How to use your Baumatic Induction Hob

Jen Hammond

May 20, 2022

Last updated on May 20, 2022


Baumatic’s induction hobs are amongst the easiest to use thanks to their limited control buttons, clear symbols, and easy to use features. That being said, some features will require a bit more patience, and there could even be some that you did not even know about. 

If you don’t have an instruction manual to hand, be sure to keep reading to learn how to use your Baumatic induction hob.

How to turn on the safety lock your Baumatic induction hob 

Simply press the key symbol on the control panel until the timer display light shows the symbol ‘L0′. This will show that the safety lock has been turned on. All of the control panels will be disabled while the lock is on, except for the power button. 

In order to turn off the lock feature, then you will have to repeat the process by pressing and holding the key symbol until you see ‘L0’ leave the timer control display. Then, you will be able to use the hob as you please. 

How to start cooking on your Baumatic induction hob 

Before you are able to start cooking on your induction hob, you will first of all need to turn on the appliance. You can do this by pressing the on/off symbol on the control panel. 

Simply press it once, without holding it in. You should hear a beep and see a dash symbol next to all of the control buttons to show that the hob is now on standby, waiting for further instruction. 

In order for the hob to remain on, you will need to select and start cooking on a ring or zone within one minute of starting the hob. If you do select one and begin cooking, then the hob will automatically turn off. 

Once the zone has been selected, you should place a pan on top of it. The pan should be the same width as the ring, and it will need to have a magnetic base in order for it to work as expected. If the light next to the ring control button is flashing, then it could be because the ring cannot detect the pan. 

Ensure that there is nothing between the pan and the glass surface of the hob. Even a piece of food or liquid could interfere with the magnetic field being created by the coil beneath the hob and will therefore not complete.

Once the pan has been placed and the ring has been selected, then you can use the plus and minus symbols on the control panel to select a temperature setting. Again, if you do not select a heating setting within one minute of the ring being selected, then the hob will automatically turn off. 

How to turn off your Baumatic induction hob 

When you are ready to turn off your Baumatic induction hob, simply select the ring that you are using by pressing its symbol on the control panel. Then, hold onto the minus symbol until the temperature setting goes to 0. 

You could also press the plus and the minus symbols at the same time until the temperature setting goes to zero. Either way works, although by only pressing the minus symbol, you will only need one hand to turn off the induction hob. 

Once the rings have been turned off, you will see the letter ‘H’ appear in the control panel, next to the symbols of the rings that you have been using. This is to notify the users that the hob is still hot. The ‘H’ will automatically turn off once the hob has completely cooled down. 

The ‘H’ usually only appears if the hob is over 60 degrees Celsius and is therefore at a temperature that could cause injury. That is why sometimes, even when the stove is warm, there is no letter, as the temperature is safe to put your hands on, should you need to. 

Of course, whether the symbol is there or not, you should always be careful about using your hob and touching it after it has been used, and when it could still be dangerous to touch, especially for children and animals. 

Once you have finished turning off the rings, it is time to turn off the appliance itself. You can do this by pressing the power button and holding it until you hear a beep. 


If you are interested in learning about any other features on your Baumatic induction hob and about how to maintain your new induction hob properly, then simply contact the manufacturer or consult your instructions manual. You can also check out our other articles about maintaining and cleaning induction hobs! 

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