 50 cm in depth, 60 to 90 cm in width and 5 cm in height.

Of course, these measurements vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, from model to model and from 4 burners to 5 burners! Before buying your new hob, it is very important to check all of the necessary measurements in order to be certain that your new hob will be able to fit just as well as your old one.

It’s also important to measure the space beneath the hob, as we tend to only think of what we can see and not always those hidden parts! As opposed to buying an entire cooker, when we know we need completely empty space, we do sometimes find ourselves just looking at our worktop and thinking that a hob could fit on any space we can make there. This is of course completely wrong!

Your hob does have a significant part underneath which will need the correct space and surroundings in order for it to be installed properly into your worktop.

Maybe you’re planning on putting a new gas hob where your existing one already is, however, should your new hob be larger underneath than your current one, it may not fit as well as you would like, or even fit at all!

How Wide is a Gas Hob?

Hobs usually measure between 60 cm and 90 cm, this is the same for induction hobs.

The difference in width among hobs depends on multiple factors.

  • the number of gas burners on your hob
  • the width of the gas burners themselves, etc.

If you’re wanting to get yourself a new gas hob, it is just as important to measure the height and length as it is the width! making sure that the hole in which your current gas hob is located in your worktop is large enough, or not in fact too large, are both key factors in choosing your new gas hob.

Can Anyone Fit a Gas Hob?

No, not anyone can fit a gas hob.

Gas hob installation is not as easy as just bringing an appliance home and plugging it in your kitchen. For your own safety and that of those with whom you live, it is imperative that you hire a professional to carry out the installation.

A professional will have to ensure that the appliance is fitted as safely as possible and in order to do so, they’ll have multiple things to take into account: Firstly, whether or not you are replacing a gas hob with another one or whether this is your first gas hob is extremely important.

The expert will have to determine whether or not your kitchen is gas safe and will have to make the necessary adjustments in order to accommodate your new hob. For example, they may have to prepare the worktop for the new hob.

Secondly, whether or not you are getting a gas hob for the first time or not, there is still work to be done with the gas lines. It is of vital importance that the gas lines are all correctly set up as even the smallest mistake could be life-threatening!


Do I Need an Engineer to Set Up a Gas Hob?

Yes – you definitely need an engineer to set up your gas hob, and in all honestly we would always recommend you use an engineer to fit all hobs including induction hobs.

Fitting a gas hob can be a very dangerous undertaking for an untrained person. It not only involves setting up the correct gas connections, but it also involves making sure the support for the hob is the correct width and length, making any electrical connections needed and handling the appliance itself, which tends to be very heavy.

Even a small mishap in installation could lead to an immediate injury or an eventual crisis! It’s no surprise that handling anything to do with gas and/or electric is not something to be taken lightly and should only be done by an expert, to be more precise a Gas Safe Registered engineer.

What Materials are Gas hobs made from?

When we think of buying a gas hob we traditionally think that all hobs are made from stainless steel, and they are by far the most common, but like ceramic and induction hobs you can buy glass gas hobs. They look fabulous and are also much easier to keep clean and wipe down.

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