How To Buy A New Gas Cooker

Are you ready to start cooking with gas? Then it’s time to look for a new gas cooker. Many people love gas cookers as they offer reliable, precise cooking standards which, when installed properly, offer delicious food at a speedy delay.

But what should you keep in mind when it comes to setting up a gas cooker installation? What makes gas cookers more appealing to some people than, say, an electric cooker?

In this guide, we’re going to take a look at what you need to know when looking for a gas cooker, or dual fuel cookers that use gas. Above all, it’s a really good idea to make sure you find a registered gas cooker installation service to make sure everything is safe and good to go!


What should I look for in a gas cooker?

Here’s a quick breakdown of what we think you should make sure to prioritise before you install a gas cooker for the first time.

Find a Gas Safe Registered Engineer

We really can’t stress this enough! Whenever you set up a new gas cooker, you must make sure you have a gas safe registered engineer on hand to connect you up to your gas supply.

Gas is extremely hazardous. If handled incorrectly, it could result in loss of life. Therefore, never consider taking on the installation yourself. No matter the gas cooker installation prices available, always get an engineer who is fully accredited to connect everything up.

Consider Fittings

You’ll need to think about the type of gas oven you want to install. Do you want one which will fix into your wall unit? What about a freestanding cooker?

This really can depend on your existing kitchen suite setup, so make sure to take measurements and to look carefully at the wider range of types and styles in gas cooker out there before you place your money behind any one option.

A freestanding cooker, for many people, is likely to be really easy to handle!

Look for Cleaning Convenience

Modern gas cooker systems should be really easy to clean. In fact, you may even find that some of the new cooker systems on the market are self-cleaning!

This means that they are easier to wipe down once you’ve run a temperature cycle. These ovens will heat up to very hot temperatures and burn up anything ground-on.

Consider Capacity

Capacity, of course, is a must. Do you want your new cooker to be a double oven? Or, do you need little more than a single oven cavity?

Think carefully about your space and how many people you are cooking for. Consider the number of burners you’ll want from your gas hobs, too, as these will often arrive as standard with your new cooker!

Dual Fuel Cooker or Gas Alone?

It’s pretty easy to leap into buying a gas cooker without thinking about if you really need electric cooker support, too. That’s why dual fuel cookers are so popular.

These systems bring together the best of both worlds. They allow you to cook with the efficiency and precision of gas, while you can still cook with the safety and reassurance of electric if you want to.

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How long do gas cookers last for?

Generally speaking, if you look after your gas cooker properly, you will likely get more than 10 years out of it.

However, you must make sure you take care with its cleaning, maintenance and everything in between! You can’t, we’re afraid, expect your cooker to just persist on its own merits without a bit of TLC here and there.

Of course, you should also look for gas cookers with guarantees and warranties, too. Top brands and well-known makes will also offer long-lasting options that stand the test of time.

What is the best gas cooker?

The best gas cooker for you is one that has enough space, cooks efficiently enough for your needs, and which is safe to install and run.

However, we understand you’re probably looking for a top brand or gas cooker model that’s going to really cut through the pack.

There are no one or two gas cooker systems that really stand head and shoulders above the rest! There’s a lot of choice out there. That’s why it’s a really good idea to take a look through our buying guides and tips, to ensure that you know what’s top in the line based on our expert experience.

Gas cooking is efficient, low cost and precise. However, gas cooker systems aren’t ideal for all tastes and needs, so make sure to do a little bit of homework and research dual fuel as well as other electric cookers and options, too!

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