How to Unlock an Induction Hob

Demelza Pearson

May 19, 2022

Last updated on May 23, 2022


Unlocking your induction hob will likely be specific to your given make and model – but there are still a few things you will need to keep in mind when working out how to unlock an induction hob.

If you have a new induction hob and are having difficulty turning it on, then do not worry. Unlike most hobs, induction hobs do not simply turn on with the turn of a knob and begin heating up. Instead, their mechanism requires certain elements in order for them to turn on. Moreover, you will have even more difficulty turning it on if someone has locked it! 

Thankfully, induction hobs are very easy to unlock and to heat up. Let’s take a closer look.

How to unlock your induction hob 

As a general guide, simply locate the lock symbol on the control panel of your induction hob. Press the lock and hold it in for a few moments. It could take a bit longer than you nought assume to unlock it, but it shouldn’t take any longer than ten to twenty seconds. 

You will know that the hob has unlocked thanks to a beeping sound and possibly the flash of the light above the lock symbol. 

Unlocking an induction hob is actually very easy – it just requires a little bit of patience. In order to ensure that not anyone can unlock the induction hob, there is an extra safety system in place. The way this is set up can vary from model to model, but the technology is fairly universal.

When you have finished using the hob, you can simply lock it again using the same method. 

As annoying as it may seem to lock and unlock your induction hob, it is essential to remember that it only takes a few moments, and it is definitely worth doing. It can prevent children and even pets such as wandering cats from turning the hob on by accident. 

Why won’t my induction hob heat up? 

Your hob might not be heating up due to pan connectivity or even due to underlying technical concerns. Even if you have successfully turned off the lock on your induction hob, you may still find that it is not heating up when you turn it on. Let’s do a bit of troubleshooting as to why that’s the case.

There is no pot/pan on the hob

Standard hobs heat up as soon as they are turned on. However, induction hobs will not turn on without having a pot or pan on top of a zone or ring. 

Induction hobs have coils underneath the glass surface that needs to be completed with the base of the pots and the pans – it’s all to do with magnetism. If there is no pan or pot on top of the hob, then it will not heat up. That is also why induction hobs turn off when you remove the pans. The magnetic field is broken – and induction hob zones won’t heat up on their own, even if they’re unlocked.

You have the wrong type of pot/pan

Not all pans are suitable for induction hobs. Since the coil beneath the hob creates a magnetic field, the base of the pans in use need to be magnetic. Check their bases with fridge magnets – or, if they are made from steel or iron, then you’re likely good to go. Otherwise, you will need magnetic cookware so that your hob zones can heat up.

There could be something covering the hob

If you have liquid, food debris, or anything else on the hob, such spillages or coverings could be preventing the hob from turning on. The debris could be interfering with the magnetic field, thus preventing the hob from heating up. 

Before you start cooking, ensure that your hob is completely clean. This is also a good way of ensuring that there are no scratches made on the surface while you cook. 

Your induction hob may need to be repaired

Of course, there may indeed be a fault at stake – in which case, you’ll need to call in an expert. You should try all of the tests mentioned above, before calling in a professional. However, should your hob not start at all, and even make odd noises, then it is definitely time to call in a professional. You could also contact the manufacturer to see if they have any suggestions regarding the usage of your induction hob. 

Any further locking problems may also be easily diagnosed through manuals provided with your hob top. It could be that your induction hob isn’t wired or connected properly. If you don’t have access to a physical manual, you may be able to find one for your specific hob online. Beyond this, do take the time to speak to your manufacturer’s support team outright. You could talk to them via live chat through their website, or you could call them directly for more details.

Otherwise, your supplier may cover you for certain faults – and it stands to reason that the best induction hobs will also have extensive warranties in place, too. Check all of these details if it appears there’s a fault or two in play.


Induction hob locking systems might seem like a hassle to deal with at first, but consider things this way – without a lock in place, your hob top is likely to be much more dangerous! Induction systems are immediately safer than standard hob zones for the simple fact that they only ever heat up when pots are in place.

Therefore, it makes sense to get to know your induction hob’s locking system! Consult the manual if you can – and if all else fails, you may need to contact a professional to repair your induction hob.

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