How To Unlock A Hotpoint Induction Hob

Demelza Pearson

May 10, 2022

Last updated on May 20, 2022


f you have a Hotpoint induction hob but are having some difficulty using it, then it could be that the hob lock is on. If your Hotpoint induction hob is locked, then no matter what you do, it will not heat up until it has been unlocked again – it’s a safety measure, essentially!

Thankfully, unlocking the hob is easier than you might think and will not take long! In this article, we will take a look at how to unlock a Hotpoint induction hob, when you may wish to use the induction hob lock, and what else could be preventing your induction hob from heating up when you are trying to use it. 

How to unlock your Hotpoint induction hob 

In order to unlock your Hotpoint induction hob, turn the appliance on, then press the lock symbol for about three seconds. 

You should hear a beeping noise and see the light display next to the symbol light up, indicating that the lock has been turned off. Once the light turns off, then the hob has been unlocked. This is also the process that you will need to go through in order to lock your induction hob

Why would you need to use the lock on your Hotpoint induction hob? 

The lock on your Hotpoint induction hob can be used in multiple ways. The first and main way that people use the locks on their induction hobs is in order to prevent it from heating up when it is not in use. 

Unless the induction hob is unlocked, no matter how often the rings or zones are selected or temperatures are set, the hob will not heat up. This helps to prevent children and pets in particular from turning the hob on by accident. It also means that, should you place something on the control panel by accident, it will not turn on the hob. 

You can also use the Hotpoint induction hob lock in order to prevent settings from being changed while you are cooking. 

Why is my induction hob not working when unlocked? 

There are multiple reasons why your induction hob may not be heating up that do not involve the lock. Check through these few points: 

Is your hob clean? 

The first thing that you should always check is whether or not your Hotpoint induction hob is clear and wiped clean. If the hob is dirty, then it will not heat up. This is due to the fact that liquid, food, or any other debris on the hob or surrounding it (potentially seeping into the mechanisms underneath the hob) could be preventing it from functioning correctly. 

They could also be preventing the hob from detecting the pots and pans on top, therefore making it impossible to complete the magnetic field – stopping the heat from reaching your food.

Is anything covering the induction hob?

Beyond food, liquid, or debris covering the hob, other things could be preventing it from heating up. For example, if you have a tea towel, cooking utensils, or anything covering the control panel, then it will not turn on. If your induction hob is brand new, then it could have a thin plastic cover over it. If that is the case, then you will need to remove the film before using the hob. If not, then the hob will not heat up at all.

Do you have the right pans for your induction hob?

The final thing that you will need to check is that you have the right pans for your induction hob. In order for the induction hob to work, you will need induction pans. You can check whether your pans are suitable for induction by checking the bases for a symbol or inscription. 

You could also check the base of the pan by putting a magnet next to it. If the magnet sticks, it’s ready for induction cooking. If not, it’s time to invest in some new cookware – sorry!

When it’s time to call an engineer

If you find that your Hotpoint induction hob still isn’t unlocking after trying all of the troubleshooting above, it’s likely a good idea to get in touch with a professional who can help. Your best port of call will be to call Hotpoint customer care directly.

If you are finding that your induction hob doesn’t lock at all, the safest option from here will be to switch it off at the wall or to let it completely power down. This way, you can be sure that it’s not going to harm anyone or cause any serious accidents.

The locking function on your Hotpoint induction hob is extremely important – it keeps you and the people using your kitchen safe, and at the same time, it also helps to keep your cooking ticking over without interruption. As such, be sure to use it whenever you need to. 

That said, do always take the time to read through your instruction manual if you are ever concerned about the way that your induction hob is performing. Whether you are new to induction cooking or not, it’s never a good idea to take risks.

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