What Does L Mean on an AEG Induction Hob?

Demelza Pearson

May 10, 2022

Last updated on May 20, 2022


We can all recognise a letter H on the control panel display as meaning that the hob is hot and therefore should not be touched, but there are certain letters that may not be so obvious to understand. One of the common letters that we come across is the letter L. But what does L mean on an AEG induction hob? 

AEG induction hobs are designed to be some of the most intuitive and efficient cooktop tools on the market. That said, when you’re just getting started with your new appliance, there’s always likely to be a few symbols and messages on your control panel that might not make much sense.

L Stands for Locking Mechanism

Simply put, when you see the letter L appear on the light display of your AEG induction hob, it means that the hob is locked. That is to say that the child safety lock has been activated. 

Whilst the child safety lock is on, you will not be able to use the cooktop at all – in fact, the only button that you will be able to use is the on/off switch. This is to prevent anyone from being able to turn on and use the hob when it should not be used. 

It is there to protect children, pets and unwitting adults in your household! That’s why it is so important for you to learn how to use the lock on your AEG induction hob. Without it, you’re at risk of causing serious harm and injury, as well as potentially losing control of your cooking.

Kitchens can be dangerous spaces – so honestly, don’t take any chances. Use that lock!

If you don’t have the instruction manual for your AEG induction hob to hand, don’t worry. Let’s take a look at how you can get the lock function to work in a few quick movements.

How to control the locking mechanism on your AEG induction hob 

When using the locking mechanism on your AEG induction hob, you can lock the whole appliance except for the on/off switch. 

In order to turn on the lock, press the lock symbol on the control panel for about four seconds, at which point the letter L should appear in the light display to indicate that the hob is indeed locked. 

You can then turn off the hob using the on/off switch on the control panel. Do not set any temperature on any ring before turning the lock on, or the child safety lock will not function – and instead will simply lock the hob on a cooking setting. Avoid this wherever you can!

When you want to turn off the lock, simply repeat the process until the number 0 appears in the light display to indicate its function.

If you wish to use the automatic lock, then turn on the hob, then press the lock symbol for about four seconds. You will then have ten seconds to set the heat on the ring or cooking zone of your choice, then start to use it. 

Once you have finished cooking and have turned off the hob, the child safety lock will automatically switch back on. However, this will only work for one cooking session, and you will to lock the induction hob manually after that. 

This may sound confusing, but it’s one of the most intuitive locking mechanisms of its kind across the induction hob market. Ultimately, it’s there to protect you and the people you care about. It’s high time you knew how to use it!

When should I use the locking mechanism on your AEG induction hob? 

The locking mechanism on your AEG induction hob should be activated after every use – no exceptions! This helps to ensure that even if you leave something on the control panel by accident, or live in a home with children or pets, that your hob won’t switch on by accident and cause a mishap.

That being said, given that in order to turn off the lock, you need only hold it in for about four seconds, remember never to leave anything on the control panel. A cooking utensil, a a plate, anything that can put even the slightest amount of pressure on the control panel can activate it – even the lock mechanism. Therefore, even if it is locked, it can be unlocked without your knowledge. It’s extremely rare this will ever be the case, but it absolutely pays to be vigilant.

Therefore, remember to take everything off of your hob when it is not in use. Even your pans should be kept away, as being on the hob zones makes it more likely that your cooktop will be turned on accidentally. What’s more, you may find that you do serious damage to your surface and to any pots and pans you may be using along the way. 

Our advice? Lock the hob, and if you’re really concerned, look into buying a protective cover to fit your specific surface. This should stop you from having any further nightmares about fire hazards or accidents in the kitchen when you’re not around.


Now you know that whenever you see the letter L on your AEG induction hob, it simply means that the hob is locked. Thankfully, it is very easy to toggle this lock – and it will therefore only take you seconds to get used to it.

It’s not the sort of mechanism you’ll have come across with basic ceramic or gas hobs – but, as with all other induction cooking functions, it makes sense to accustom yourself to what it can and can’t do.

Grab your AEG induction hob manual for the complete lowdown on features on board your appliance, or if you are really concerned about issues that might arise, get in touch with AEG right away for support and guidance.

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