How to use your IKEA Induction Hob

Demelza Pearson

May 10, 2022

Last updated on May 20, 2022


IKEA induction hobs appear to be taking the market by storm as they are stylish, well-made, affordable, and arrive with that famous IKEA brand seal of quality. Thankfully, they are also very easy to use – and not necessarily as tricky to set up as IKEA’s detractors might tell you! Let’s dive in and find out how to use your IKEA induction hob!

However, when you are new to induction hobs or even new to this particular kind of model, it can be difficult at first to get the hang of it. 

With that in mind, here is a quick guide to help you to learn how to use your IKEA induction hob – and we’ll also give you a sneak peek at some of its most appealing added features and functions.

How to turn your IKEA induction hob on and off 

Getting started is as quick as knowing how to switch things on and off! Press the on/off symbol on the control panel for about one second to turn the appliance on. You will then need to select a ring and set a temperature in order for the hob to remain on. If you do not set a temperature, then the hob will automatically turn off. 

You will need to press the plus and minus symbols of the respective ring controls in order to modify the temperature. Naturally, the plus symbol will increase the temperature, whereas the minus symbol will decrease it. 

The hob will also turn off if you leave something on the control panel for longer than ten seconds. This is a safety precaution as even the lightest object can put enough pressure on the control symbols to adjust the hob. 

You may notice the letter F flashing on the light display as you turn the induction hob on. This is to indicate that the cookware that you have placed on the hob is not suitable for induction and, therefore, will not work on the hob. After about two minutes, your IKEA induction hob will turn itself off. 

In order to turn off a specific ring, simply press respective plus and minus symbols until the light display will show the number 0. This is to indicate that that specific ring has been turned off. 

How to lock your IKEA induction hob

Using the child safety lock on your IKEA induction hob is very easy and comes highly recommended. Start by turning the hob on using the on/off switch on the control panel, but do not set any temperatures or cooking features. Instead, press the lock symbol on the control panel and hold it for about four seconds. You will see the letter L flash on the light display, indicating that the hob has been locked. You can then turn the hob off again using the on/off symbol. 

In order to turn off the child safety lock, repeat the process until you see the number 0 flash on the light display, indicating that the hob has been unlocked. 

You can also use the hob once when it is in lock mode. If you turn off the lock as normal, then set the power of a ring within the first ten seconds of turning off the lock, then you can use the hob as you normally would – however, once you turn off the appliance again, using the on/off switch, the lock will automatically turn back on. 

The locking mechanism is a great way of ensuring that the hob cannot be accidentally turned on by a child, pet, or by leaving something on the control panel. However, if you do place something over the lock symbol, then it could unlock the induction hob by itself.

How else can I use my IKEA induction hob? 

IKEA induction hobs are designed to be some of the most efficient and intuitive cooktops on the wider market. They are amongst some of the most cost-effective to run over time thanks to the fact they simply won’t demand much power to run.

IKEA induction hobs also come with a few fantastic features you may wish to make use of. For example, the IKEA induction hob standard arrives with cooking presets. This means that you can effectively move your cookware across what’s known as a multi-flex zone. This means you can easily choose preset power profiles depending on what you’re cooking, and how much you’d like to warm it up.

IKEA induction hobs also arrive with bridge functionality, meaning that it’s completely adaptable for larger or more awkward sizes of pots and pans. You can easily combine heating zones or rings into one if need be, for example.

IKEA induction hob appliances also arrive with power boost functionality. This means that you can essentially give your cooking that little bit of an extra heat boost without having to overdo it on the power. All in all, it’s a great way to make your cooking that little bit more precise.

Some IKEA induction hob systems even arrive with built-in vents and auto-cooking features. These models allow you to jump between cooking modes using a simple sensor. Therefore, you have even more flexibility in the kitchen than ever more.

Is it worth buying an IKEA induction hob?

It may be safe to say that IKEA isn’t always a name that springs to mind when it comes to induction hobs. However, the homeware brand offers much more than just flatpack furniture – and the IKEA induction hob range proves to be one of the more appealing in terms of aesthetic, functionality and overall efficiency. 

As such, there are plenty of great reasons why you should invest in an IKEA induction hob. In fact, getting used to this model shouldn’t take much doing. Just make sure you have your instruction manual to hand – and if you don’t, be sure to speak to a member of the IKEA customer care team as soon as possible. Do always look into warranties and extended protection with your purchases, too – you never know when you might need it!

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