Does Le Creuset Work With Induction Hobs?


August 1, 2021

Last updated on February 12, 2022


If you are wondering ‘does Le Creuset work with induction hobs?’, the simple answer is, yes, Le Creuset pans and pots function perfectly on induction hobs. Cast iron cookware, generally, will do best!

Indeed, not all pans are compatible with induction hobs, as the pans need a specific magnetic base in order to complete the magnetic field with the coil beneath the surface of the hob. That is why, unless the pan or pot is on the ring of the hob, the hob will not heat up. Due to this, some people find themselves disappointed that their favourite pan will not heat up on their new hob and that they will have to invest in new pans!

However, a longtime favourite of many people, usually passed down through the family or bought as a generous gift, is usually the one people wonder about the most. So, can Le Creuset work on induction hobs? Le Creuset pots are in fact perfectly compatible with induction hobs! Indeed, this due to the fact that Le Creuset pots are made of iron, therefore, the magnetic field works perfectly through the iron pot to heat up your favourite stew!

Can you use Le Creuset on induction?

Yes, you can use Le Creuset on an induction hob.

Whilst the more famous pots work perfectly well on induction hobs, it is important to know that Le Creuset’s stoneware range will not function on your induction hob, and you risk damaging them and it if you try! It is the only selection from Le Creuset that will not work on induction hobs as, unlike their signature Le Creuset pots, their stoneware range is not made of iron and therefore does not have the possibility of completing the magnetic field with the hob.

To put it simply, the stoneware will not heat up because the induction hob will not detect it! You may see your hob begin to flash as it does when you remove a pan or before you have put one on it, as it will not detect a stoneware piece of equipment. It would be as if you were trying the stick a magnet to a wooden post. It just could not work.

Steak-cooking-in-cast-iron-pan-on-induction hob

Rob Sinclair from E & S trading demonstrates steak cooking in a cast iron pan on an induction hob.

Can enameled cast iron be used on an induction cooktop?

Yes, enameled cast iron can be used on an induction hob.

Indeed, despite the fact that the iron is covered with another layer of a different material, your cast iron pan will work perfectly well on an induction hob! This is because ferromagnetic ions will easily pass through the added layer to reach the iron, completing the magnetic field and in doing so, cooking your food!

What pans are not suitable for induction hobs?

Any pan that is not made of iron or does not have a magnetic base will not work on induction hobs.

It seems complicated sometimes, knowing which pan will be right for your induction hob, but it is easier than it seems. Many pans today come with the capacity of working on an induction hob, due to the rise in popularity of induction hobs over the years.

Whilst it is easy to remember that a cast iron pan will work on an induction hob, it gets a little trickier when it comes to the other metals and materials. An easy rule to remember is that the pan has to be magnetic, therefore anything made of glass or ceramic will not work. In order for your pot or pan to be compatible, it has to be first of all made of metal, but not just any kind of metal! Any product made of aluminium or copper will not work on an induction hob.

These two specific metals do not have the properties required to magnetise to the hob. However, any sort of cookware can be compatible with an induction hob if they are flat and made with a specific metal disk underneath, which acts as the connecter to the hob.


How Do You Tell If a Pan Will Work on an Induction Hob?

In order to tell if a pan will work on an induction hob, simply take a refrigerator magnet and see if it sticks to the bottom!

Indeed, it is really as simple as taking one of your fridge magnets, or any other kind of magnet you might have, and hold it next to the base of the pan. If there is a pull, then the base of the pan has the correct metal properties to work on an induction hob.

It is important to remember induction hobs also only work with flat pan bases, so you could not use any other form of pan, not even a wok, for example. Even if your wok’s metal properties seem perfect for your induction hob, unless you have bought a wok that is flat underneath, it will not work on your induction hob.

Nowadays, many manufacturers also provide a symbol or note underneath their pans, informing you as to whether or not the pan is compatible with induction hobs.


Cast iron Le Creuset pans will work perfectly well with your induction hob. However, note that they must be made of cast iron. The Le Creuset’s stoneware range isn’t compatible.

The rule of thumb and the test is to use a magnet. Any magnet will do, just hold it to the base of your Le Creuset pan and if  it sticks then the pan will work on your induction hob.

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