How to use your Amica Induction Hob

Jen Hammond

May 10, 2022

Last updated on May 20, 2022


If you have recently bought yourself an Amica induction hob, you might have a little difficulty getting used to using it at first, and may be wondering how to use your Amica induction hob this is especially the case for those of us who are used to using standard hobs such as those that simply run on basic gas or electricity!

With that in mind, here is a quick guide to help you to get used to your new Amica hob – consider this a quick boot camp on how to use the most basic functions on your brand new appliance. You’ll be firing up those zones and cooking up a storm in no time.

How to turn your Amica induction hob on and off 

Let’s really start with the basics – in order to turn your Amica induction hob on, start by finding your on/off switch on the control panel. Hold the button for about a second, at which point all of the light displays should show the number 0. This is to indicate that the hob is indeed on and awaiting further instruction. 

You will have about ten seconds, from here, to set a feature on the induction hob (be it the timer, temperature for a ring, power booster, etc.). After that point, the appliance will automatically turn itself off. 

You can select a ring by pressing its symbol on the control panel. The number 0 will flash on its specific light display, indicating that no temperature has been set yet. You will then need to set the temperature by pressing the plus symbol to increase it and the minus  symbol to decrease it. 

When you have finished using the ring or zone, press the sensor for about three seconds. Then, to turn off the hob, press the on/off switch for about one second. 

You may notice the letter H flashing on the hob, too. This is to indicate that the hob is still hot to the touch and that you should therefore be careful. You will need to wait for the H to stop flashing before you begin cleaning the appliance. Not only do you risk burning yourself, but burning some of the cleaning products can also release toxic fumes into the air. 

How to use the child safety lock on your Amica induction hob 

The child safety lock should be enabled after every use on your Amica induction hob, especially if you live with children or pets. 

You can turn the lock on while you are cooking or when you have finished. By turning it on while the hob is in use, you can ensure that no one can change the cooking settings on the hob until you decide otherwise. You can also lock it when the hob is off to ensure that no one can turn the hob on while the lock’s engaged. It’s well worth using.

To turn the child safety lock on your Amica induction hob, whether it is in use or not, simply press and hold the lock symbol on the control panel for about five seconds. No button on the control panel will work while the child safety lock is on, except for the on/off switch – worth remembering if you have little ones who are likely to explore.

How to use the power booster on your Amica induction hob 

You can use the power booster on your Amica induction hob to get your pots and pans to temperature far quicker – and to get it working, it’s just a simple touch of the right button.

In order to use the power booster feature, start by selecting the ring that you wish to use on the Amica’s control panel. Then, set the temperature to a maximum of nine before pressing the plus symbol one more time. The letter P should appear on the light display for that specific ring – it’s ready to boost.

The power booster function will only work for about ten minutes before automatically turning off – so keep this in mind if you notice things starting to simmer. This is to ensure that your hob does not overheat (it has your safety in mind).

Once the power booster setting has automatically turned off, the hob will return to its normal power setting. 

You can turn off the power booster function simply by decreasing the temperature on the specific ring in use by pressing the minus once or more. 

How to use the timer on your Amica induction hob 

You can set the timer on your Amica induction hob by selecting the ring that you wish to use. Set the temperature on the ring, then press the clock symbol in the middle of the control panel. 

You must press the clock symbol within the first ten seconds of setting the temperature on the ring – then, use the plus and minus symbols to set the cooking time. You can set a time from between one and 99 minutes. The light display next to the clock symbol will show the time remaining on the ring – you’re always up to speed on what’s happening with your dishes.

When the timer has finished, the induction hob will beep, indicating that it has finished its cycle. You can always turn it off by touching any button on the control panel, too. The beeping will continue for about two minutes if not turned off. 

You can also use the timer on your Amica induction hob as a regular clock without having to use any of the rings, too. Simply turn the induction hob on, then immediately press the clock symbol. Adjust the time as you normally would. 

In order to turn off the timer before the set time has passed, press the clock symbol for about three seconds, or press the plus or minus symbols until you reach 0. 
Amica’s induction hob standard is very easy to get used to, but if you ever lose your instruction manual, make sure to come back to us for advice! Or, as always, reach out to Amica customer care if you have any specific concerns.

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