5 Tips to Hide Kitchen Appliance Cords


February 10, 2022

Last updated on February 10, 2022


Kitchen Appliance cords are unsightly and ugly sometimes, but we definitely need them. If you are wondering how to hide kitchen appliance cords we have five tips to help you hide them through careful camouflage and boxing solutions.

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After you’ve spent so much time painting and decorating your kitchen, it can be an absolute nightmare to have to deal with appliance cords. Of course, we need them, but do they have to be so obvious? 

Keep reading for a few tips on how to hide kitchen appliance cords and cables without having to lose too much time and hassle.

Use Velcro to Hide Kitchen Appliance Cords

One of the most common ways of making to hide kitchen appliance cords and making them look tidy, be it in the kitchen, living room, or even the bedroom, is by using velcro ties. They are easy to use, cheap to buy and work wonderfully. 

Simply fold the cords into a shape that looks tidy, and that is thin enough for the velcro tie to hold in place. The best thing about this option is that you can untie and retie it when needed. It isn’t a permanent fix and makes it easy for you to be able to move the appliances when you want to. 

Put Panels in Front of Them

It’s not always possible, but you can always camouflage or hide kitchen appliance cords and cables in your kitchen by setting up neat, tidy panels. This can be a little tricky as it may depend on how your kitchen is laid out and decorated. However, an installer may be able to help make some recommendations.

Consider how and where your cords are interrupting your kitchen design – it’s well worth looking at ideas on social media such as Instagram and Pinterest on how to hide them away, too.

Hide Them in a Drawer 

If your cords head downwards, then why not pass them through into drawers? If your cupboards and drawers have no back panel, then it will be easy enough to pull them out in order to pass the cords behind them and into the cavities. 

That way, you will easily be able to access the cords should you need to, and they are safely and stylishly put away. Of course, this does mean that you will have to sacrifice some drawer space, but in the long run, it could be worth it. Consider your own needs carefully.

Place Them Behind Your Cupboards

If you definitely need all of the drawers in your kitchen, then you can hide small kitchen appliance cords behind the cupboards should suffice instead. Of course, this will only work if your cupboards pull out, and remember to leave enough space behind them for the cords to be placed safely – again, your own specific circumstances will dictate.

Use Zip Ties

Zip ties are a little more permanent than velcro ties – however, they are also stronger. You will be able to hold the cords together tightly, ensuring that none push the wires too far for them to contain them. What’s more, you can get zip ties of various colours to match your cords, ensuring that they are barely visible.

Things to Keep in Mind when you Hide Cords in the Kitchen

  • Beware of fire hazards! If you have any bare wiring, or you want to cover your cords with flammable material, stop – there are safer ways for you to hide kitchen appliance cords away. Make sure to fix bare wiring, of course, and do ask an appliance installer for help on safely hiding other cords.
  • Decide where you want your appliances to be in the long term. There is no point hiding your appliance cords if you plan on moving them frequently. It just means that you will have to hide the cables all over again when that can easily be avoided, simply by planning ahead and deciding which smaller items you actually want to keep out. 
  • Go with the option that best suits the style of your kitchen. It can be easy to choose one of the options mentioned above or even others based on ease. Naturally, you will want the quickest solution to get these pesky wires out of your view. However, it is worth taking the time to figure out which option best suits the style of your kitchen. Hiding cords and cables is, of course, largely about keeping your space looking great!


Kitchen appliance cords can be a pain, but as you can see, they do not have to destroy the design of your kitchen. As long as you use safe and efficient ways to hide them, you can trust us when we say that you will barely even remember them being there. If all else fails you could think about hiding the kitchen appliance!

Whenever you are in doubt, always ask for the opinions of a trained electrician or appliance installer. The last thing you will want to do is fumble with electrics when you may be at risk. Take your time, consider your needs, and don’t rush into a solution!

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