How to Use Your Lamona Induction Hob


May 21, 2022

Last updated on May 21, 2022


If you have recently bought a Lamona induction hob, then this guide is for you! Although Lamona’s standard of hob is very efficient, there are certain features that you will need to get to know how to use that may not be as self-explanatory as you anticipate

This guide will show you all of the basics, including simple functions and how to use your Lamona induction hob.

Lamona Induction Hob – How to Turn On 

To turn on your Lamona induction hob, first of all, you will need to locate the control panel. It should be at the bottom of your induction hob, in the middle of the glass surface. 

At the bottom of the control panel, you should see two of the ring controls and one symbol in the middle shaped as such “I”. This symbol is the on button. You simply need to press it once for the induction hob to turn on. You will then have ten seconds to select a ring / zone and set the temperature. If no ring is selected, then the hob will automatically turn off.   

How to Turn Off Your Lamona Induction Hob 

To turn off your Lamona induction hob, all you need to do is press the on and off switch and hold it in for one second. The hob should then make a beep sound to indicate that it has indeed been turned off. 

If you want to turn off one ring, but not the entire hob, then simply select the hob that you want to turn off, then hold the lower temperature symbol (the downwards facing arrow) until you see the number “0” appear next to the symbol of the ring that you have selected. 

How to Lock Your Lamona Induction Hob 

Since there is no lock symbol on the Lamona induction hob, you may assume that there is no locking mechanism on the hob – however, thankfully, that is not the case! Locking systems on appliances are incredibly useful.

To lock your Lamona induction hob, you will need to press the downwards facing arrow and the front right ring control. Hold the two together until you hear a beep. Once you hear the beep, press the front right ring control and release it. Once you have removed your fingers, you should see an “L” symbol appear next to each ring symbol. You can then press the off symbol to turn off the hob. 

When you want to unlock the hob, press on the on the control button, at which point the “L” symbol next to each zone control again, then repeat the process by pressing and holding the downwards facing arrow and the front right ring control together. 

Remove your fingers, then press the downwards facing arrow. You can then turn on the hob by pressing the on button, selecting a hob from the zone controls, and setting the temperature. If the hob has not been unlocked, repeat the process until the “L” symbol disappears. 

Other Interesting Functions On Your Lamona Induction Hob

The Lamona induction hob generally arrives with a few extra features and functions worth reading up on. For example, as you may already expect, it benefits from pan detection. This means that you should know when you place your cookware on a zone whether or not it is suitable to cook with.

As with all other induction hobs, the Lamona standard will only work with magnetic-based cookware. If you place your cookware on the live hob and the “U” symbol persists, that means it’s not suitable to cook with. The “U” symbol will normally appear when a hob zone is live, but when there’s no magnetic pan detected.

Do also look for the “H” symbol on your Lamona induction hob. If this appears next to any zone, it means that there is still residual heat. This is a fantastic warning in case you accidentally place your hand on the hot surface, or if you want to make use of any remaining warmth. Once the “H” disappears, it’s cool to touch and safe again.

Is Lamona’s Induction Hob Easy to Use?

On the whole, yes, Lamona’s standard induction hob is very easy to get used to. However, we always recommend that you follow your instruction manual the first time you come to use it, and if you do have any concerns or queries, it’s a good idea to contact Lamona directly for advice

Over time, using an induction hob should be easier to adjust to than using standard gas or electric rings. You might surprise yourself!

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