What are Kitchen Appliances?


February 10, 2022

Last updated on February 10, 2022


There are no daft questions here – kitchen appliances are those items that you rely on to make food, wash clothes, dishes and more. Think fridges, washing machines, toasters – the list goes on!


If you are renovating or buying your first home and are now focusing on the kitchen, then, of course, you will be thinking about the kitchen appliances (both large and small) that you should ideally be filling it with.

So, let’s look at what exactly a kitchen appliance is, how you can plan your kitchen around them, and which appliances make the most sense for your prospective suite!

What Qualifies as a Kitchen Appliance

A kitchen appliance can be defined as being a machine that is used in the kitchen to cook, prepare or store food. Of course, you could also say that a kitchen appliance can be used to clean kitchen utensils and dishes, as well as wash and dry clothes.

So, when you think of your kitchen appliances, you can consider your fridge, freezer, dishwasher, oven, hob, cooker and microwave as all being essential appliances. However, since the term is quite general, other machines in your kitchen are considered to be appliances, too. 

Anything from a bread maker or an ice cream maker to a blender or a coffee machine could all be deemed to be kitchen appliances. Pretty much any machine in your kitchen, in fact – is an appliance (falling short of the odd TV or Echo device, of course!).

So, now that you know what kitchen appliances are, which should you be considering for your perfect kitchen?

What are the Essential Kitchen Appliances to Have?

Of course, the answer to that depends entirely on you. Kitchen appliances are designed to make our lives easier, but that does not mean that we absolutely need them all. 

For nearly all of us, at least two or three appliances are absolutely essential: a fridge, a cooker, or an oven with separate hob. As long as you have the appliances to store and cook your food safely, then you pretty much have everything that you need. In addition, a washing machine makes a lot of difference – if you have ever had to hand wash clothing, you will agree with us on this!

However, that does not mean that you should not invest in other machinery that could make your life and time in the kitchen that much better. 

You can buy a machine to blend your food, popcorn machines for your own home-cinema experience, ice-cream makers for hot summer days, sandwich toasters to help create the perfect toasties – the list goes on. However, not all of these are ever considered ‘essential’.

Therefore, take it from us – don’t buy something for the sake of it. Buy for sheer convenience first, no matter how flash the bread machine on sale looks – tick the essential boxes first before you treat yourself to anything extra. Think of money and space, if nothing else!

How Much do Kitchen Appliances cost on Average?

The most expensive appliances include the fridge, the hob, the oven, and the dishwasher. Fridges can cost anything from a few hundred pounds to a few thousand. 

Of course , the make, model and release date of the appliance will dictate its price. However, it is important to note that most kitchen appliances are big investments. If you invest in a good quality kitchen appliance, such as a leading cooker with plenty of functions – and you maintain it well – you’re looking at fantastic value.

On the other hand, there are other appliances that generally last for a few years at a time. They, however, can cost a few hundred pounds at most. Think about blenders, toasters and kettles in this category – be ready to replace them over time.

What Else Do I Need to Buy For My Kitchen?

Think carefully about manual tools and utensils – do you need a can opener, a bottle opener, a potato peeler? Think about what you eat and prepare regularly. Even if these items aren’t on display like your everyday appliances, you are going to need to keep them on standby.

A kitchen does not run on appliances alone. You’re going to need to make sure your cutlery drawers and cabinets are full of everything you need to make sure you can prepare meals easily.

Of course, don’t forget the crockery, either. Buy up plates, bowls, dishes, mugs, and glassware. If you’re moving into a new home, it’s likely that you may already have a stock of items from your current space. However, many people choose to buy these items anew when they move. For example, they may choose items to help blend with their space.

Do I Need Kitchen Appliances?

Yes – that is, if you want a fully functional kitchen! To store food safely, and to be able to cook food through, then you’re going to need some appliances on standby to help you prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner.

However, there are plenty of ways to find the perfect kitchen appliances online. Consider looking up kitchen appliance packages to save on time, money and hassle. What’s more, make sure to read some of our fantastic guides to kitchen products and brands, too!

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