Resetting Your Neff Induction Hob

Jen Hammond

May 10, 2022

Last updated on May 20, 2022


Is your Neff induction hob not working correctly? Do you keep seeing error codes flashing on the light displays? Your automatic thought may be to reset the hob, but that will not actually do any good in some cases. Therefore, it’s worth checking up what the error codes that show up on your hob actually mean before you try resetting your Neff Induction hob

Neff has brilliantly made different error codes for different faults. In many cases, you won’t need to reset your hob – you might just need to change the way you use it. However, the chances are that what is wrong with your hob is something very simple that will not need much fixing at all. 

In this article, we will guide you through the various error codes that you may see on your Neff induction hob – and tell you precisely what is wrong, and how to fix it.  

Resetting your Neff induction hob

To perform a basic reset of your Neff induction hob, simply power it off and on again. This is known as a basic power cycle, and performing such a cycle can be a common way to clear many errors and problems with modern appliances.

However, if you want to reset your Neff induction hob to its factory state, you’ll need to use setting symbol C0 and then 1 to perform a reboot. There will be more comprehensive information in your instruction manual. It may even be a good idea to speak to Neff’s customer care team, too.

Neff induction hob error codes and how to fix them 

If you spot any of the following error codes or sporadic issues with your Neff induction hob, here’s how you can go about fixing common problems:

No lights are displaying (no error codes)

If no lights are appearing on your Neff induction hob, then it could be that the hob was not connected properly when installed. If your hob has only recently been installed, then you will need to contact the professional who did the job, or indeed a new one, to ensure that the hob has been connected properly. 

The problem could also be with the power supply. This is more likely if you have an older hob. It could be that there was a power cut or fuse issue in your home, or indeed that the circuit itself has been damaged or disconnected. You can, of course, check for a power cut and the fuse box yourself – however, if there is anything amiss with the circuit, then you will need to contact an electrician or engineer.

All of the light displays are flashing

This is typically due to the fact that something is covering the control panel. It can be food, a cloth or even water. All you need do is remove whatever is covering the control panel, dry it properly, then use it as you would normally. 

Error Code F2

The electronic mechanisms within the hob have overheated and therefore automatically turned off the specific ring in use. You will need to leave the hob to cool down, then try to restart it. If it usually starts and you can set the ring temperature, then it is fine to use it again. 

Error Code F4

Again, this is a sign that the electronic mechanisms within the hob have overheated; however, in this case, the hob will have automatically turned off all of the rings. Once more, you’ll have to wait until the entire hob has cooled down, then try to use it again as normal. 

Error Code F5

The induction hob has detected a hot pot or pan on the control panel. You will need to remove the pan, wait for the error code to pass, then continue as normal. 

Error Code F1/ Error Code F6

The ring in use has overheated and automatically turned itself off. Wait until the ring has cooled down, then use it again as usual. 

Error Code F8

The hob was on for too long without switching off. The hob has therefore turned itself off automatically as a safety precaution. You should be able to turn it back on and use it as normal. 

Error Code E9000

There is something wrong with the power of the circuit. The only way to address this is by contacting a professional electrician for their help. 

Error Code U400

The hob has not been properly connected. Again, the only way to address this is by contacting a professional to ensure that the hob has been properly attached to the circuit. 

Error Code dE

The demo mode has been activated. In order to turn it off, simply power off the induction hob, wait for about thirty seconds, then power back on. This will reset the hob. Use any of the control symbols within the first three minutes of turning the hob back on, and the demo mode will have been deactivated. 

What do I do if the error code that I am seeing is not on this list? 

There is a long list of error codes that come with a Neff induction hob, some of which you may not see here. If that is the case, then it is best to contact the manufacturer so that they can advise what is wrong with the hob. You may also need to contact a professional engineer in order for them to come and fix the problem. 

Remember to never try to fix the hob yourself from the circuit or even by trying to fix the electronics beneath the surface of the glass. You run the risk of causing a fire, even if it isn’t immediate. Instead, contact a professional to better ensure your safety and that of those around you. 

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