Learning How a Beko Induction Hob Works 


May 22, 2022

Last updated on May 22, 2022


So you’ve just got yourself a new Beko induction hob – we bet you can’t wait to start cooking! Thankfully, Beko induction hobs are built with simplicity in mind. You will have no trouble transferring from your standard gas or electric hob to a Beko induction.

Learning how a Beko induction hob works is, reassuringly, very straightforward. While you may already have received an instruction manual for your hob, if you can’t find one online, here’s a guide to take you through how to get started with Beko induction.

How to Turn a Beko Induction Hob On and Off 

As you can imagine, the first thing that you will need to know about your Beko induction hob is how to turn it on. Thankfully, this part should be relatively easy! 

Simply press the on button on the bottom, right-hand side of the induction hob. Once you have turned the hob on, you will have one minute to set the temperature for the hob. You can set the temperature by pressing the plus button (to increase the temperature, or the minus button ( to lower the temperature). 

If the temperature of the hob has not been set within one minute of the hob being on, then the hob will automatically turn off. This helps to ensure that should the hob be turned on by accident, by an animal, a child, or simply by placing something on the hob that activates the control panel, the hob will not turn on. 

Once you have finished using the hob, and have removed the induction pan from on top, then the hob will automatically turn off. This is because the induction hob needs to connect to the magnetic base of the pan in order to complete the magnetic field, which is what’s used to heat up the pan. 

Therefore, if there is no pan in place, the hob will not heat up and will automatically switch off for the sake of safety. To ensure that the entire hob is truly switched off, press the off button (the same button you use to switch on). When you turn off your hob, you may notice an “H” flashing around the control panel. This is to indicate that the hob is hot to the touch and that it will need to cool down before you can safely use it again. 

How to Lock Your Beko Induction Hob 

It should be easy to see that there is a lock symbol on the control panel of your Beko induction hob. This particular locking mechanism is best used during cooking. Simply press the lock symbol once, at which point the light next to the lock should flash. This indicates that the hob is therefore locked, and only one button on the control panel can be used. 

Only the on and off button will function once this lock is turned on. All of the other temperature settings, various functions, and timers will be blocked off until the induction hob is unlocked once again.

In order to unlock your Beko induction hob, simply hold the lock symbol for a few seconds. Once the light next to the lock symbol switches off, the lock is disabled, and you can once again use all of the functions on your Beko induction hob as normal.

This lock is a massive help if you want to keep your kids and pets safe during cooking – and honestly, why wouldn’t you?

Quick Tips on How to Use the Beko Induction Hob 

Generally, you’ll need to plug in or hardwire your Beko induction hob before you can start using it. If you’re unsure how to do this, it’s always safest to consult an electrician who can carefully guide you through the process.

Once it is plugged in, select the pot or pan you plan to use and place it on the hob before turning it on. Remember that the pots and pans you plan to use on your Beko induction hob will need to have magnetic bases. Therefore, only pots and pans made of magnetic stainless steel or iron will work on the induction hob. 

Once you have placed the pan on the hob, you can then turn it on. Select the temperature you wish the pot to cook on, and select the function you would like to use. On Beko induction hobs, you can make cooking even easier for you simply by setting the hob at one of the following settings: deep fry, fry, boil, simmer, or keep warm. 

Once you choose your desired setting, you can then lock the hob for further security. 

When you have finished cooking, remember to unlock the hob before removing your pan and turning off the hob. 

Let the hob cool down entirely before cleaning it. However, cleaning it as soon as possible is always a good idea to prevent food debris and liquids from damaging the glass surface. Ensure that you only use cleaning products produced for induction hobs, as well as clean, soft cloths, to prevent the cleaning process from scratching the glass surface of your Beko induction hob. 

Running a Beko induction hob shouldn’t be too difficult – their products are built for ease of use! However, it always makes sense to ensure you know your way around an appliance before you get started with it. If all else fails, be sure to consult your instruction manual, and contact Beko’s experts directly for further help.

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