How to use Neff Induction Hob with Magnet Twist Knob

Demelza Pearson

May 10, 2022

Last updated on May 20, 2022


So, you have bought a new Neff induction hob with magnet twist knob – but what does it actually do, and why is it unique to Neff hobs?

The magnet that you are holding is in fact called a twist knob. It comes with your Neff induction hob as a different way of being able to control your cooking. Of course, you can still easily use the control panel on the glass surface of the hob, but using the twist knob definitely has its perks, too!

In this article, we will guide you through how to use the magnetic twist knob on your Neff induction hob, and why it’s a feature you may wish to use.

How to use the magnetic twist knob on your Neff induction hob 

To use the twist knob on your Neff induction hob, you must first locate the twist pad. The twist pad is situated in the centre of the control panel, at the bottom of the induction cooktop. It is the space between the controls for the rings or cooking zone. 

Place the twist knob at the centre of the twist pad. Since the twist knob is magnetic, it will automatically stick to the twist pad and will centre itself so that it is perfectly placed. 

In order to turn on the hob, simply press the twist knob towards the area of your desired ring. Once you have selected the ring, you can turn the twist knob to select the temperature, by turning left to turn the temperature down, and right to increase it. 

Once you have finished using the twist knob, you can remove it from the hob completely. Once it has been removed, the control panel will be locked automatically. 

However, if you remove the twist knob while you are cooking, the lock will turn on for about 35 seconds, after which time the hob will automatically turn off. 

Remember to never place anything metallic over the twist pad once the twist knob has been removed. If the hob detects anything metallic, then it could mistake it for the twist knob and continue to heat up. 

Anything from a metallic cooking utensil to cast iron cookware could do it, so do be careful! In fact, you should never place anything on or near the control panel, as the pressure from the objects (even very light ones such as cloths), could change the control settings, thus putting you and your loved ones in danger. 

Once you have finished using the twist knob, it is important to know how to store it. Since the twist knob contains a very strong magnet, it can be dangerous to keep it near objects such as credit cards, televisions, phones, etc. 

Finally, it is important to ensure that the twist pad and the twist knob are completely clean before you use them. Due to the strong connection between the two, if there is any debris between them, you could accidentally scratch up the surface – something you’re certainly going to need to avoid doing!

Why would I use the magnetic twist knob? 

Although it may seem a little strange to use a knob on your induction hob, they can indeed be very useful. 

Many of us are accustomed to using knobs on our standard hobs, and one of the benefits of using induction hobs is that they primarily work with flat control panels. Not only are they very easy to clean, but they also look more stylish, and are precise to cook with at the slight touch of a button.

That being said, it can be a pain having to press the same control symbols over and over until we reach our desired settings. Some of us actually prefer using old-style knobs and dials simply because they allow for greater precision!

That is where the twist knob comes in. The great thing about the twist knob is that you can have all of the benefits of an induction hob with an old-style rotary dial thrown in.

Since the twist knob is magnetic and removable, you do not have to deal with it all of the time, and for those of us that really care about how our induction hobs look, you won’t have to worry about it ‘spoiling the aesthetic’.

It is also very easy to attach, meaning that you do not have to go through a long process of wiring or setting it up.

Is cooking with the magnetic twist knob better than using the control panel?

Cooking with the twist knob over the control panel doesn’t really hold any benefits over how your food turns out. However, cooking with the Neff magnet can give some of us a little more control when we need it the most.

What we really like about the Neff induction hob setup is that you really can have the best of both worlds. Alternatively, you can choose either option that suits you the best. It’s one of the most flexible and versatile induction hob designs on the market right now.

If you are experiencing problems with the Neff magnetic twist knob, or want to know more about how this system works, it’s always a good idea to contact Neff customer service – and if all else fails, be sure to read the manual!

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