Microwaves bring many benefits to you and your cooking experience, they help you save time, preserve nutrients which can be lost with other cooking methods and they promote healthy cooking as you don’t need to add any oil when you cook.

Standard Microwaves

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Combination Microwaves

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Built-In Microwaves

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Compact Microwaves

10 best compact microwave reviews to help your buying decision

5 things you should consider before buying a microwave oven?

  1. Your kitchen, the space you have, the purpose you want your microwave for
  2. Price
  3. Programmes settings
  4. Wattage
  5. Size

There are 4 different types of microwave ovens available on the market. Countertop/standard, combination, built-in and compact, but how do you choose the best one for you and your family?

Well they all come with their own features and benefits and what one person needs will be very different from another.

4 Different Types of Microwave Oven

Countertop/ standard microwaves

  • Popular units that are easy to set up and use – plug in and go!
  • Very affordable
  • Vary in sizes from small to large, typically between 15 and 32 litres
  • May have limited features and can take up valuable worktop space

Built-in Microwaves

  • Look elegant and seamlessly fit in and match other kitchen appliances, such as your oven
  • Because they are built into your units it’s often easier to get food in and out at eye level
  • Great if you are short on worktop space
  • More expensive and slightly more complex to install

Combination Microwaves

  • Multipurpose! In addition to reheating food they will defrost, grill bake and even bake
  • Lots of features and programmes including roasting
  • Have the ability to cook like a conventional oven
  • Large capacities
  • They cost more than a standard microwave

Compact Microwaves

  • Fabulous & freestanding for those with limited space
  • Range of automatic programmes
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable and reliable

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We’ve done the research to help you choose the best microwave oven for you.