How to Unlock an Indesit Induction Hob 


May 22, 2022

Last updated on May 22, 2022


One of the most desirable features of induction hobs is their inherent safety. Most models, including Indesit induction hobs, arrive with a built-in locking mechanism to help keep things cooking and your loved ones safe. But if it does get locked, and even by accident – you want a speedy answer to how to unlock an Indesit Induction hob.

First of all, it’s always a good idea to consult the manual for your Indesit induction hob, or to consult Indesit customer care, if you’re unsure how to proceed with a problem or concern. However, if you’re simply wondering how to unlock your Indesit induction hob, here’s the full lowdown.

How to Unlock an Indesit Induction Hob 

As you may have noticed, there is a key symbol on your control panel at the bottom right corner of your Indesit induction hob. This is the control button for your locking mechanism. 

In order to turn on the locking mechanism, simply turn on the hob using the power button, then press the key symbol for about three seconds. After those three seconds have passed, you should hear a beeping noise and see a light next to the key to indicate that the lock has been turned on. This means that the entire hob has been turned off, and cannot be used, except for the power button. 

In order to turn off the lock, simply repeat the process until the light next to the key turns off. Once the light is off, you will be free to use your induction hob in its entirety. 

Why Might I Need to Use the Locking Mechanism on my Indesit Induction Hob? 

First of all, the lock on the hob acts as extra security, especially around children and animals. If they happen to turn the hob on, they will not be able to set a temperature, and thus the hob will not heat up. 

You can also lock the hob while you are cooking to ensure that no one can change the settings of the hob as you are cooking. 

Locking your induction hob will be especially useful if you have a tendency to leave pots and pans on it, even when it is not in use. An induction hob will not heat up without pots and pans on top – however, if that is where you do store them, then anyone in the house could turn on the hob without realising it. 

In fact, even leaving things like a cookbook, a heavy towel, or cooking utensils on the control panel could easily turn on the hob. Thankfully, as long as you have turned the lock on and nothing is touching the lock symbol, then you’re good to go.

However, it is not just the lock on your induction hob that can prevent you from cooking, and some of the other things will need to be handled before you can do anything with your induction hob! 

Why Won’t my Hob Work or Lock Properly?

As easy as Indesit’s fantastic line of induction hobs can be, they can fall foul of a handful of issues over time. Locking and unlocking your hob should be relatively simple, however, if you find that you can’t get your lock to work properly, it may be that there’s a fault in play you need to report to the manufacturer.

It’s worth remembering that warranties exist for a reason. If your induction hob ever develops a fault and it’s through no action of your own, then you may be covered for a repair or replacement. No one wants to have to muddle around with new kitchen appliances – they want to be able to get started with their cookware as soon as possible.

In fact, in some cases, it may be worth investing in an extended warranty, though there’s some discussion as to how useful warranty extensions can be in practice.

Unfortunately, while useful, induction hobs can be sensitive beasts. Reasons for your hob lock failing to work properly could be related to internal wiring, or it may be as simple as there being something sitting on the control panel – such as a little debris – that’s preventing it from working as you expect it to.

Do I Absolutely HAVE to Use My Indesit Induction Lock?

Yes – ideally, regardless of whether or not you have children or pets likely to turn your hob tops on, locking your induction hob means there’s no chance of your cooking getting interrupted. We recommend you make full use of all the safety features you’re provided with.

While some induction hob users may not feel they need to use the lock function on their cooktops, it’s a handy tool to use if you are worried about hazards in your kitchen. 

Do make sure to take a look for Indesit induction hobs – and those developed by other leading brands – that offer advanced safety features and functions. Just because an induction hob is more efficient and is, overall, safer than traditional cooktop systems, doesn’t mean you can’t hurt yourself if things are left unlocked. It’s better to be safe than to be sorry.

We’d always recommend that you take a close look at the instruction manual for your Indesit hob before you switch it on. You may be able to access it online before you purchase, or you may be able to get additional advice from Indesit experts before your maiden voyage. Happy cooking!

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