What is a Venting Hob?


July 30, 2021

Last updated on September 18, 2021


Up until recently, no one had ever heard of an air venting hob, but this new technology is making a big impact and could be the perfect tool for you!

A venting hob is an induction hob, or ceramic hob, that is fitted with its own extractor in the centre of the unit or behind. It’s a pretty nifty kitchen design!

The idea was to incorporate the two in order to save space and not have to have a hefty machine above your hob!

Could a venting hob cut back on your kitchen space worries? Could it provide you with the downdraft extractor functionality and cooking zones you’ve been crying out for? Let’s take a closer look at what this all entails.

Why Should I Get a Venting Hob?

There are plenty of reasons that a venting hob could be the perfect hob for you! First of all, they are a lot more aesthetically pleasing to look at than regular extractors.

Usually, when one thinks of extractor fans, we tend to think of these big bulky things that are attached to our ceilings or walls. However, nothing could beat having the extractor being very discreetly placed into the hob itself. Thanks to its flat, black surface, you won’t even notice your extractor from the other side of the room.

Secondly, they are just as efficient as standard downdraft extractor units. Due to them being vastly smaller, one might think that venting hobs perhaps lack in quality compared to their cousins. This is not true!

They will be able to extract any odours, grease and steam from your cooking, just as any other extraction unit. In fact, some believe that venting hoods do the job better than regular extractors, due to the fact that they extract the steam, odours and grease at cooking level.

Thirdly, you would be getting two appliances in one. The cost of installation could also be a lot cheaper, as installing an extractor onto the ceiling or the wall can be quite a difficult job, especially depending on the layout of your home. This way, the engineer you will hire to install the venting hob will only have to take care of one machine. Bosh Home UK and Ireland have a really nice video demonstrating how air venting hobs work.


What is a Venting Hob & How Does it Work?

A venting hob is an extraction unit that is placed in the centre of a ceramic or induction hob, at equidistance from each ring burner. You could have induction hobs or ceramic hobs, and still benefit from this technology.

Much the same as a standard extractor, the vapours, odours and grease are extracted by the vent where they are either recirculated back into the house of they are exhausted.

In order to be able to fit a venting hob, you will require quite a large space beneath the hob in order to hold the necessary hidden elements of the hob.

Due to the fact that most of the steam, odour and grease is extracted at pan level, there should barely be any remnants surrounding your cooking or making their way into your home!

Venting hobs are indeed a very efficient way of saving space, adding style and keeping your home safer and cleaner.

Do Induction Cooktops Need a Vent?

Yes, all cooktops need a vent. No matter the type of hob that you opt for, they will all, without question, create steam, grease and odours from whatever you are cooking.

Although they do not need vents in order to prepare the food, the lack of one can be very damaging to your home. Not only will you find that your kitchen will be covered with the various odours from the different foods that you cook, it will also be covered in a layer of grease that will only grow over time.

You could always clean everything surrounding the hob frequently, but it would have to be very frequent and will undoubtedly take a lot of time and effort. Not only that, but you could cause serious damage to your walls and/or ceiling.

They are not meant to be receptors of hot steam and grease, therefore you may notice that the paint in your kitchen, the wood or anything that your walls and ceilings are covered with, will start to go mouldy and will need some serious attention.


Do You Need an Extractor Fan Above a Hob?

Although yes, you do need an extractor fan, it does not necessarily have to be above the hob.

Extractor fans are a must in any household that has a hob! Problems relating to the lack of an extractor fan may not appear immediately, but they will over time and will only worsen.

A big problem for some is that their kitchens just aren’t big enough to hold an extractor fan above the hob. In that case what can you do? You could just open the window whilst cooking and hope for the best!

However, venting hobs make life that little bit easier. They arrive with a temperature control and 4 separate rings or cooking zones – as well as an extractor fan situated right in the centre of the hob.

When you start researching air venting extractor fans you will discover that you can choose from gas ceramic and induction hobs, so make sure to do a bit of light reading on your hob options.

How Much Do Venting Hobs Cost?

As they are relatively new technology, venting hobs are more expensive to buy than standard hobs.

Of course, when taking the budget you would need to invest into a new hob and separate extractor fan, a venting hob could be the cheaper solution. Depending on the company that you choose to go with, the installation price will differ also.  At the top of the range Elica are leading the way for efficiency, innovation and design.

Another thing to take into consideration is the type of hob, whether or not you will be getting a ceramic, gas or induction hob. To find out more about the differences in price read our articles on induction vs ceramic hobs!

We’re always looking for affordable venting hobs to share with you, too. Take a look at our air venting hobs buying guide for the full lowdown.

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