How Much Does a Kitchen Appliance Package Cost?


February 10, 2022

Last updated on February 10, 2022


Are you looking to kit out your kitchen from scratch? It’s probably worth buying in bulk. In some ways, kitchen appliance package costs can cut the cost of buying separate units.


Finding new kitchen appliances can be a real nightmare. Whether it is just one appliance or more, it can take a really long time to find one that has everything that we are looking for, at the right price and in the right place! 

But, what if all of our appliances could come at once? With a kitchen appliance package, that is definitely a possibility – however, prices really do vary.

Let’s dig a little deeper into kitchen appliance packages, and how much they are likely to cost you.

What are Kitchen Appliance Packages? 

If you are looking at renovating yourself a kitchen or filling your home with new appliances, (both large and small) then the chances are that you’ve come across package deals before.

Simply put, kitchen appliance packages are ensembles of kitchen appliances that are usually made of the same materials, colours, and style. The idea is that by having matching appliances, you will have a more uniform and intentional kitchen. Remember the nightmare of having to find matching goods months or even years down the line? Consider a package to save you that hassle.

However, the style isn’t the only thing that’s interesting about kitchen appliance packages. In most cases, packages can actually save you money. Of course, the initial investment will be quite a lot upfront – however, it can be worth it depending on what you need. You may even save a little bit of money per appliance, too.

How Much Does Kitchen Appliance Package Cost?

On average, you’re likely to spend up to £2,500 on an appliance package. However, this will vary depending on what you buy, where from, and other factors.

Kitchen appliance packages may include washing machines, fridges, ovens, microwaves and more – the full kit-out, sometimes!

Kitchen appliance package costs can depend on the following:

The Make

As you can imagine, the make will determine a great deal about the kitchen appliance package cost. If the package is from a well-known, established company such as Samsung, then it is bound to cost more than your lesser-known line. You’re paying for confidence in the label.

The Appliances Themselves

Consider what we’ve detailed above – packages come in all sizes and don’t always contain the same items. As you can well imagine, the more recent the models inside the package, too, the more it is bound to cost. You can indeed save serious money by opting for older appliances, even if they are just a year older than the most recent iterations. Shop around!

The Retailer

You can find kitchen appliance packages online and in various shops on the high street. The amount that you spend on a package will often depend on where you buy it – for example, there may be a sale event. Thankfully, even kitchen appliance packages go on sale a few times throughout the year. If you do have time, it could be worth waiting for your dream package to be on sale.


The price of installation will depend on where you buy the kitchen appliance package from, and it will have a big impact on the overall price. 

Some companies include the price of the installation and the delivery in the cost of the package – however, that is not always the case. 

It is essential to ensure that you know about the price of the delivery and installation of all of the appliances in your package before you commit. If you don’t, you could find yourself having to spend hundreds or even over a thousand more than you had initially expected.

Are Kitchen Appliance Packages Worth It?

It all depends on what you need, as well as your budget.

On the one hand, if you are looking for all-new appliances, then it could be worth buying them all at once, and saving yourself some money than buying them separately. 

Moreover, if you are keen on having a uniform and stylish kitchen, then why not invest in kitchen appliances that are built to be together? In fact, even if you are only in the market for certain appliances and only plan on replacing others in the coming months or years, it can be worth upgrading them all together now. 

However, kitchen appliance packages do cost a lot of money in one go. If you do not need multiple appliances at once, then there really is no need in investing in a package. What’s more, setting up matching appliances is an excellent idea, but only if each one of the items suits your needs. 

There could be an oven, fridge or dishwasher that has more of the features that you are looking for that are simply not included.

It is completely up to you whether a kitchen appliance package is worth it. While some people claim that it was their best decision for their kitchens, others would say that it can easily be an expensive mistake. 


Kitchen appliance packages could save you tons of hassle, time and money – but ultimately, they won’t suit everyone’s needs. Therefore, it makes sense to shop around for makes and models that genuinely interest you, and setting up a budget.

If you’re working from a blank slate or simply don’t fancy upgrading one by one over the years to come, it might just be worth you dipping into your savings.

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