How Much Are New Kitchen Appliances?


February 10, 2022

Last updated on February 10, 2022


How much are new kitchen appliances? Unfortunately, there’s no clear-cut answer as kitchen appliance costs will vary – depending on the model, the manufacturer, and the unit itself. You may find yourself paying thousands for some fridges and ovens – but is it really necessary?

Not always. It can be difficult to work out whether or not you are getting a good deal or not – so, in this guide, we will take you through a few clear ways to start budgeting properly for the appliances you’re actually going to need and use on a daily basis.


How Much Should I Spend On Kitchen Appliances? 

The amount that you should spend on your kitchen appliances depends entirely on you, and what you need. There are no right or wrong answers, really, but you can spend too much on some systems. Therefore, when asking yourself how much are new kitchen appliances you should, instead, consider using between 20% and 40% of your kitchen budget on your new appliances as a base point. 

However, before deciding on how much you should spend exactly, ask yourself these simple questions:

How Frequently Do I Use Each Appliance?

If you are someone who enjoys cooking and who frequently uses their appliances, then you will naturally want to invest in better-made, stronger appliances that will last you for longer and will potentially come with more specific features.

Of course, with those kinds of requirements, you will have to set aside a bigger budget for your appliances. As difficult as it may be at first when you first see the amount that you will need to save, remember that these appliances are built to last.

What’s more, if you are buying a package of appliances at once, it could be worth looking at kitchen appliances packages to make your life easier and potentially save yourself some money. 

How Big Do I Need the Appliances to be?

The price of the appliances will naturally depend on their size. It can be easy to opt for smaller appliances with smaller price tags, however, if you are in a big household that’s going to depend on the oven or fridge daily, smaller units simply won’t last.

Remember to take into account the number of people who eat from your kitchen before you start shopping for appliances.

Do I Care About Big Brands?

We personally advise you to try and stick to brands that you can trust. Some, such as Hotpoint, Samsung and SMEG, are well-known kitchen providers – and are trusted by millions. However, that trust often comes at a high price than you’d expect elsewhere.

On the other hand, be careful not to lean too much on smaller, budget brands. Always look into buyer reviews and guides if you can. Never buy an appliance just because it’s super-cheap or if it is on sale at a massive reduction. There may be a reason for this.

What’s more, look at reviews in separate places – don’t always trust the same set of reviews from one given retailer.

You need to strike a balance between a brand you can trust, and one that you can afford. Thankfully, there are more than a few options out there, and we look through quite a few of them in our reviews and buyers guide catalogue!

How Much are New Kitchen Appliances to Budget For?

For the essential kitchen appliances, you should set a budget aside of at least £1,000. Your actual budget depends entirely on the appliances that you are looking for, their brand, where you buy them, and more. However, this should comfortably cover you at a base rate for a cooker, a fridge and a washing machine – at a good quality. This should also cover you for installation, too.

If you are concerned about the amount that you will have to spend on kitchen appliances, then it is definitely worth looking into the best times to buy such equipment and how to ensure that you will get a good deal on them. Keep an eye on sales across the year, and don’t always be so hasty to go for the latest technology.

Buying a New kitchen? Price up Without Appliances First

If you are looking at redoing your kitchen completely, then you should start by examining the costs of the kitchen itself without the appliances. That means everything from the new cabinets, countertops, sink, painting, floors, tiles, splashbacks, etc. before looking at kitchen appliance packages.

It is also important to remember that you will have to pay for the cost of the installation, too.

So, on average, for the cost of fitting a new kitchen without appliances, you will be looking at paying between £1,500 and £4,000. The price of everything, of course, will depend on who you buy from, the types of appliances you choose, and the technology involved.

How Much is a New Kitchen With Appliances?

Appliances included, you are likely looking at £6,000 maximum, top end, for a basic kitchen suite. That said, this can vary if you really intend to go towards the luxury end of the market. 

However, a whole new kitchen suite with appliances may cost as little as £2,500. It’s worth shopping around as best you can.

Is There an Average Price for Kitchen Appliances?

No – not necessarily. Sales come and go, and as there is such a wide market for each of the appliances you are likely to host in your kitchen, not forgetting a large ballpark at stake and also a consideration for the best time to buy.

Be sure to compare different brands and appliances from store to store. Again, it’s healthy to have a budget of some form or other in mind – as this way, you will have a figure to fall back on.

If all else fails, and you’re in the process of setting up a new kitchen, reach out to an installer and ask for their honest opinion.

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