How to use your Cooke and Lewis Induction Hob  

Jen Hammond

May 21, 2022

Last updated on May 21, 2022


Using a Cooke and Lewis induction hob is fairly straightforward, however, there may be occasions where you need to consult a troubleshooting guide, such as this one on how to use your Cooke and Lewis induction hob

Whether you have lost your manual or simply want to quickly check a few features without having to break out the instructions manual again this guide will help.

How to use Cooke & Lewis induction hob systems

Cooke and Lewis have designed a fantastic induction hob that’s intuitive and efficient to use for all kinds of cooking – here’s what you need to know about locking, powering up and using your hob top in general.

How to lock and unlock your Cooke and Lewis induction hob 

As you will notice, the standard Cooke and Lewis induction hob comes with a control panel marked by white symbols at the bottom. One of the controls is in the shape of a key, which is, in fact, your locking and unlocking mechanism for the hob. 

This is an important feature, as it will prevent anyone from changing the setting as you cook and can prevent children and animals from turning on your hob when you are not around. It’s one of several kitchen safety features you’ll want to make use of!

In order to turn on or turn off the lock, simply touch and hold the key symbol for a few seconds. Since the control panel is a touch screen, you will not need to press on the controls – simply hold them in.

You can use the lock on your induction hob as you are cooking or when the hob is not in use. 

How to turn on your Cooke and Lewis induction hob 

In order to turn on your Cooke and Lewis induction hob, simply locate the relevant ‘on’ button on the control panel. In this case, you should only need to press the control quickly, and the hob will turn on. You will hear a beep sound as it activates, and the indicators will flash. This is to say that the hob is now on standby as it waits for further instruction. 

How to start cooking on your Cooke and Lewis induction hob 

In order to start cooking on your Cooke and Lewis induction hob, you will need to first of all place a pan on the ring that you plan on using. Ideally, you should use pans that match the sizes of each ring for optimal usage. 

Remember that you will need pots and pans with magnetic bases in order for the hob to heat up. Place the pans directly on the ring, ensuring that there is nothing between the base of the pan and the surface of the zone. 

Touch the control symbol for the ring that you plan on using. You will notice a light flash next to the symbol of the ring. Now, you can choose the temperature that you want the ring to reach by pressing the plus symbol to increase the temperature and the minus symbol to decrease the temperature. 

If you do not set the temperature on the correct ring within one minute, the induction hob will automatically turn off. 

How to turn off your Cooke and Lewis induction hob 

Once you have finished cooking, simply touch the symbol of the ring that you have been using to select it. Then you can touch the minus symbol until the setting number next to the ring symbol reaches 0. You can also hold in the plus and the minus symbols simultaneously until the setting reaches 0. 

How to clean your Cooke and Lewis induction hob 

In order to properly maintain your Cooke and Lewis induction hob, you should clean it after every use. Let the hob cool down before cleaning it to ensure that none of the cleaning products burns, thus potentially damaging the induction hob and releasing dangerous fumes in the air. 

Ensure that you only use cleaning products that have been specifically designed for induction hob surfaces. You should never use general cleaning products, washing-up liquid, or harsh cleaning products, as they can easily damage the hob. 

Instead, use a clean, damp cloth and an induction hob cleaner to wipe down the hob. Then, remove any of the remaining products with a soft, dry towel. 

Always remove any food debris or liquid from the hob as soon as possible. Do so carefully by using a piece of kitchen roll or a clean towel in order to ensure that you do not scratch the induction hob in the process. 

Why is my Cooke and Lewis induction hob making noise after I turn it off? 

If you notice that your induction hob is making a noise after you turn it off, then there is no need to worry. In fact, it is a sign that the hob is working normally! Once the hob has finished cooking, the fan will turn on to help to cool down the hob. 

However, if you’re concerned about the particular noise that you hear, or for whatever reason, you do not think that it is making the appropriate noise, you should contact the manufacturer for better guidance – or a professional technician to come and check over your hob before you use it again.


Cooke and Lewis produce fantastic kitchen appliances and equipment that really do make our lives easier. However, there may be occasions where you need a little extra help. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about!

In any case, we hope our Cooke and Lewis induction hob user guide has helped you this far – and happy cooking!

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