De Dietrich Induction Hob – How to Turn On 

Jen Hammond

May 10, 2022

Last updated on May 24, 2022


If you’re the proud owner of a brand new De Dietrich induction hob, chances are you want to know a thing or two about how to turn on your De Dietrich induction hob and really make it work to your advantage. Whether you’ve misplaced your instruction manual or are planning ahead, we’re here to help.

Induction hobs can be tricky to master, especially if we are not used to them. As easy as their control panels may appear, we know that sometimes a bit of manipulation is required to be able to use them. Sadly, not all induction hobs have the same kinds of control panels or features, so getting to know them can take a bit of time. However, once you have mastered them, they become so second nature, they will seem like the easiest appliances to control in your kitchen! 

Here’s what you need to know about using De Dietrich induction hobs in general.

How To Use Your De Dietrich Induction Hob 

There are plenty of features that you should get to know on your De Dietrich induction hob – however, in order to get started, you will only need to know a basic few. Once you have mastered how to use these, you’ll be cooking like a professional – it’s just down to you to decide what to prepare!

How To Turn On Your De Dietrich Induction Hob

To turn on a De Dietrich induction hob, simply press the on/off switch on the bottom left-hand side of the control panel. You will then notice the number 0 flash in each ring display section for about eight seconds. 

You will need to place your induction pan on the ring or zone that you wish to use, then select said ring or zone on the control panel. Once you have selected the ring, you will then need to set the temperature. 

You can set the temperature by pressing the plus symbol to increase the temperature and the minus symbol to lower the temperature. If you press the minus symbol straight after selecting the ring, it will automatically set to the highest temperature setting. 

How To Turn Off Your De Dietrich Induction Hob

When you have finished using your De Dietrich induction hob, hold the ring or zone display that you have been using until you hear a beeping sound, and the letter H appears on display. This is to indicate that the ring is still hot. Then, to turn off the hob, press the on/off switch to turn off the entire unit.

Why De Dietrich

De Dietrich has developed a fantastic induction hob standard that offers precise cooking without any of the muddles and hassles that can pop up along the way. If you need further help with your induction hob, make sure to contact De Dietrich directly for more support.

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