What Are The Best Appliances for New Kitchens?


February 10, 2022

Last updated on February 10, 2022


If you are planning on redoing your kitchen, then it’s highly likely that you have started to think about appliances, and a key question will be what are the best appliances for new kitchens?


That doesn’t necessarily mean only looking at brand new, small appliances, however. Now could also be the time to revamp the entire look of your kitchen, starting with your bigger units and systems. 

Technology is advancing, too. Why not move from traditional knobs and dials to touch panels? What’s more, you can now find nearly any kitchen appliance in multiple styles, with varying features – at different prices, of course.

While no two kitchens are ever the same, there are a few appliances you really should consider as vital when setting up afresh.

Top Appliances to Buy for New Kitchens

You’re going to need something to cook with, somewhere to store food, and something to wash clothes with. That much should be obvious! However, let’s dig a little bit deeper to find out which ones are essential for you.

Ovens and Cookers

Of course, every kitchen should have an oven or a cooker. Modern kitchen suites make use of fancy new twists on the older standards, such as steam ovens and range cookers. Range cookers, in fact, are becoming increasingly popular as they contain an incredible number of features – combining multiple cooking needs into one.

Ultimately, aim to find appliances for new kitchens that suit your cooking routine and tastes. We won’t be able to dictate to you the exact style of oven or cooker, of course! That said, a cooker with a couple of cavities and at least a four-range hob top will give you plenty of flexibility when it comes to preparing and cooking family meals.

We’re covering microwaves in this, too – they are ovens of a sort! If you don’t have much time to cook at home, then it’s probably a good idea to invest in a microwave that you can just use to heat up food or cook simple meals from scratch with.

Washing Machines

Yes – many of us forget that the kitchen is often a laundry space as well as a food preparation zone. A kitchen without a washing machine isn’t unheard of (if you have a utility room, for example) – however, they really do help to make everyday life that little bit easier.

Many new kitchens combine the technology of washers and dryers together, of course. It’s less of a footprint, and what’s more, it saves electricity – clothes dryers on their own are notorious for guzzling power.


Again, dishwashers aren’t essential in all kitchens providing you have a sink to wash up in – but they really can make life easier. Traditionally, dishwashers may have been seen as power-guzzlers – and can receive high price tags. However, times seem to be changing for the positive in this regard.

Thanks to environmentally friendly initiatives, you can now also buy dishwashers that use less than 240 kWh per year. Not only will this save a lot of energy and water, it will also save you money on your bills. 

Fridge Freezers

Many people buy fridges and freezers separately, and that’s more out of spatial need than anything else. However, if you have the vertical space available, it’s absolutely worth setting up a new kitchen with a fridge freezer combo. Rather than having two separate appliances taking up floor space, you can safely stack one on top of the other.

What’s more, again, this will help you to save on power used. Therefore, if you have the room and you don’t mind taking up a vertical corner, you may well save yourself money in the long run.

Smaller Appliances

Many people often forget the smaller bits and pieces that go into new kitchens, too. For example, consider toasters, kettles, water filters – and what about coffee machines, sandwich toasters and the like?

When setting up a new kitchen, you should always think carefully about what you are likely to use day in, day out. It’s tempting to try and lead with the visual design of a suite first – but if you step into a new kitchen and find you really want a cup of tea, what do you do when there’s no kettle?

Modern Technology

Newer kitchens, of course, largely arrive with newer technology. Smart appliances, for example, are becoming absolute must haves in any kitchen. Having appliances that can connect to the timer on your phone, or even your music playlists and calendars can be a huge benefit. 

From the dishwasher and the fridge, to the microwave and the coffee maker, you could have a kitchen that is completely connected and easier than ever to use. You’ll soon find that everyone’s new favourite place in your home will be your kitchen.


Remember, this is only a guide – your ideal new kitchen may not always fit the ‘norm’! Therefore, be careful to think particularly about the storage and cooking solutions that are likely to fit your lifestyle the best. Then, you can start looking carefully for the best styles, looks, finishes and brands.

That’s where we can help out. Once you know the types of appliances that you’re likely to need, why not take a look at some buying guides and reviews before considering where to buy? We have a stock of guides available to help guide you to the perfect choices for all new kitchen suites.

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