How Long Should an Induction Hob Last?

Demelza Pearson

May 10, 2022

Last updated on May 24, 2022


Some of us are still unsure about whether or not buying an induction hob is the best idea – it’s only natural. Generally speaking, the biggest concern is how long should an induction hob last and will it last long enough for our needs?

Some induction hob companies test their appliances to ensure that they can last up to 20 years – and the way you can normally tell a company’s confidence in their own products is to check out their warranty options. Once an induction hob is out of manufacturer warranty, it is more likely to break down.

However, you’ll normally expect a good quality induction hob to last anywhere between five to ten years. There are a few mitigating factors from case to case that can alter this.

There are, of course, also some induction hobs that endure better than others. So, let’s take a look at some of the common factors that can determine how long your own induction hob will last – from the moment you plug it in and start cooking for the first time.

What factors determine how long an induction hob will last? 

Regardless of what any manufacturer tells you about the longevity of your chosen induction hob, there are always going to be a few factors that will impact its lifespan. For example, always consider the following:

Brand and Quality

As is the case with any appliance, your induction hob brand and quality manufacture will play a huge role in how long it lasts. While you shouldn’t always shop on brand appeal alone, it’s worth remembering that recognisable brands are better-known for a reason – they can often be relied upon to produce appliances that last. 

Of course, it can happen where some induction hobs prove to be fantastic bargains – a lesser brand doesn’t always mean lesser quality. Therefore, it is up to you to determine which brands you trust, which ones have the best offers, and which ones have the best reviews regarding induction hobs specifically. 

It is also wise to ensure that you have a good guarantee and warranty in place when you buy the appliance. Hopefully, you will not have to use it, but it is always best to have such a safety net in place. What’s more, guarantees and warranties will tell you how much faith a manufacturer has in their own products – it’s a good measure of quality before you buy. That said, company warranties can sometimes get a little complex!

Typical usage

You may have read online that certain induction hobs are built to last for about 2,500 hours. Some even break it down into about ten hours a day, every day, for a year. However, many also state that there is no specific science behind this claim and that your induction hob could be used for a lot longer, for a lot less. This really will vary from hob to hob, and from user to user.

That being said, the amount that you use your hob will, of course, always have an impact on its lifespan. Remember that, for example, an induction hob is composed of many different working parts – some are built to endure decades to come!

Therefore, the frequency of use and power levels you use your induction hob at will dictate how long it stands the test of time. That said, this does not mean that you should not avoid using it on full power – or every day of the week. 

In fact, modern induction hobs are built for intensive use in family kitchens. It is simply important to understand that, of course, if you use all four rings or zones on full power for several hours every day, your induction hob will likely fail before another unit that’s barely used. Cases will always vary – there’s no black or white thinking here!

Maintenance and care

Above all, the way you care for your induction hob will have a marked impact on its lifespan. Fail to look after it properly, and you can kiss goodbye to potential years of efficient cooking to come.

Every appliance needs regular maintenance, and so does your induction hob. Maintenance covers everything from giving the glass surface a good (this will ensure that it won’t switch off in the middle of cooking), regular clean, wiping around the edges of the hob to ensure that nothing gets into the sides, dusting around it and underneath, and simply ensuring you don’t scratch the surface. The better you look after your induction hob, the longer it will last.

Remember, for example, to clean it after every use – and only use induction hob cleaning products. Do also remember to keep the space beneath your induction hob clear – it’s never a good idea to let anything touch the inner wiring or cabling. Your induction hob will need plenty of space beneath, too, for its fan.

It’s also a great idea to invest in a reputable make in induction pans. While you should already have invested in induction cookware so you can make the most of magnetic cooking, you’re also going to do well with pots and pans that have years of guarantee behind them. Once again, it really does pay to follow what reviews say online before you go ahead and make a purchase.

Finally, you should follow any of the usage guidelines set by the manufacturer. They will be able to tell you what exactly you can do to make your hob last for as long as possible. 


Induction hobs are built to last – this much is true. The best way to measure the potential longevity of your appliance is to check the standard warranty offered by a manufacturer. That will tell you, roughly, how long they expect products to last without maintenance.

However, these are not always clear markers for longevity. Providing you have your hob properly installed, maintain it well, and avoid causing any unnecessary damage, you can expect it to run for years and years – maybe even a decade or so if you are really lucky!

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