How to Use a CDA Induction Hob 


May 22, 2022

Last updated on May 22, 2022


So, you’ve just got yourself a new CDA induction hob. As you will come to find, these induction hobs are incredibly efficient, stylish, and easy to use. But how to use a CDA induction hob?

If you have transferred from a standard hob to an induction hob, then chances are that you might be a little confused as to how to use your new kit. Yes, there are some pretty self-explanatory symbols, but knowing what the symbols are for is not the same as knowing how to use them! 

Whether you’ve misplaced your manual or want to know a little more about making the most out of your CDA hob, here’s a quick guide on what you can expect.

How to use your CDA Induction Hob 

Using an induction hob is as simple as making sure you have induction-ready pans that you can connect directly to the magnetic surface. These will power up your hob zones providing the main power is already active. Be sure to invest in specifically cast iron or stainless steel cookware if you want to cook meals on your new hob top!

That, however, is just the basic science of induction cooking. Every manufacturer and model is going to offer slightly different operations, meaning it makes sense to ‘get to know’ your cooktop before you use it properly. We’d advise reading your instruction manual in full, or contacting CDA directly for support if you are unsure of anything.

In any case, here are some basic functions you’ll need to know when using your CDA induction hob from day to day.

How to Turn on your CDA Induction Hob

The first thing that you will need to do is locate the power button on the bottom right-hand corner of the hob. Press the symbol and hold it for about two seconds. The hob will make a beeping noise, and all of the zone displays will show the number “0”. 

How to turn off your CDA induction hob

When you have finished using one particular zone or ring, you can simultaneously press the plus and minus symbols for your corresponding point. You can also simply press the minus symbol for that particular ring until it reaches 0. 

Once all of the zones have been set to 0, your CDA induction hob will automatically switch off. However, if you would like to turn off all of the zones at once, then you can simply hold the power symbol for around two seconds, at which point all of the zones, and the hob itself, will power down.

How to Set a Temperature on your CDA Induction Hob

Once your hob is switched on, you will have about ten seconds to set a temperature on the ring(s) or zone(s) that you plan on using before the hob automatically turns off. You will find plus and minus symbols for each zone (as mentioned above). 

You can select your chosen zone by pressing either symbol. If you press the plus symbol, then a zone will automatically start at a number 4 temperature. On the other hand, if you press the minus symbol, then the hob will automatically set at a number 9 temperature. 

In order to increase the temperature (up to level 9), simply keep pressing the plus symbol until you reach the desired temperature. Otherwise, to decrease the temperature, keep pressing the minus symbol until you reach the lowest setting, which is 1. 

How to Use the Timer on your CDA Induction Hob

As you might see, there is a clock symbol on the bottom left corner of your CDA induction hob. This is, of course, the timer. You can set the timer for between one minute and 99 minutes to cook as you please. 

As you will see, there are six dots surrounding the timer. The front-middle dot indicates the minute minder, whereas the other five represent the zone times. In order to set a cooking finish time for a zone, select your chosen zone before touching the timer and the plus and minus symbols at the same time. 

You will then notice the timer light turn up. You will then have to keep pressing the timer symbol and the plus and minus symbols repeatedly until you reach the control area for the zone you need. Once you have reached the zone that you want, you will notice that the zone time indicator is flashing, and therefore waiting for you to set the time using the plus symbol (which starts at 0 minutes and will go up as you keep pressing it), or the minus symbol (which starts at 30 minutes, and will keep decreasing as you keep pressing it). 

Once the timer has been set, the zone time indicator will stop flashing (after about five seconds), and the countdown on the timer will begin. The time remaining will show on the timer display. 

Once the timer has finished, that specific zone will turn itself off, and the hob will make a beeping noise for about one minute, indicating that it has finished cooking. To turn off the beeping noise before the end of the minute, simply press either of the timer symbols. 

Are CDA Induction Hobs Easy to Use?

Yes – CDA induction hobs are some of the easiest-to-use systems you can invest in for your kitchen. However, they do still arrive with a little bit of a learning curve, so make sure to keep your instruction manual handy should you have any problems on the way to cooking success.

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