How to Unlock Lamona Induction Hob

Demelza Pearson

May 10, 2022

Last updated on May 18, 2022


Lamona induction hobs have a long list of qualities – however, one thing that seems to stump most people is their locking mechanism, or more to the point, how to unlock Lamona induction hob.

At first glance, it appears as though the standard Lamona induction hob does not even have a locking mechanism due to the lack of any lock or key symbol on the control panel. However, that is not the case!

The Lamona induction hob lock is found within the control panel settings – this might not be obvious to anyone using the appliance for the first time! In fact, when you do not know where it is, it can be easy to lock the induction hob by accident, thus blocking you out of the hob and all of its functions. 

So, to ensure that that doesn’t happen, here is a quick guide to locking and unlocking your Lamona induction hob

Unlocking your Lamona induction hob

Learning how to lock and unlock your Lamona induction hob may seem a little complicated at first, but you will get the hang of it! Start by locating the downwards facing arrow on the control panel at the bottom of the induction hob. Then, locate the control for the front right ring or cooking zone. 

Hold the two symbols together until you hear a beeping noise. Then, press the control symbol for the front right ring once. An L should appear on each ring light display, indicating that the hob is now locked. Then, you can proceed to turn the appliance off using the on/off symbol on the control panel. 

When it is time to unlock the hob, turn the hob back on using the on/off switch, then hold the downwards facing arrow as well as the control symbol for the front right ring together. Then, press the downwards facing arrow once. When you turn the hob on again and select a ring and temperature, it should turn on normally. 

However, if you still see the L symbol in the ring light displays, then you will need to repeat the process to unlock it. 

As you can see, although it will not take long for you to unlock your induction hob, you could easily lock it by accident simply by leaving something on the control panel, leaning on it, or otherwise.

Why might I need to use my Lamona induction hob lock?

Locking your Lamona induction hob is simply a matter of precaution. If you leave your hob unlocked and powered on, it could cause all manner of accidents or injuries. Induction hobs only ever activate when something magnetic comes into contact – however, when it is locked, there’s no chance of anyone hurting themselves.

When you leave an induction hob unlocked, there is always the chance that a child or pet may burn or hurt themselves when they come into contact with the surface. Therefore, always ensure you lock your hob when you’re not around.

Locking your hob also means that you get to keep the heat and any settings you may have in place – meaning that no one can come along and mess up your cooking. It’s an asset to those of us who really want to keep cooking without being interrupted!

Locking a Lamona hob may not seem as simple as it can be for configuring other types of cooktop. However, it’s safe to say that this is a feature you should get to know a little better if you’re serious about cooking with precision – and safety, too.

Kitchen appliance safety is always a must – and while an induction hob may be safer to use than most, always take care.

Why else might my Lamona induction hob not be unlocking?

Your Lamona induction hob may not be able to unlock due to a fault that’s developed over time. There may be an issue in the wiring, the installation, or the inner workings. However, these circumstances may be considered absolute last-case scenarios.

Your Lamona induction hob may have trouble locking or unlocking if your cooking zones or rings are covered. In which case, it’s always a good idea to ensure that your cooktop is clean and clear. Yes – even a little debris or a slight spillage could be causing the unit to be dysfunctional. 

In which case, do always check around the hob itself to ensure that nothing is activating or setting off the control panel improperly. If this is the case, it’s easy to fix. We highly recommend you check your Lamona instruction manual if problems like this persist. An even better course of action, of course, will be to contact Lamona customer care for direct advice on what you should do next.

Crucially, you should always be ready to call an engineer or expert installer the moment you notice a problem with your induction hob that you can’t safely fix yourself. As we always advise, you should never try and fix, rewire or otherwise break into the mechanisms of an induction hob unless you are fully trained to do so.

Not only is this unsafe, you may also invalidate your hob’s warranty – and given that some hobs arrive with years of guarantee, you’re likely going to want to keep that protection in place!

So, yes – your Lamona induction hob certainly has a locking mechanism – it just might not be too obvious at first!

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