How to Unlock Neff Induction Hob T40FT40X0

Jen Hammond

May 19, 2022

Last updated on May 19, 2022


In most cases, induction hob locks present themselves with very easy to read symbols and just require a quick press and hold. However, if you have a Neff induction hob, you may be a little concerned by the lack of a specific locking symbol! Let’s figure out how to unlock your Neff Induction Hob T40FT40X0

Don’t worry – your Neff induction hob does indeed have a lock and, in fact, a very advanced and useful one. Unlike many induction hobs, Neff has gone that extra step to make your hob security management even easier by creating an automatic lock setting. 

However, before we even talk about the automatic setting, let’s take a look at how you can unlock and lock your Neff induction hob T40FT40X0 and why it could be the wisest move for you moving forwards.

How to lock and unlock your Neff induction hob

You may find that even having used induction hobs in the past, that the Neff induction hob standard is not quite as self-explanatory to unlock. That being said, the system is still very efficient and can save you a lot of trouble in the future! 

In order to turn on your Neff induction hob lock, you need to first ensure that the hob is entirely turned off. Then, press the symbol that resembles a bell, and hold it in for about four seconds. After the four seconds, the key symbol should be up for about ten seconds, indicating that the hob is locked. 

When you are ready to unlock the hob, simply repeat the process by holding the bell symbol again for about four seconds. The hob should then be unlocked. If you notice that you still cannot turn on the hob, then it could be that you did not hold the bell symbol for long enough, and you will simply need to repeat the process. 

If you would like the child safety lock to turn on automatically when you turn off your Neff induction hob, then you will simply need to modify the basic settings. 

When is the best time to use the lock on your induction hob? 

When it comes to any kind of kitchen appliance, the main thing is to keep your loved ones safe. As you know, hobs and ovens tend to be the appliances that can cause the most damage, as they are hot to touch and relatively easy to turn on. 

One of the great things about touch screen hobs is that they are so easy to use – however, simply by pressing on the control panel, or even having a cat walk across it could turn it on. Should there be any magnetic pans on the hob at the time, then the hob will turn on automatically, too.

By using the Neff induction hob lock, you can better ensure that you protect any nearby children, animals, and anyone else in the household! With the lock on, no one will be able to use the hob until you decide to unlock it yourself.

That is also why it could be wise to set up the automatic lock on your induction hob to ensure that those around you will still be better protected even if you do not have the time, or simply forget to turn on the lock. 

Why is the lock not turning off on my Neff induction hob? 

It’s not just the lock on your induction hob that can prevent you from cooking, and before even unlocking it, it would be wise to check a few other things first. Here are a few things that could be preventing you from using your Neff induction hob T40FT40X0: 

You don’t have the right pans

As you may know, induction hobs need very specific kinds of pans in order to function. Without pans with magnetic bases, an induction hob will simply not turn on, no matter how much you try. 

You have misaligned the pans

In order for the rings to be able to detect the pans easily, the pans should be a perfect size, and placed perfectly within the rings or zones. If they are not, it can confuse the system and lead to some very difficult cooking! 

Your hob is not clean enough

No, your hob is not judging you – however, it will not start at all if it detects too much food, liquid, or anything else on top of it. The debris will simply make it too difficult for the induction hob to detect the pans and be used safely. 

It will therefore not turn on until it has been cleaned. It doesn’t necessarily need to be spotless, but it would be wise to run a clean, soft rag over it before cooking. However, you should be careful to not scratch the glass! 

Sadly, there are certain other things that could be stopping your induction hob from turning on, including the fact that it could be damaged. This is very rare – but do make sure to try all of the above before you get in touch with a Neff expert.


The Neff T40FT40X0 is a fantastic induction hob that’s well known for being ultra-safe, and super-easy to use. However, if it’s your first time using any kind of induction hob, it makes sense that you’d want a little bit of guidance.

Do make sure to check out Neff’s website for more information if you need to contact a specialist for help – and, as always, if there’s a problem with your T40FT40X0 that you just can’t fix, check that it might be covered by your warranty – you may be entitled to a repair or a replacement.

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