How to Clean an AEG Induction Hob

Jen Hammond

May 10, 2022

Last updated on May 20, 2022


AEG’s induction hobs tend to be some of the most popular thanks to the fact they are extremely easy to use, maintain and great for precision cooking. However, to keep your AEG hob working at its best, you’re going to need to look after it properly – Cleaning is key! So you should know how to clean an AEG Induction Hob in order to get the best from your hob and for years to come.

Luckily, cleaning an AEG induction hob is much like cleaning this type of appliance from any other manufacturer. There are a handful of ways you can clean up and maintain these surfaces properly – and if you’re just getting started, here’s what you need to know.

Let your AEG hob cool down

As wise as it is to clean your AEG induction hob after every use, you should never do it
when it is still hot. Take the time to enjoy what you have prepared, and let the hob cool
down. This will help to ensure that you will not burn yourself while cleaning the hob and
that none of the products burn likewise.

Some specialist cleaning products can release toxic fumes into the air when burnt and
could damage your appliance if burnt onto it. Therefore, don’t be too eager if things are still
hot under the surface.

Use your hob scraper to get rid of the tough stuff

Start cleaning your hob by removing any of the stubborn debris or burnt food that may be
scattered or melted onto the surface. For that, you would be wise to use a specialist AEG
hob scraper (which may be provided with your model). Do so carefully, and keep the
scraper at an angle to reduce the chances of it scratching the hob. 

Being careful at this stage is a must. As efficient and as impressive as AEG induction hobs
are, scratching them can lead to permanent damage. Therefore, don’t be so scrape-

Start wiping down the hob

Take a soft, damp cloth, and use it to wipe over the hob. Spray or apply on the hob
cleaning solution of your choice and use the damp cloth to wipe it into the surface.
Remember to wipe all areas of the induction hob, including the control panel.

It is also important to remember only to use a cleaning product that has been specifically
designed for your induction hob. Check your AEG manual for any recommended brands.

These products have been specifically designed to thoroughly clean and leave a perfect
finish on your induction hob without damaging them. Other cleaning products could
damage the glass or leave marks on the surface.

However, there’s no need to worry about availability or cost, as these products can be
found in nearly every supermarket and online. They are also inexpensive, and there are
multiple brands to choose from to suit your budget and preferences. 
Many people even suggest using homemade mixes including baking soda and white
The choice is yours – but we’d suggest looking at specialist cleaning formulas first.

Finally, wipe it dry

Finally, wipe the excess product off with a soft, dry cloth. You can also take this time to
really rub any water or finger marks out of the hob, although the cleaning product should
help with that! Your induction hob should look brand new and be ready for another use by
the time you have finished. 

Why keeping your induction hob clean is so important

Induction hobs are relatively easy to scratch, which is why it is essential to remember to
maintain them properly. That means knowing how to clean them frequently – as well as

Induction hobs do tend to be easier to clean than most, however, they are super-sensitive.
If you don’t treat your appliance with respect, it won’t endure the years to come – it’s as
simple as that.

Most manufacturers suggest cleaning your induction hob after every use to ensure that
there is a lower risk of your induction hob becoming scratched or damaged. That being
said, as mentioned, you do not have to worry about the time that it will take you – providing
you clean your AEG induction hob regularly, there’s no reason why it should take up much
of your day.

Even on nights when you’d rather leave cleaning until the following day, it is best to get it
out of the way as soon as possible. That way, you reduce the risks of scratching your
appliance, and you can wake up to a clean hob that is ready to use immediately – and a
sparkling clean hob that’s ready to go always looks amazing.


On the whole, cleaning an AEG induction hob is likely to take as much time and effort as
any other make and model. However, it’s always a good idea to check out your instruction
manual if you are unsure of any points. Do also remember that contacting AEG directly is
a great idea if you are worried about damaging your induction hob.

By all means take a look at different cleaning solutions for your hob if you want to save
time, money and effort – but again, always follow the manufacturer’s lead.

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