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February 10, 2022

Last updated on February 10, 2022


Stuck on where to buy kitchen appliances? There’s Amazon, Currys, AO… there’s a lot of choice. However, you’ll need to look for a retailer that balances a great range of products, solid manufacturers, and cast-iron guarantees.


We all know that kitchen appliances do not come cheap. Most of us tend to spend more money on our kitchens than anywhere else in our homes. However, it is essential to remember that they cost so much because of how they are made and the length of time for which we use them. Most of us use our kitchen appliances on most days, and when the appliance is well made, they can last us for years, even decades. 

So, whether you are redoing your kitchen entirely or simply replacing one or more appliances, you will need to know where to buy kitchen appliances at the best prices. In our opinion, it’s worth shopping around both online and on the high street – you don’t have to stick with any one retailer!

Where Can I Buy Cheap Kitchen Appliances?

You can buy cheap kitchen appliances both big and small from big retailers such as:

  • Argos
  • Wickes
  • Euronics
  • AO.com
  • Amazon
  • Currys

All of the above are reputable names with regular sales, deals, and different ways for you to split the cost of paying for kitchen appliances.

Of course, you don’t have to stick to the main brands and outlets listed above unless you want to. In some cases, you will probably want to actually see your kitchen appliances in person before you buy – which is why not everyone shops for their white goods through Amazon or AO!

There are more ways for you to get quality brand, well-made appliances at a slice of the price that you would normally see them at. Here’s some quick tips.

Where to Buy Kitchen Appliances at The Best Times of the Year

The truth is that even your local supermarkets or electrical stores could be the perfect places to buy kitchen appliances at the best prices. Yes, they do tend to be the places that mark up the prices the most, however, they also frequently hold seasonal sales – great times of year for bargains.

Consider Black Friday in November, for example – but be shrewd. In some cases, retailers can ramp up the cost of appliances a month or two beforehand and lower the cost for the Black Friday sale – so you’re saving nothing. 

However, January sales, Easter sales, even end of summer and pre-Christmas sales tend to be good periods for cut price deals on kitchen goods.

Look in Second-Hand Shops

Second-hand shops often have very good deals on leading makes and models of kitchen appliances. Now, of course, this means that the appliance you buy will have been pre-used, but a reputable second-hand retailer should sell on in good condition.

Second-hand appliances aren’t for everyone, of course – there’s something nice about buying new – but don’t overlook a great deal on a pre-loved model if you’re not fussy about its history. eBay, too, is a fantastic resource for refurbished or second-hand appliances.

Use Voucher Codes

In some cases, voucher code providers can help you to get money off big retail prices on popular brands and appliances. These are ten-a-penny, however, so be prepared to do some comparing and a little digging around. 

There are also voucher code finders and apps that you can use to help cut the cost of appliance purchasing even further. We’ve used Honey, for example, to help save cash at the checkout online – it scans a database of vouchers to find the best deals. It doesn’t always work brilliantly, but it’s free, and it’s worth a try.

Hunt for a Hand-Me-Down

If all else fails, just ask around about unwanted kitchen appliances. Someone you know could be trying to sell or recycle some of their old appliances if they are moving, renovating their homes, or simply getting upgraded. As a loved one, they may sell you the appliances at a low cost or simply hand them over to you as a kind gesture. If they are local, then you will not have far to go – however, depending on the appliance, you may have to hire an engineer to install it. 

Where Can I Buy Kitchen Appliances Near Me?

If you are in need to buy kitchen appliances in a hurry, then the chances are that you will not be interested in waiting for online deals and delivery. If that is the case, then it is best to know about some places to buy kitchen appliances near you. Here are some of the easiest and quickest places where you can buy kitchen appliances near you:

Local Electrical Shops

Whether they are entirely electrical shops or simply the electrical department of your local supermarket, you should be able to find the appliance that you are looking for without too much effort. 

Another thing that is great about buying in-store is that staff will (usually) help you carry the appliance to your car or simply deliver it once you’ve paid. If it is an appliance that needs to be directly installed into the mains, then they will also send a technician to install the appliance for you – though this may carry a cost.

Second-Hand Shops

As mentioned, second-hand shops can be great for kitchen appliances, and if you have one or more near you, then it is definitely worth perusing the local scene. Some second-hand shops do indeed offer delivery services – however, you may have to hire a technician yourself to come and install the appliance in your home. Weigh up the cost and the hassle to you on your own terms. 

Specialist Stores and Warehouses

If all else fails, there is – again – a long list of big homeware retailers that have stores up and down the UK. Most of those listed earlier in this guide will have store locators that you can use to enter in a postcode before you travel. For example, here’s Argos’ store locator.

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