How To Use a Samsung Induction Hob

Jen Hammond

May 10, 2022

Last updated on May 20, 2022


Samsung is known for bringing forward some of the best kitchen and home appliances on the market, including quality induction hobs. However, for those of us who are new to induction hobs, they can be a little difficult to figure out at first. That is why we’ve set up this guide to help you to learn how to use a Samsung induction hob  – whether you’ve lost your instruction manual or just want to get up and running!

Things to keep in mind

Just as with any induction hob, you must ensure that you have the right cookware for your Samsung cooktop. You’re going to ideally need pots and pans in stainless steel or cast iron, as they are magnetic. This means that they should connect directly to the hob top itself, and therefore provide more precise, efficient cooking. 

Therefore, don’t be afraid to invest in the right cookware for your Samsung induction hob – otherwise, you could end up getting frustrated that your old pans simply won’t work! Cast iron skillets, as it happens, are really versatile for cooking, too!

How to turn a Samsung induction hob on and off 

Locate the power switch on your control panel, on the bottom right side. Touch the symbol for about one second, then let go. The light display should show a dash symbol, indicating that the appliance is on. 

You will then have one minute to select a specific ring and a temperature. After one minute has passed, the appliance will automatically turn itself off as a safety precaution. 

In order to select a ring, touch the symbol on the control panel that represents the location that you wish to use. Once you have selected the ring, use the temperature gauge, sliding your finger across until you reach the right temperature. The settings below three are the lowest temperature settings, whereas nine represents the highest temperature setting. 

When you wish to stop using a particular ring or cooking zone, select it on the control panel, then turn the temperature all the way down to 0 by sliding it to the ‘Off’ symbol. Once you have turned off the ring, you may notice an H appear in the light display. This is to indicate that the ring is still hot. 

Finally, when you want to turn off the entire appliance, simply press the on/off symbol on the bottom right-hand corner of the control panel for about one second. 

How to use the lock on the Samsung induction hob 

You can either use the lock to avoid changing the settings on the induction hob while you cook, or you can use it to avoid the induction hob being turned on and used when you are not there. 

In order to turn the child safety lock on, press the lock symbol on the control panel, and hold it for about three seconds. You should hear a beep indicating that the lock has been turned on. Then, the letter L should flash in the light displays, indicating that the lock is active.

When you are ready to turn the lock off, simply touch the lock symbol again for another three seconds, at which point you should hear another beep, indicating that the lock is deactivated.

It is always a good idea to lock your Samsung induction hob when it is not in use. This prevents children and pets in your home from turning the hob on while you are away. 

However, since the control panel responds to pressure, placing anything on the control panel could activate or deactivate the lock. Even a tea towel could turn the lock on or off whether the hob is in use or not – so do be careful to never cover the control panel!

How to use the timer on a Samsung induction hob 

The timer on your Samsung induction hob can be used in multiple ways – but, ultimately, it’ll help you to keep your cooking time to an absolute minimum.

You can, for example, use it as a safety shutoff. That is to say that you can set the duration for however long you choose to cook with a specific ring. Once the time has passed, your Samsung induction hob will automatically turn off that specific zone.

Start by selecting the ring that you wish to use by pressing its function on the control panel. Then, press the clock symbol on the bottom left corner of your induction hob, at which point the number 10 should appear on the light display, with the 1 flashing. 

You will then need to set the timer using the temperature control gauge. You can set the timer from ten to ninety minutes. You can then set a shorter time by pressing the timer control again until you see the 0 on the light display flash. 

From there, you can use the temperature control gauge to set the timer from one minute to nine minutes. When you have finished using the timer, use the time gauge again to set it to zero.

To use the countdown timer, ensure that the appliance is switched on, but that no cooking zone or ring has been selected. Press the clock symbol until you see the number 10 appear on the light display. Then, set the time using the temperature gauge. 

If you wish to adjust the time during cooking, press the clock symbol again and change the time using the gauge. Once the timer has finished, the hob will make a buzzing sound for about thirty seconds – it’s done!


Now that you know the basics for using your Samsung induction hob, you should be ready to go! As you will come to learn, there are plenty of other features on the hob that are worth getting to know. However, these few simple settings will get you cooking and using the hob in a few minutes.

Remember, it’s always worth reaching out for help if you need it. Therefore, make sure to contact Samsung customer care if there seems to be a problem with your induction hob that you can’t remedy on your own.

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