When is The Best Time to Buy Kitchen Appliances?


February 10, 2022

Last updated on February 10, 2022


When is the best time to buy kitchen appliances? The answer to this will vary on the time of year, when new models are released and even how warranties.


Generally, you should look for big sale events – but that sweet spot between the end of summer and the start of autumn tend to bring about amazing savings. 

There’s no denying that kitchen appliances, in general, can cost quite a lot of money. It is especially the bigger and most used appliances that set us back the most. Yes, they are investments, and most of us do tend to use them on most days – however, should that mean that we have to spend an arm and a leg to afford them? 

Thankfully, even the most sought after kitchen appliances can be found at budget prices as long as you find get them at the right time. Sometimes, it is best to choose your timing before investing in a kitchen appliance, even if it means going without it for a little bit longer.

So, when is the best time to buy kitchen appliances, and how do you ensure that you get the very best deals on them and where should you buy appliances

The Best Time to Buy Kitchen Appliances is Not Waiting Until The Last Minute!

The golden rule is, of course – not at the last minute. Make sure to look carefully at the warranty and guarantee plans for your appliances and be ready to replace far ahead of their expected ‘expiry’ dates.

Otherwise, the best time to buy kitchen appliances can be a few years into their use. Some, such as fridges, cookers and freezers, should last you many years at a time – and if you invest in a solid make or model, then you’re likely to get even more use out of them over time.

Again, this is why it’s an excellent idea to check warranty periods. These tend to be when manufacturers believe their products will last until before you need to upgrade. When you’re out of the warranty period, you’re out of luck.

Of course, you may also be looking for the best time of year to buy appliances for your kitchen. We have a complete guide on when is best to buy small kitchen appliances, however, the same notes there bear repeating.

Whether you are redoing your kitchen or replacing one appliance, in particular, the truth is that you might have to wait a bit to get the best deal on the appliance or appliances that you need. Generally speaking, different appliances have different sales dates, which is, of course, the best time to buy kitchen appliances.

Try and hold out for early autumn if you can, as this tends to be the time of year when many models and items are pushed out to student buyers. What’s more, it also tends to be a good time of year for new models to get released.

Shouldn’t I Just Wait for an Appliance Sale?

Yes and no. Some sales are worth holding out for, but there’s always a chance that you’re going to suffer from price gauging.

This is when some retailers increase their kitchen appliance prices only to drop them at the last second – giving the impression that you’re getting a great deal when you’re not. Be sure to track the appliances you really want across the year.

You can always ask your local shops about when their next planned sales are specifically so that you can plan for exactly when you want that appliance. 

It is also important to remember that certain deals do not last for very long, and products that are on sale are often very limited in their inventory. If you do spot a deal that is appealing, you should go for it as quickly as possible – providing you’ve read up on all the terms and conditions. 

That is another reason why planning ahead is a great idea. By knowing exactly what you want and need, you are less likely to invest in something that turns out to not be ideal, just because it was at a good price. 

When is the Worst Time to Buy Kitchen Appliances?

When you’re buying them for the sake of it, or when it comes to the calendar year, towards big events – but only because the risk of price gauging may be higher.

If you are keeping your eyes peeled on a new model of an appliance and cannot wait for it to be released, then stop for a moment. 

An appliance is more expensive than when it is initially released. By buying it as soon as it comes out, you could find yourself paying a lot more than you would if you had waited. 

Consider giving new models of appliances time to ‘breathe’ in the market. Think about the initial mania over new iPhones and the like – after a time, these items start dropping in price, and there’s really no point in jumping on the bandwagon.


So when is the best time to buy kitchen appliances? Of course, we all need kitchen appliances, but prices can quickly add up. There is nothing wrong with wanting to buy your appliances at the best possible prices, and thankfully you can do that if you are shrewd enough.

It is always best to plan to replace an appliance before it breaks down – which is why you should watch the warranty. If you wait until the very last moment to replace it, then you could find yourself having to pay through the nose – and you may be left for some time without a crucial appliance or two!

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