How to use your Whirlpool Induction Hob

Jen Hammond

May 19, 2022

Last updated on May 19, 2022


You may notice that your Whirlpool induction hob appears to have a few more buttons than other induction hobs, or is simply not laid out in a way that you are accustomed to leaving you wondering how to use your Whirlpool induction hob.

This could especially be the case if this is your first time using an induction hob altogether! Whirlpool induction hobs are actually very easy to use and could not be more straightforward when it comes to the controls. 

However, if you do find yourself struggling to navigate your new installation, then here is a quick guide on how to use a Whirlpool induction hob to help you get started.

How to use the locking mechanism your Whirlpool induction hob 

In order to use the locking mechanism on your Whirlpool induction hob, all you need to do is press the lock symbol on your control panel for about three seconds (possibly more). Then, you should hear a beep and see a flash next to the symbol of the lock to indicate the controls on the hob have been locked. 

If you activate the locking mechanism when the hob is not in use, then the entire hob is locked and cannot be used. This is for your safety – it’s a great feature of the best induction hobs.

On the other hand, if you lock the hob whilst it is in use, then all of the settings on the hob will be locked – however, the power button and on and off buttons will still be able to be used. 

In order to unlock the hob, all you need to do is press the lock symbol again for three seconds until you hear the same beep and see the same light flash, indicating that the hob is now unlocked. You will be able to verify that it is indeed unlocked by checking to see if you can modify the settings on the hob. 

The locking mechanism is a great way of better ensuring the safety of the children and animals that are present in your household by ensuring that even if there are pans on the rings, they cannot turn on the hob. Moreover, it also prevents anyone from modifying the settings on your induction hob while you cook. If this has ever happened to you, you’ll probably know how annoying it can be!

However, this does not mean that you are able to leave your hob unsupervised. Whenever your hob is in use, even if it is locked, you should always be present to ensure that no accidents happen, both to the food and to anyone around you! 

How to start your Whirlpool induction hob 

In order to turn on your Whirlpool induction hob, you will need to press the on and off symbol on the control panel. You should only need to press it once, and the control panel, as well as the lights next to each ring or zone, should light up, indicating that everything is on standby. You should select your cooking settings within the first ten seconds of turning the hob on, or the hob will automatically turn off. 

To set a specific zone active, you will need to touch the symbol next to your chosen zone to select the area. You will need to select the temperature by sliding on the power slider on the control panel. You have up to nine settings on each ring, with nine being the hottest temperature. 

If you do not select a setting for the ring / zone and leave it at zero, then it will automatically turn off after about thirty seconds. In order for the ring to heat up, you will need to place your pot or pan on it before turning the hob on. Ensure that the base of the pot or pan matches the width of the zone perfectly before starting. 

How to turn off your Whirlpool induction hob when you have finished cooking 

When you have finished using the ring, simply press the off control next to the symbol of the ring. Hold the off button until you hear a beep, indicating the ring is now off. You can then press the power button on the control panel to turn off the entire hob. 

When you have finished using the hob, you will likely see an ‘H’ in the heat setting display of the rings that you have used. This is simply to note that the ring is still hot and should not be touched. When the hob has cooled down enough, the ‘H’ will disappear. 

You should also hear the fan below the surface of the hob when you have finished cooking, which will turn on for as long as it takes to cool down the system. 

Taking care of your Whirlpool induction hob

Taking care of your Whirlpool induction hob doesn’t have to be an ordeal. Simply make sure that you carefully lock your hob after each use, and once the unit’s surface is cool, be sure to wipe it down with a clean, wet cloth. This is to prevent accidental spillages from marking and burning onto the surface. 

Do also take the time to cover and enclose your induction hob properly. While Whirlpool’s standard induction hob line tends to be one of the most responsive and easy to use, it certainly makes sense to take care of it as best you can. Why not take a look at our further guides on how to use induction hobs, too?

Do consult Whirlpool directly, too, if you have any concerns regarding their products and any warranties you may be entitled to.

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