How To Unlock A Beko Induction Hob

Jen Hammond

May 19, 2022

Last updated on May 19, 2022


Are you the proud new owner of a Beko induction hob? Chances are you’re pretty eager to start using it – but what happens if you lock it by accident? It makes sense to investigate your operations manual as soon as possible. However, if you don’t have it to hand, we’re here to help you to unlock a Beko induction hob.

Thankfully, Beko induction hobs are some of the easiest and most intuitive to use – meaning it shouldn’t take you long to get accustomed to its various bells and whistles.

How to Turn the Child Lock off on a Beko Induction Hob 

To turn on the lock, simply press the lock symbol on your control panel and hold it until the light next to the symbol lights up. None of the controls can be used once you have turned on the lock, except for the on and off button. 

In order to turn off the lock, simply press the lock symbol again and hold onto it until you see the light flash again. You should then be able to use your Beko induction hob freely. Should the controls still be locked, repeat the process until you see the light again, holding onto the lock symbol for a little longer. 

What is the point of a lock on an induction hob? 

Since some hobs do not come with a lock feature, it can seem a little odd to see them so frequently on induction hobs. In actual fact, the locks on induction hobs can be very useful for multiple reasons. 

First of all, they act as an added safety feature to protect children and animals, specifically. Children can sometimes easily reach hobs, and animals such as cats, in particular, are very adept at jumping onto them when they shouldn’t. 

By turning on the lock on your induction hob, your child and your pets will have no chance to turn up the heat on any of the rings or, in fact, modify them in any way. Of course, you should never leave your hob unsupervised, especially when it is in use. Even if the children and animals cannot modify the settings, they could still burn themselves on a hob that is in use. 

Secondly, by using the lock on your induction hob, you can prevent others from changing your cooking settings. Even if it could be someone else in your home, or something falling onto the control panel, as long as they do not land on the lock symbol for too long, then your cooking settings will not change. 

Induction hobs are some of the safest fittings you will find in the modern kitchen – meaning providing you learn how to use the lock functions correctly, you can be sure to keep your family free from harm.

Why isn’t my induction hob heating up after being unlocked? 

There could be multiple reasons for your Beko induction hob not heating up, even after you have unlocked it.

Check you have the right pans

In order for your induction hob to work properly, you will need pots and pans with magnetic bases. This is to ensure that the magnetic field coming from the coil beneath the surface of the glass can be completed with the magnetic base of the pot or pan.

If your pots and pans do not have magnetic bases, then the induction hob will not detect them and will therefore not heat up. An easy way to check whether your pots and pans are magnetic is by placing a magnet near their bases. If the magnet sticks to the bases, then they are magnetic. If not, then you will need some new pots and pans for your induction hob! 

Have you placed the pot or pan perfectly on the zone or hob?

If the bases of your pots and pans are magnetic but are still not heating up, then you should check the placement of the pans on the rings. If the pans do not match the size of the rings, and if they are too far out of the lines, then the rings will not heat up. Ensure that your pans have been placed properly before turning on your induction hob. 

Is there anything between the pot or pan, and the surface of the hob?

In order for the magnetic field to complete, it needs to be directly connected between the surface of the glass and the base of the pots and pans. Should there be any foods or liquids underneath the pans or on the rings, then your induction hob will not heat up, as it will not be able to detect the bases of your pots and pans properly. 

Is your induction hob clean enough?

Finally, if your induction hob is not properly clean, then it will not turn on. Whether it is covered in grease, food debris, or liquid, it will sense that there is something wrong and will therefore not turn on for safety. You will need to clean your induction hob thoroughly before turning it on, ensuring that you carefully remove any debris that could damage the glass. 

If, after checking all of these features, your induction hob still does not turn on, then you should contact the manufacturer or a professional expert. They will be able to guide you through any other things that you could try for your specific Beko induction hob and potentially send a professional to come to repair the hob, should it need it. 

Don’t forget, you can also check out Beko’s website directly for advice, as well as access to online manuals for your various devices and appliances.

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